Brittany at Sweet, Sassy and oh so Classy tagged me to share seven things about myself. She has the cutest blog, so y'all go on over there and check her out :)

Here it goes!
1. I worked at one of the beaches about five minutes from my house, selling hot dogs all through high school. I got to hang out on the beach all day during the summer, but I wasn't responsible for human life... perfect job!

2. I am obsessed with my ipod, and its subsequent demise this summer has left me heart broken... I am hoping Santa heard my requests for an ipod touch ;) Maybe it will even encourage me to start running again! 

3. Adoption has been weighing on my heart lately, and I am excited to see how God has it planned to play out in my life. Whether it be a career, a personal choice, something I support financially, it is definitely going to be a part of my life someday :)

4. I. DONT. WANT. TO. GRADUATE!! I know there are some people that are dyyyinnnggg to get out of school and out in the real world. I am not one of them. I loveLOVElove being at Tech, where I live, my roommate, my friends, ect, and I am kicking and screaming for an extra semester... unfortunately with only nine credits left, I am out of luck.

5. If I could wear leggings every day, I would. I love being cozy, and long cardigans, leggings and sweaters are SO SO SO cozy! What do you think? Are leggings pants? In the sorority world, leggings are most definitely pants, but it drives my boyfriend c.r.a.z.y. haha.

6. I'm a big traditionalist. As in I am not a big fan of change. We are doing Christmas a little differently this year, and I am not happy. However, I am excited to embrace some of Stuart's family traditions as my own :)

7. I don't have a facebook right now, and as sad as it is, it actually is a nice change for a little while. ( I am a recruitment guide for girls going through the sorority recruitment process, and since we have to disaffiliate, we are required to take down our facebook... I'll be back on Jan 24th!)

Merry Christmas everyone :)


What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

Head on over to Jamie's and link up with What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

This Wednesday I'm loving :

That I took my last exam this afternoon! It kicked my butt, but I'm glad it's over. Annndddd I never have to see syntax again!

Spending the night in with my lovey rooms watching this movie while the snow rolls in :) (Nevermind the 900 Tridelta newsletters I have to address)

Tory Burch Leopard Flats. Now if only they were college student budget friendly :(

That my best friend is graduating this Saturday and I get to help her celebrate! Love you Hev :)
(Us being silly at a concert this summer. I'm pretty sure we were singing to each other, haha)

Peppermint Soy Hot Chocolates... mmmmmmhmmm
My Tridelta Lily scarf that I got as an early Christmas present for HALF off. Wooo, love a good sale!

Making homemade Christmas presents for my favorite people :)
and this boy, of course ;)

 Have a great day :)


Misc. Monday

It's another Monday! Don't forget to link up with Carissa :)

1. It is FREEZING here right now. And no, I don't mean 31 degrees. I mean a high of 18. With a feels like temp of 1. RIDICULOUS. If it's gonna be that cold, at least have some snow going on!

2. I really should be working on the two projects, three tests and sorority newsletter I have due by Wednesday. But all I want to do is bake cookies! And lay in bed and blog. And watch Christmas movies. Ugh, who invented finals anyway?

3. Busy busy times ahead. In the next two weeks, I have to finish finals and projects. Send out 1000 newsletters to Tridelta Alumnae. Watch my best friend walk across the stage :). Finish her present! Celebrate Christmas with my fam. Finish Christmas shopping! And have surgery :(. Most of it will be fun, if I can get through the finals part!

4. I get to see my Linkous Lady, Grace today. Grace is a girl I mentor (with two other sisters) that is in fifth grade, and she is seriously my favorite person ever. She always has the updates on what boys are cute, and even facebook chatted Taylor, one of her other Linkous Ladies last week. She is a trip and a half.

5. I need to get the motivation to get out of bed and into the shower! 

6. Enjoy your Monday :)


Long Week

As I talked about in my last post, my dear Poppi went to be with Jesus Monday afternoon around 3 o'clock. I got the phone call shortly after, and instead of wallowing, I went straight to my Rho Gamma meeting. I got to meet my little precious pnm's (potential new members) and I got to laugh with my amazing Rho Gam partner, Heather, and it was just what I needed. I also had a rg staff meeting after that, so I was busy until about 11 o'clock that night. It was a nice distraction.

Then Nat and I packed up and headed for Crewe, VA; population less than 500. When Nat was allergic to my cousin Christy's cats and needed benadryl at midnight, we had to head to the only thing open past nine pm, the fasmart. Yes, fasmart. Even the closest wm was thirty minutes away. Needless to say, we had a great time playing with all the babies (Alena Grace, 6 mos; Kaleb, 16 mos; Kaiden 2 1/2 yrs; Jackson (known as Jacket by his little cousins) 5 yrs and Maddie, 9 years). Yes, I know Maddie is not a baby, but I remember when she was! I got to feed, change and make them smile, which totally helped me to cope with what was going on.

Seeing Poppi Wednesday afternoon before the visitation was the hardest part for me. Not eating and his illness had him drop a ton of weight, and his face didn't even look like him. Only from the nose up did he look like the man I know. It was also hard hearing Kaiden ask for his Poppi, and having to explain to him that Poppi went to Jesus a few times. He is two and a half, so he didn't understand. He was so sweet though.

The funeral Thursday afternoon was nice, and Stuart even drove down from Charlottesville for it. I think my family was really appreciative. He even held a baby for the first time, haha. The graveside was at my great-grandmother's church, and I got to see her grave and my great-grandaddy's grave for the first time. Her house was right next door to the church too! We then headed back for a dinner that the church ladies put on for us, complete with fried chicken and home-cooked meals. Alena Grace fell asleep on my lap, and some lady had the audacity to ask me how I went to school and had a baby, haha. I let her know immediately that she was not my baby!

