Day 17- Something You're Looking Forward To

I am always looking forward to something :) I know I should be living in the moment, and I do sometimes, but I am a planner by nature! I'm going to categorize by immediate and future :)

Immediate things I'm looking forward to:
*I get to see Stuart tomorrow! We are going on a dinner date tomorrow night, and then coming back and watching one of our favorite shows we "date" watch when we are apart, except tomorrow we get to watch it together! I know he is going to be exhausted as he has three midterms tomorrow and probably won't sleep tonight, but I just can't wait to hug him! (Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?)

*Celebrating Corey's 21st this weekend :) I'm buying the boys and I some pumpkin beer to try, and I can't wait to take Cor out on the town with us this weekend!

*The UVA game on Saturday... an abomination, I know. But I am excited it should be chilly enough to actually have a fall feeling football game! The last few here have been too hot. Plus Corey and I will probably go to bars and watch some of the other, more interesting games during the day too. Poor Stuart will be with the band most of the day

*My tonsil consultation... I know, weird. But I'm ready to get rid of these things and I'm looking forward to taking the steps necessary to do it.

*Thanksgiving and the Tech-UVA game. A big tradition at my house, and this year we are playing in Blacksburg... CANT WAITTT!

*My 22nd Birthday, December 2nd :)


*Recruitment... I'm a Rho Gamma, or a Recruitment Guide, and I am SO excited to lead these girls through and have them find the chapter that works best for them.

*My strengthening relationship with the Lord

In the future:
*Graduation ( I'm dreading being a grown up, but all the parties and celebration are making me excited... plus that no more class thing, haha)

*Finding a job (Scary!)

*Moving forward in my relationship with Stuart.

*Kelley's wedding! I've been in several weddings due to my large family, but I have never been in one for a friend, so excited!

*Getting married, myself. I can't wait to plan a wedding and get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend :)

*Becoming a mama... my lifelong dream :)

*Being a volunteer anywhere with children. I know I can do this now, and I do. But I think I'm going to need to be settled a little more so I can get involved and stay there!

*Building a home built with love, and on the Rock with my future husband and children.

Long... I know. But I'm a planner!

Have a blessed day :)

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