We headed back to Bburg on Friday, and I got a little work done before completely breaking down. I knew it was coming, and Stuart ended up coming down and spending the weekend with me. It was exactly what I needed. I had a Red Robin Free Burger coupon from my birthday, so we went to see Due Date(free drink coupon!) and then went to Red Robin for an early dinner. We came back and studied a bit for finals, before watching another movie on the Wii and heading to bed. He just left an hour ago, and I have been saying lots of prayers because it is snow/rain/sleeting outside.

I need to go hop in the shower though, because Heidi and I are driving to Charlotte to go pick her boyfriend Paul up from the airport. Paul goes to school in Chicago now, and I am so excited to see him! He was supposed to fly into Roanoke, but the weather is really bad in Chicago, so they cancelled his flight and he hopped on another one to Charlotte, which is about two and a half hours from here. Say lots of prayers for a safe trip for Paul and a safe drive for Heidi and I.

I know this was boring, but this was a week that was hard and I wanted to have it for my records, just to remember.



Misc. Monday

I really need to start making blogging more of a priority! I log on and read everyday, but I need to learn to write more! That being said, here is an update, through the form of Miscellany Monday. Just as a warning, no camera cord = no pictures! I promise I'll update when I can.

1. My birthday was last Thursday... yes I share my day with Britney Spears. I turned the big deuce deuce, and all I heard all day was, "how does it feel to be old?" I did not love that part. I did love my sweet boyfriend and friends showing up Thursday night for my own little holiday themed Birthday party/pregame. There were probably thirty people here, and we scarfeeedd down some food. Probably my best birthday yet :)

2. For a second part of my birthday, my parents sent me down to Charlotte for the ACC championship game. LOVE MY UNDEFEATED IN THE ACC HOKIES! The game was freeeezing, but so fun. I even had a nice chat with a Florida State fan... and I have hated them since 1999 (we lost to them in the National Championship game. I was eleven. I still hold a grudge haha)

3. The ground here is c.o.v.e.r.e.d.  in snow. I love snow, especially around Christmas. What I don't love is having to venture out and drive in it. Especially with other idiots trying to drive in it. Alas, it is beautiful.

4. I need your prayers. More specifically, my grandfather needs your prayers. He has been sick and hanging on for a month now, and last night the nurse told us it would probably only be hours. Needless to say, he's not with Jesus yet, and as painful as it is to lose him, we are praying that God would take him to take away his pain. He is the most amazing man, and one day I fully plan on posting about him. He is my poppi, a man who didn't have to be my grandfather and a dad to my mom, but who took it on just because he loved us. Isn't he cute? This picture is from my cousin's wedding two years ago.

5. With everything going on, and this being the end of the semester, I could use a few prayers too. Fortunately my professors are willing to work with me considering my family situation. I still have a ton due in the next week though.

6. I love this season. I love hearing the Christmas story over and over, and seeing the lights, and knowing that without this season, there would be no hope for mankind. Without CHRISTmas, there would be no Christ. God loved us so much, he took the faith of a young girl and placed the destiny of the world in her belly. It is so amazing, isn't it?


12 Days of Christmas, Days 1 and 2

I missed yesterday because I was so sick, and I still had so much to do, so I'm linking up for yesterday and today!

Day 1- Christmas/Holiday Traditions
Christmas is a big deal at our house. I love coming home from school and seeing the house decorated with everything Christmas, including Nativity scenes, Santas and snowmen. My mom also lights this candle that makes the house just smell like Christmas. On Christmas Eve we go to the 5 o'clock church service with our family, and my aunt and her family (and now Natalie and I's boyfriends), I love singing Silent Night with candles lit. We then go to Chili's! Haha. No one feels like cooking and it is on our way home from church. I always make sure my dad leaves a good tip for the poor waiter or waitress though. We then come home and my sister and I open matching pajamas and a book (my parents gave us the book to keep us occupied if we were too excited for Santa to sleep!). We usually end up watching a Christmas movie, either White Christmas (my favorite!) or It's A Wonderful Life, and then heading to bed. Around five or six am, my sister, who is almost nineteen STILL comes into my room and wakes me up to go wake up my mom and dad. We do, and then my dad heads downstairs, takes pictures of the presents, and we have to walk all the way around the house to walk in the opposite door we normally do, because we stop at the nativity scene and read a precious moments book of the Christmas story to remind us what Christmas is all about. Then we get to open presents! I open mine slowly, while my sister tears through hers, and my mom thinks every year I don't like what I was brought, but I just don't jump up and down like my sister does! We then head to my aunts in our pajamas and have breakfast and open presents there, before coming home, showering and having lunch/dinner with my dad's family. I love our Christmas traditions :)

Day 2- Black Friday/ Shopping Tips
I have never actually been Black Friday shopping! We play UVA every year, and I always end up heading to either Charlottesville or Blacksburg for the game (it's rivalry week- GO HOKIESSSS!!!). However, I am usually a pretty thrifty shopper.

1. Shop around, especially online. Figure out what you want and search it online for a lower price. If you get that price, plus shipping for less than what is in the store, perfect!
2. Pay attention to those sales that go automatically in the Junk mail. Sometimes there are great codes for things that are already on sale. This past fall, I got two dresses and a skirt from Ann Taylor Loft for eight dollars TOTAL!
3. Always, always, always look for coupon codes and shop using ebates. These can help you save money, and get money back! (can you tell I love shopping online!)
4. Homemade gifts are always the best. I know some of my favorite gifts I've given were homemade and a fraction of the cost of a bought gift. Painting a sign or making something specific to that person shows that you took the time to make something especially for them.

Have a great day!


Days 23-25

Finally back in Blacksburg :) And even though its raining outside, I'm still excited to see my Hokies play tonight :)

Catching up on days 23-25

Day 23- Favorite Vacation

Wow, I vacation all the time, haha. I've never been on a huge extravagant vacation, but I have been several places including Chicago, San Antonio, Philidelphia, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Atlanta, Orlando and Knoxville. My favorite out of all of those was probably Chicago. It was my graduation present from my parents (along with my laptop) and I got to see my then obsession, now disgusted by, Oprah. My cousin lives in Chicago with her husband, so my aunt (her mom) came up too, and we went to see Wicked, shopped on Michigan Ave and ate at some delicious restaurants. I wish I had pictures from this trip! I'm sure my mom has some somewhere, this is before I got my first digital camera haha. So basically, the dark ages ;)

Day 24- Something You've Learned

I learn all the time, everyday. This year, I've learned the importance of patience, how to use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, the components of designing a website and various other things. I think what I learn and re learn everyday is to wait on God. If I do that, everything else falls in to place!

Day 25- Ipod Shuffle.

To be fair, my iPod is in constant shuffle state. I love everything, from old country, to classical, to new age, to rock, to a little heavy metal, and everything in between. I am however, desperately in love with 70's singer songwriters. Give me some Hall and Oates or Jackson Browne and I'm in heaven, haha.

1. Ants Marching- Dave Matthews Band
2. When I Think About Leaving- Kenny Chesney
3. Harmony- Corey Smith
4. Jump Around- House of Pain
5. Emergency- Paramore
6. Mr. Bojangles- Jim Croce
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2
8. Narcolepsy- Third Eye Blind
9. Dear Prudence- The Beatles
10. Heaven Never Seemed So Small- The Benji Davis Project

LoveLOVElove all of these songs. I highly recommend youtubing each one :)


Yet again, catching up!

And I will probably have to catch up some of this week too. With a surgery consult, an unexpected trip home Wednesday, our Thursday night game against GT, Parent's Weekend, a Rho Gamma Retreat and a huge Client Project due... it's gonna be a busy one!

Day 19- Something You Miss

I miss Stuart when he's at school. I also miss riding around during the summer down my old beloved Beach Road with Hev. She called me yesterday on my way back here and taunted me about driving down it with the radio blasting and the windows down. SO JEALOUSSS!!!

Day 20- Nicknames

I go by pretty much everything. Stuart calls me babe or baby (it took me a while to let him call me that... I hate couples that call each other baby constantly, he just calls me it on special occasions or when we're alone). My mom calls me Megan-Beth. Friends call me Meg or Megs. Hev and I call each other BFWT on occasion... long story on that one ;). Heidi usually calls me Megan Elizabeth, which isn't really a nickname, but it's just something she calls me. In high school, most of my male coaches called me Forbes or Forbsey. And on rare occasion I get called Tits McGee. That also started in my high school days on the drumline with all boys!

Day 21- A Picture of Yourself. 

I think I did this a while back as well, although I only have pictures by myself if I have cropped them for a Facebook profile picture usually!

This is me outside the one European Chipotle in London this summer! I was so excited to find it, as I L.O.V.E. Chipotle and needed some "American" food :) Excuse how pale I was, I was tan for London!

Day 22- Favorite City

I can't even begin to pick my favorite city!
My top five are:
1. Blacksburg, VA
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Charlottesville, VA (don't tell my hokie fam!)
5. Charlotte, NC

All of these are places I've been to (or lived in like #1) and had a great time and made memories in :) I live in Blacksburg clearly, and have had some of the best times of my life here. I also loved going to San Antonio with my family my Junior year of High School. I also went in January, which is probably when I'd like Texas best :) Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and I had an absolutely great time there with my study abroad group. Charlottesville is where I spend a lot of my time, and there is great shopping, great restaurants and beautiful mountains all around. If only that dumb university wasn't there ;). Oh, and probably seeing Stuart there is my biggest motivation, haha. I also love Charlotte. I love that it is only 2 hours from here, and I have had great memories from shopping at the AWESOME outlet mall, to several football games, including a Panthers game with front row seats ;). Here's hoping to another trip in a month or so to watch my Hokies win the ACC title... FINGERS CROSSED!!!


Day 18- Something You Regret

"There's only us, there's only this. Forget regret or life is yours to miss!"- R.E.N.T.

That song has been in my head ever since I read Katie's post this morning. And it really got me thinking about regrets, and what a regret really is. So i dusted off my Merriam-Webster (okay, thats a lie, i just googled it) like the good English major I am, and looked up the definition. The first definition, means to mourn the loss or death of, or to miss very much. The second definition means to be very sorry for.

Clearly, to miss someone, whether they have died or are just away, is not something to be sorry for, or something I think you should avoid. Missing someone is human nature. I will always regret the death of Nick Ferris. He was only seven, and had so much life left to live. God has other plans, and I've accepted that, but I still regret his passing.

The second definition is the one I think this "day" is referring to. To be very sorry for something you've done (usually, I suppose you could regret something that someone else did, but this is something that YOU regret). In general, I don't think regrets are all that bad, but I do think they have an expiration date of sorts. You can regret something that just flies out of your mouth unwarranted. I know I have. But I've also moved past each of those incidents. You can regret something you did in your past. I know I regret relationships I've had with certain people. But, hard as it is, you have to move past it on to bigger and better things. You can regret the biggest thing thats ever happened to you in your life thus far. But as long as you are still dwelling on it, you are still letting it consume you, NOT good!

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that in this moment, I have no regrets. All I've done today is gotten up, packed my car up, showered, gotten ready, and headed to work. Nothing there to regret thus far. Now later today, something will probably fly out of mouth that I'll regret for a minute or two. Or maybe even an hour. Or maybe I'll think about it the rest of the day. But when I wake up tomorrow, that moment, that thing to be sorry for, that will be over, and I'll have a clean slate :) Let go and let God. He wipes away our regrets, those things we do that make us dirty. And he washes away those dirty regrets with his cleansing blood. How cool is that?

I know this was long, and it wasn't a list of things I regret. But this is how I interpreted day 18 :)

Have a great day :)


Day 17- Something You're Looking Forward To

I am always looking forward to something :) I know I should be living in the moment, and I do sometimes, but I am a planner by nature! I'm going to categorize by immediate and future :)

Immediate things I'm looking forward to:
*I get to see Stuart tomorrow! We are going on a dinner date tomorrow night, and then coming back and watching one of our favorite shows we "date" watch when we are apart, except tomorrow we get to watch it together! I know he is going to be exhausted as he has three midterms tomorrow and probably won't sleep tonight, but I just can't wait to hug him! (Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?)

*Celebrating Corey's 21st this weekend :) I'm buying the boys and I some pumpkin beer to try, and I can't wait to take Cor out on the town with us this weekend!

*The UVA game on Saturday... an abomination, I know. But I am excited it should be chilly enough to actually have a fall feeling football game! The last few here have been too hot. Plus Corey and I will probably go to bars and watch some of the other, more interesting games during the day too. Poor Stuart will be with the band most of the day

*My tonsil consultation... I know, weird. But I'm ready to get rid of these things and I'm looking forward to taking the steps necessary to do it.

*Thanksgiving and the Tech-UVA game. A big tradition at my house, and this year we are playing in Blacksburg... CANT WAITTT!

*My 22nd Birthday, December 2nd :)


*Recruitment... I'm a Rho Gamma, or a Recruitment Guide, and I am SO excited to lead these girls through and have them find the chapter that works best for them.

*My strengthening relationship with the Lord

In the future:
*Graduation ( I'm dreading being a grown up, but all the parties and celebration are making me excited... plus that no more class thing, haha)

*Finding a job (Scary!)

*Moving forward in my relationship with Stuart.

*Kelley's wedding! I've been in several weddings due to my large family, but I have never been in one for a friend, so excited!

*Getting married, myself. I can't wait to plan a wedding and get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend :)

*Becoming a mama... my lifelong dream :)

*Being a volunteer anywhere with children. I know I can do this now, and I do. But I think I'm going to need to be settled a little more so I can get involved and stay there!

*Building a home built with love, and on the Rock with my future husband and children.

Long... I know. But I'm a planner!

Have a blessed day :)


Days 13-16

I know, I've been a bad blogger lately! To be fair, weekends are pretty busy around here :)

Day 13- Goals:
At this point in my life, my main goal is to graduate and find a job!
I'd also eventually like to be a Godly, submissive wife,
As well as a loving, teaching, supportive mother.
I'd also like to make a difference, whether that be through adoption work, adopting a child, or helping a child in need in whatever way possible.
Another goal is to get healthy and comfortable with my body, I know this is something we struggle with as women, but if I could just feel better about how I look and love myself regardless, that would be big strides in my life.
I would also like to strengthen my faith and my relationship with the Lord.

I think these are all goals to tackle one day at a time :)

Day 14- A picture I love!
... look up! I love the picture that is my header :) It is some of my best friends and I during one of the best weeks of my life :)

Of course, I can't just stop with one... I love pictures!

This was at a bar we went to after my 21st birthday surprise party (hence the tiara). I know it looks slightly posed, but I promise it wasn't. My best friend just captured it while we were smiling at each other, I think we had just finished laughing. I love this boy, and I love what this picture represents :)

This picture is of my favorite little boy in the whole world. Nick was the strongest fighter I have ever seen, and my desire to work with children stems from his little heart (excuse my chubby cheeks, I had just had my wisdom teeth out!). Unfortunately, Nick lost his year long battle with cancer in May, but I think about him every day and how lucky I was to know him. I'm going home in a few weeks for a walk, and I will be wearing red and walking in his honor. This picture has been my background since a few days before he died, and it will continue to be as a reminder of what a true fighter is, and why I raise money for St. Jude.

Day 15- Favorite Bible Verse

I have two that are on "virtual" stickies on my desktop as daily reminders. The first one is pretty popular, but I think it is a great reminder :)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight"
 --Proverbs 3:5-6
the next one is not as popular, but a great reminder for me of body image, and how what I say and do and present myself is a reflection of the Lord.
"Let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God."
-2 Corinthians 7:1

And finally catching up... Day 16- Your dream home :)

First of all, my dad built the house my parents live in, and I grew up in, so I'd really like him to help my husband build my home :)

I'd love a brick cape cod with black shutters, and a black front door (like my parent's house)
I'd like it to have:
a galley kitchen that is open to the living room
a formal dining room ( with a china cabinet)
a formal living room (for me to hang my wedding portrait and children's portraits!)
a wrap around front porch for rockers
a large yard for my kids to play, and for cook outs!
a back deck with screened in porch attached :)
a sun room
a second floor with four bedrooms:
one as a master suite with master bath and walk in master closet
two connected by a jack and jill bathroom
a hall bath
a guest room
an office
a bonus room/media room
a deck off the master suite :)
and a two car garage!

I know, lofty aspirations! I will be happy in anything the Lord provides for me :) I know I haven't shown any pictures, but I'm at work and need to hop to it! I'll post some later if I get a chance :)

Have a great day!


I believe in a thing called love... just listen to the rhythm of the heart :) Day 12!

I believe...
in the right to life (I could do an entire post series on this one)
faith can move mountains
in God, and his son that died for me (and you!)
in my football team... go hokies!
in a good pair of boots... or three :)
great friends are the best family
great family can be the best of friends
fall is the BEST season
sisters don't have to be blood
Starbuck's peppermint hot chocolate is literally Christmas on my tongue
a movie night in with the girls is the best therapy
relationships can only thrive if there is honesty
diet coke with lime, popcorn and the movies with my mom is a great way to spend an afternoon
crying is good for your soul, but not for your mascara
God knows my plan and I just need to learn to listen

This was a fun one! I can't wait to see what you all came up with! Have a great day :)


Day 11- Favorite TV Shows

I love tv. I wish I didn't. I know there are so many more productive things to do with my time. But alas, whether it is watching a day full of college football on a fall Saturday, or a rainy weekday afternoon, the tv is always on in our apartment. I love old tv shows, new tv shows, reality tv shows, and everything in between. Here's my list of must sees (or must rewatch!)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I have all 10 seasons on dvd, and I pop one in all the time)
Dawson's Creek ( I cannot explain to you my love for this overly dramatic show)
Full House (or, the Michelle Show as I called it!)
How I Met Your Mother (Funniest show on TV, easily)
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Modern Family
Teen Mom (seriously, I spend every Tuesday night at the Tridelt house watching it with my sisters)
Unsolved Mysteries (Lifetime just picked the series up... it still scares me as much as the original!)
CSI (original, not NY or goodness awful Miami)
Say Yes to the Dress
What Not to Wear
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Sister Wives (I am watching them online now and just started... oh my gosh!)
and I'm sure, more I have forgotten.

I love watching it online as well, or Netflix through my Wii :)

Have a great day!


Day 10- Something You're Afraid Of

I am a constant worry wart. I am mostly afraid of losing someone close to me. It's happened three times in my life. Two of them were grandparents, and one was a little boy with cancer that I had fallen in love with. He was seven and had a terminal brain tumor, but that didn't define him. He was the most amazing boy I had ever met. And I am definitely afraid of losing someone that young that is close to me again. 

I am also afraid of doing the wrong thing with my life. I'm not sure what I want to do when I grow up, and I graduate in May! 

I think everyone has something they are afraid of, but I think many of us have fears in common. Honestly, similar fears bring people together, because they reassure them they are not alone.

On a happier note, it is Wednesday... halfway through the week. Have a great day!


Day 9- Friends!

My friends are some of the best people in the world. I have always chosen my friends carefully, and it has paid off!
This is at a panthers game last fall with Ryan and Elizabeth. Ryan is like a big brother to me :) and Elizabeth is one of my sorority sisters and also one of my closest friends! 

Lindsey is another one of my sorority sisters, who I love and adore. We are older in our pledge class and she is one of the easiest people to talk to :)

My roommate, Nicole and I at the Alabama game last year. Seriously, this girl is one of my favorite people in the entire world. We have the best time together, the best talks, and I don't think I could live with anyone but her!

Some sisters and I during a football game last year. I love these girls so much :)

Corey and I at the Lake House early this year. We have a brother and sister fight type relationship, but he is one of the best guys I know. He is also Stuart's best friend, so I love that I get to spend time with both of them at the same time :)

A ton of "back home" friends and I at Heather's 22nd birthday dinner :) Ryan, Ashton, Kelley, Lance, Heather, Grant, Tollie and Michael. I have known Ryan and Kelley since elementary school (and I am a bridesmaid in Kelley's wedding next April!) and Lance, and Heather since 9th grade :)

My two best friends in the entire world. Kylee, with the green shirt on, has been my best friend since birth practically. We grew up in the church nursery together and have helped each other through so many ups and downs. And Heather, with the zebra on has been my best friend since late high school. We danced together, but we didn't get really close until my senior year of high school. She is who I call when things are rough, and I know I can count on her. She is just like another sister to me :)

Sistas, Sistas, Sistas at my condo before formals. This isn't even a third of our sorority. I love each and every one of these girls, and I am proud to wear letters that connect me to them. I cannot stress enough how much going greek has enhanced my life :)

Abroad girls! I spent basically every waking moment with these girls (and boys not pictured) and we had the best time together. I loved getting to know each of them, and getting to know Lib better :)

Heidi, Lib and I at Heidi's 21st. Heidi, the brunette, is someone I am basically around 24/7. We are both in Tridelt, but have been friends since 6th grade, and gone all the way from middle school to college together. Lib was her roommate freshman year, and my roommate in London, and I love her death!

Lisa and I have been friends since preschool! She is someone who I know will pray for me if I call her, or even if I don't, and someone I know I can trust. Love her!

Jimbo Honeycakes, better known around Bburg as Jim. This guy has quickly become one of my favorite people. I kinda stole him from his date at a wedding we all went to, and he cracks me up! This is a picture from the wedding. I usually end our nights out wearing his hat, but since this was a formal affair, I tried to hold off, haha.

 My "family." My Tridelta family, that is. This is a picture of my little (she's the tallest with her shoes on, haha!) and my big with me before my little's initiation. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better big or little. I love them both and have such unique relationships with each of them :)

Of course, I couldn't list my friends without mentioning my best friend and love, Stuart. These past fifteen months have been some of the best of my life. I am so lucky to have him :) Love you babe!
 Wow, if you made it all the way through that, congrats. I know I have a ton of sorority sisters up here, but when you are a part of an organization with over 130 members, you are going to find some of the best people in the world :)

Catching UP!

Things were so busy this weekend, that I completely forgot about blogging (well, I remembered but couldn't find the time) So today I am playing catch up for days 5-8!

Day 5- Your Sibling:

This is a picture of us from a football game a few weeks ago. Clearly we look nothing alike :) Although, we are actually close in height. I was just bending down (see can in my hand, haha). We are as different as we look! She is much more crazy than I am, and is way more likely to be in the middle of the action, while I am more a movie night in with the girls (or boy) kinda girl. We fought like cats and dogs growing up, but as we get older, we get closer. I love having her here as a freshman this year, and we talk much more :) I am kind of hoping that this spring I get to call her a sorority sister too ;). I love her to bits and pieces, even if I want to kill her occasionally and couldn't imagine my life without her!

Day 6- A picture of Something That Makes You Happy:
This is one picture that encompasses several things that make me happy :)

It is fall, first of all, my favorite season. I'm wearing my favorite monogrammed scarf, and I am surrounded by some of my sisters, and dman, Kyle. Annnnnndddd, we are at a football game that we won :). I have several things that make me happy, but this picture encompasses a few!

Day 7- Favorite Movies

Hands down, all time favorite movie ever, Runaway Bride.
I also loveeee:
Father of the Bride (I used to watch this EVERY thanksgiving at my aunt's house)
Father of the Bride Part II (duhhhh)
When Harry Met Sally
The Holiday
Yours, Mine and Ours (the old version with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda)
The Parent Trap (both versions, young and old!)
The Santa Clause
White Christmas (see an old/Christmas theme?!?)
What Lies Beneath
and sooooo many more. I seriously love going to the movies, getting popcorn and a diet coke and sitting down to be entertained for 2 hours. I also love my netflix account as well ;).

Day 8- A Place I've Been To:
I love to travel, although I also love to come home! I guess the biggest trip I have ever been on was heading to London and Scotland this summer. I absolutely fell in love with Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. It is stunning, clean, and despite being interviewed by the police my second day there... it's a long story, I promise I wasn't the one in trouble, I had a great time :)  These are a few pictures that I took at Edinburgh (it's pronounced Ed-in-bour-oh) Castle, which gave a great view of the city :)
I had a great time and I HIGHLY recommend Edinburgh. There is great shopping and a great night life :)


Day 4- Parents

In my humble opinion, I have the best parents in the world. I look like a perfect combination of my mama and daddy, and I act the same. It is hard to find pictures of them though! This is a picture of mama when I was about six months old, and  now.

She has actually convinced one of my high school friend's mom to let her color grow out and become all grey. My mama has been grey as long as I can remember, but she is as grey as she is wise. She has the biggest heart in the world, and cries at the drop of a hat... let's just say I acquired both of these traits! She is also so, incredibly smart and great at everything she does. I can talk to her about almost anything. She has also been through so much in her life, and comes out of it all with a smile. She will defend my sister and I tooth and nail, and while she is someone who is nice to everyone, she does not let anyone mess with her family! She puts up with my daddy's quirks, and I definitely look to them as an example of marriage. I hope I can be the faithful, obedient, Godly wife I am so lucky that I have been told I look and act like her :)

My daddy is a different story (yes, I still call him daddy... I'm pretty sure it's a southern thing.) He and mama are TOTAL opposites. My mama is loud and will talk to anyone and I still tell people to this day that I am not sure daddy even talked to me until I was twelve. But he has his own way of doing things. He loves fox news, old westerns, his girls, his job, and Virginia Tech football. You talk to him about any of these things, and you will swear the man doesn't have an off button. He is just like my pop, and things his way is always right... sad thing is, I can't think of a time he's been wrong. He was raised to be a hard worker, and has tried to instill that into my sister and I. I can remember chopping wood and pulling weeds when I was very young, which I'm sure was his idea. He is almost sixty years old and still has a full head of brown hair! I am not your traditional daddy's girl, but I am my own version of a daddy's girl, all the way. Below is a picture of us on a jetski when I was about three or four, and then a picture of from a few years ago, at my first Tech game as an official Hokie!

I am so blessed and thankful to have the parents I do. They made their marriage a priority and showed my sister and I both what it means to have parents who are committed to each other and their children. I am so thankful for them!

Don't forget to link up with Katie to join in!


Day 3: First Love

Day three of the blog challenge. Feel free to join in and link up over at Katie's!

I think I have had two first loves. The first being babiiiesss! I can remember being three or four and begging my mom to hold any baby in sight, even if it was just for a few minutes. It's gotten to the point where I was the first person at the hospital when my cousin, Jewel, was born eight weeks ago. Also, when I was in Georgia this summer, my cousin April dropped her newborn baby girl, Alena Grace, in my lap nearly the second she walked in. I love when people know what I like ;). I don't want to use this blog as a political platform, but I am also pro-life, and I have many opinions on why babies should be allowed to live. It is sort of a passion of mine, and something that I will fight for, for the rest of my life. Below is a picture of me holding baby Jewel when she was literally an hour old :).

While I had a boyfriend in high school, and have usually had someone in my life in some way or another that was of a romantic interest, I'd have to say Stuart is my real first love. We have been through so much together over the past fifteen months, and have had so many ups and downs and people trying to get in the way, and yet we are still together. There is no one else I would rather be with, and regardless of the fact we are long distance right now, I can see him in my future, even though I don't know quite what my future is yet. He is absolutely amazing, a wonderful listener, a great person to hold my hand, pee in my pants hilarious and is so adorably cute. Sorry if I'm gushing ;). He also wants to go to church together, which is something I have been looking for in a partner for a long time. I love that we can talk about anything and everything. Point being, I love this guy! Below is one of my favorite picture of us. We were at a cabin on Claytor lake with several friends. I actually got really sick and we were snowed in for two days. I had some sort of virus in my lungs that would trigger me to hyperventilate and pass out. He was there to catch me every time and insisted on staying an extra night in Blacksburg to make sure I went to the doctor :).

And just for good measure, a picture of us from the John Mayer concert this year. Can you see I chopped my hair off between January and March? Haha.

Have a great day!

Day 3: First Love

Day three of the blog challenge. Feel free to join in and link up over at Katie's!

I think I have had two first loves. The first being babiiiesss! I can remember being three or four and begging my mom to hold any baby in sight, even if it was just for a few minutes. It's gotten to the point where I was the first person at the hospital when my cousin, Jewel, was born eight weeks ago. Also, when I was in Georgia this summer, my cousin April dropped her newborn baby girl, Alena Grace, in my lap nearly the second she walked in. I love when people know what I like ;). I don't want to use this blog as a political platform, but I am also pro-life, and I have many opinions on why babies should be allowed to live. It is sort of a passion of mine, and something that I will fight for, for the rest of my life. Below is a picture of me holding baby Jewel when she was literally an hour old :).

While I had a boyfriend in high school, and have usually had someone in my life in some way or another that was of a romantic interest, I'd have to say Stuart is my real first love. We have been through so much together over the past fifteen months, and have had so many ups and downs and people trying to get in the way, and yet we are still together. There is no one else I would rather be with, and regardless of the fact we are long distance right now, I can see him in my future, even though I don't know quite what my future is yet. He is absolutely amazing, a wonderful listener, a great person to hold my hand, pee in my pants hilarious and is so adorably cute. Sorry if I'm gushing ;). He also wants to go to church together, which is something I have been looking for in a partner for a long time. I love that we can talk about anything and everything. Point being, I love this guy! Below is one of my favorite picture of us. We were at a cabin on Claytor lake with several friends. I actually got really sick and we were snowed in for two days. I had some sort of virus in my lungs that would trigger me to hyperventilate and pass out. He was there to catch me every time and insisted on staying an extra night in Blacksburg to make sure I went to the doctor :).

And just for good measure, a picture of us from the John Mayer concert this year. Can you see I chopped my hair off between January and March? Haha.

Have a great day!


Day 2- Meaning behind your blog name

My blog name isn't anything special. It's just something I came up with in early high school for an aim screen name (haha, I know). I live at the beach when I am with my parents in the house I grew up in. I also worked at the beach for a majority of high school, and I like the metaphor of "Life's A Beach." My header picture is a group of my sorority sisters and I at the beach for Spring Break  this year, and I thought it worked out perfectly. :)


30 Day Blog Challenge

I decided it was time for me to link up with Katie and join her 30-day blog challenge :) I'm excited to see if I can actually keep up with it! The first day you are supposed to post a recent picture of you, introduce yourself and give 15 interesting facts.

This is a picture of me from my boyfriend's 21st... he's the one who's shoulder you see, haha ;). My name is Megan and I am a senior at Virginia Tech. I'm planning to graduate in may with a degree in English, focusing in professional writing. Right now, I have no idea what to do with it! I'd be happy doing anything with people and words. Recently, I have considered going into adoption as a case study worker. We will see what God brings me :). I absolutely love Hokie football, my sisters (tridelta and real), peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks, hot tea from ABP, fall, living at the beach when I am at my parent's house, decorating, music of any genre and a bunch of other stuff you probably aren't interested in, haha.

15 Interesting Facts:
1. Although I'm majoring in English right now, when I was younger I was determined to be a pediatrician. The whole math and science aspects of it turned me off, haha.
2. My boyfriend goes to UVA... Tech's arch rival. I never thought I'd be dating a 'hoo, or spend so much of my time in Charlottesville, a place I HATED from birth. He's worth sacrificing for :).
3. I was always meant to be a Hokie, but I didn't know it until I transferred to Tech my sophomore year of college. It was the best decision of my life.
4. My younger sister doesn't look or act anything like me. She is blonde and freckled and crazy fun, and I am so glad she is there to keep me on my toes!
5. I hate poor grammar, but I hate having to take grammar classes!
6. I am currently burning cd's for my road trip back to school today. It is going to be a day filled with outlet shopping with Stuart, dinner with friends in Charlottesville, riding to Roanoke with one of my favorite sisters, picking up another sister from the Airport, and finally getting home around 11 or so. I am so excited! (updated, I saved earlier because I ran out of time... today was awesome and I did just get home!)
7. My best friend's dad has a boat that I am obsessed with going out on. We got to go out for the last time yesterday :) I am so glad I came home to be able to do that!
8. I loveeeee dark chocolate and mint. Especially together!
9. I am a little obsessed with college football, and sorry Katie, I am NOT a fan of your buckeyes. Jim Tressel's sweater vests just creep me out, haha! 
10. I love LOVE love St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and I am proud to say that over my two years in Tridelta I have helped to raise over $100,000 for the hospital :)
11. I am a mountain girl most of the time, but I am so glad I grew up at the beach. I just hate the humidity!!!
12. I am a Dawson's Creek faithful, haha. Even though when it was on TV, I wasn't allowed to watch it. My best friend and I watched it the summer before I went to college and I just have fond memories. I probably watch the series once a year.
13. I am seriously considering a career in adoption. I know I want to help children, and I think helping families that want these children would be incredibly rewarding and something I would be good at. 
14. I love sales! I once got two dresses and a skirt at Ann Taylor Loft for 9 dollars total. I just refuse to buy something that I don't need or that I can't pay the least amount possible for.
15. I am so thankful that Jesus is my savior. I don't know who I would be or what I would do without that constant reassurance.

Have a great day!


Thoughtless Thursday, Break Edition

Thanks to lovely Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane, I am linking up to Thoughtless Thursday! :)

In a mere 4 hours, I will be on the road to Charlottesville for the night (after dropping a friend off at the airport in Roanoke) and then back on the road Friday to the 757 :) (Does anyone else call their area by the area code? Rappers and athletes started it in our area, and we haven't looked back since!) I am so excited to see Stuart tonight, and Hev* tomorrow! My dad thinks that there is something seriously wrong with me, since I am missing a game my beloved Hokies are playing on Saturday. However, we are playing Central Michigan, and with four games in a row, I think I will be okay.

Tonight Stuart and I are going to see "our" singer, Corey Smith. If you get a chance, click on the link of his name and listen to some of his music. It's a little bit country, a little bit acoustic, and a little bit rowdy. Just a warning, some of them are inappropriate for kids! I'm mainly thinking of two, and most of his other songs are okay. Let me just say, he is definitely catered to a college crowd. Although, his song "First Dance", is one of my favorites and a song I might just have as the first dance at my wedding. I recommend that one :). He also has a song called, "The Lord Works in a Strange Way," that I listen to often. I've actually seen Corey six times in concert! My sisters and I drove to Longwood for a free concert my sophomore year of college, and actually got to meet him! Below is a picture of him with us, throwing a DELTA!

Stuart and I also went to see him for our first date, although we didn't know it would be our first date at the time :). We went with Heidi (the one in the bottom of the picture) and her boyfriend Paul, to dinner and over to Norfolk to see Corey. We had a great time, and the rest is history ;). Here is a picture from our first date!

I am also excited to see Hev this weekend, and spend some time with my Aunt as well. She is the mother of two boys, and they are going out of town for boy scout camp, with her boy scout leader husband! We are hoping to at least get dinner. Hev and I are also planning to go to Busch Gardens this weekend, for Hallowscream, one of my favorite things to do in the fall! 

In addition, tomorrow Macy, one of my sisters, and I are heading to Carter's Mountain with her niece to pick apples. Ahhhhh, I LOVE FALL!

Have a great weekend! :)


Fall, Fall, Fall :)

Welcome to the series of my three favorite months of the year! All through the summer heat I crave pumpkin candles and football games, and finally fall is in full swing :) I just made the candy corn cupcakes as seen on Lindsey's blog, and I cannot wait to take them to the Dolphin Tank (what we call our sorority house) tonight to munch on as we go through Up Til Dawn letters. Even though tonight is going to be monotonous as we go through the over 2000 letters being sent on behalf of St. Jude (thanks Pike and Sigma Chi for wanting to win so badly) I cant wait to spend some qt with some of my favorite people in the world :). My header is a picture of my sisters and I at the beach for spring break. My guess is that you won't guess which one I am! ;)

I am linking up  with Kelly and doing a post on our dining room today.  I will say that it is very tiny, and has something hanging on the wall that my roommate and I painted together. Most people don't guess that it is a beer pong table ;). We also have all our free furniture in there, although it all looks nice. The high bar table and stools were from my cousin, and the canvas black chairs in each corner were from a friend of mine's office. The table will probably be painted black soon, if I have my way. The thing that looks like "TV" on the wall is actually an old school style VT with the "T" in the  middle. That is the same way I have it in the center of my class ring. Most of our apartment incorporates maroon and orange (our colors) but with some green, black and tans mixed in. The table on the wall has a little bit of pink in it, to ensure that it is girly enough for us! We live in a small condo, but it is perfect for two college students :)

Happy first day of October! :)


Back on the Wagon

I think it's time for me to get back on the wagon with this blogging thing, especially since catching up on other people's blogs is one of my favorite times of the day. Today I am going to a thankful and a thoughtless Thursday post. Link up with Katie to do you own thoughtless Thursday post!

Thoughtless Items:

1. I cannot wait for next weekend and going home for fall break. While my parents will be gone, it will be nice to sleep in my bed at my parents house and see my best friend who I haven't seen in two months! (she is the blonde in the picture!)

2. I am sooooooooooo nervous about our game against NCST on Saturday. They haven't been a great team the past couple of years, but after seeing them beat Georgia Tech last weekend, I am nervous for my Hokies to go play in Raleigh. I know they can pull of a "w" though :) (here is a picture of Stuart and I before the ECU game two weeks ago )

3. I am so ready to be over this illness. It has really knocked me off my feet the past couple of days.

4. The Crescent (my sorority's newsletter) is almost completely done and ready to be printed off! However, I have to get 1000 copies made and get postage and address labels made for all of them... not fun!

Thankful Items :) :

1. I am so thankful that my sorority has chosen St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as its philanthropy. This week we have hosted a fashion show and tonight we are doing an all-you-can-eat pancake dinner in the Student center and outside one of my favorite bars, TOTS. Sunday is a flag football tournament for all of the other greek organizations that are participating. While it is a long week, I am so thankful we get to support this wonderful hospital.

2. I am thankful my Hokies shut-out BC this weekend. I have never been a big Eagles fan, and seeing the shut out made it that much sweeter :)

3. I am also thankful for my awesome roommate and the time we spent together last weekend and this week. Both of us have really hectic schedules that are opposite of each other, so we don't get to see each other that often. This past weekend however, we went to Richmond for a wedding, and last night we went to dinner and then came home and had Kahlua Hot Chocolates and watched a movie together. Just what I needed :) This is a picture of us from the wedding we went to last weekend, I was her date so I borrowed a friend's suit jacket so we could take a real prom photo, haha! (excuse my sweaty face! we had been tearing up the dance floor ;) )

4. My awesome family and my boyfriend. Both my parents and Stuart have been awesome supports this past two weeks when my stress level has been maxxed out. I am so glad I have people around me that show me support and pray for me :)

5. This awesome fallllllll weather we have been having, although it's been pretty rainy in Blacksburg this week. I love getting the fall decorations out and having them all over our condo!