Junathon and Other Business

Happy Thursday Beauts!

Things are pretty quiet around my office and I thought I'd take a little brain break and blog for a few :)

First things first, Juneathon is approaching (like, tomorrow!) and I have decided to participate so I am held accountable. Those 5am wakeup calls to run have been canceled by the snooze button and since tomorrow also officially counts as 6 months to the marathon, I have got to get my booootaaayyy in gear. Basically, you run (or do some other exercise) everyday and then blog about it. It is that easy, and it's free! You can also tweet about it. Anyone else want to join me - let me know! Sign up here.

Second, I am love love loving my field study. The people that I work with are fantastic and I have learned so much in just two weeks. Plus they are being really proactive in helping me make connections for future jobs :). ODU is great!

Third, I am trying- yet again, to give up Diet Coke. I don't think one or two a week will hurt me but I had gotten into the habit of having them preeettyyy regularly. I am now onto coffee, which is better for me and I am just drinking it with a little half and half and some stevia. The only issue is, I drink DC when I am out with friends and I am the DD or I just don't want to drink but want to have something in my hand.

Fourth, I am going to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight with my best friend from home to celebrate her stepmom's birthday and I have no idea what to eat that will have some semblance of health. Even their salads have a ton of cheese and egg (which I don't eat) on them. Ahhh. The only thing that looks remotely okay and kinda healthy is the grilled chicken tenderloin. We shall see what happens!

I need to get a few things done before Hev gets here so it's back to the grind. Let me know if you want to do Juneathon or are already doing it... I would love to have a buddy!


Shades of...Megan?

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope  you aren't experience a post-holiday hangover like I am. Although this Starbucks is helping for sure!

Because I am just getting back into the swing of things, I thought a few bullet points might do the job today :)

  • 50 Shades of Grey... obsessed maybe? I started the first book on the beacIh Saturday and had it read by Saturday night. Once we got internet Sunday night I downloaded the next two and I am halfway through the third one... started and finished the second one yesterday. Perfect beach reading! The s*x is a little much for me (especially in a bathing suit around a ton of people) but I love the mystery like aspect of Christian's upbringing and such. The writing isn't the best I've seen but I have an English degree so I have had my fair share of renouned authors to compare James against. Now if only I could be back on the beach reading ;). I am loving this some ecard for sure!
  • A 24 before I'm 24 update will be around tomorrow. I have marked a few things off the list and I am ready to update... Saturday will be my half-birthday so I only have 6 more months to accomplish things!
  • I wish my office had a coffee pot so I don't have to keep running over to Starbucks everyday... and my parent's don't drink coffee so there isn't one at home either!
  • I am so ready to move to Charlottesville. Now the job needs to happen. I am just sick of saying goodbye to S. At least he made it over here for lunch today.
  • This is so true:
  • The beach this weekend was just what I needed... although I came home exhausted. I forgot what it does for my soul. Full recap to come sometime this week. We had so much fun, laughed a ton and ate to our hearts content. Seeing this was awesome after we drove out onto Corolla for the day:

I have lots of curriculum sheets and articulation agreements to get back to so I should probably bop on that. Hope y'all have a great day!


Is This Real Life or Limbo?

Right now I am living the college graduate dream...working for no pay and living at home with my parents. That was all of your dreams, right? Whomp!

Actually, it isn't as bad as it seems... I am getting some great experience and I'm working with people that genuinly want to help me and my parent's finally moved the twin sized bed out of my room and upped me to a queen. They even threw in a foam topper to make it extra cozy! Sweet folks aren't they? I'm glad they decided 23 was the time for a big girl bed, haha.

Right now I am waiting to be called into a meeting to discuss curriculum sheets and articulation agreements. Nope, I didn't know what those things were either two days ago but right now my life is filled with them. And I don't hate it. Good news, since I think I have finaallllyyy decided this is what I want to do, right? (Disclaimer: don't hold me to this).

My life perhaps?

It's nice starting off with a 3 day work week and then transitioning into the 4 day work week that is next week. If they paid me a salary, this would be the perfect gig ;).

Fortunately, if I can ward off the stomach bug my sister had yesterday I will be heading to the beach tomorrow for the weekend. Although, on second thought... if I can get that stomach bug today and be over it by tomorrow I will be closer to bathing suit ready. Decisions, decisions. Don't be surprised if you find me kissing her for the sake of my bikini bod. And PTL I have finally found something I like almsot as much as my beloved (albiet too expensive for no job) spray tans.

Tan towels! I know a bunch of you have probably hopped on board this wagon but I am usually a little late to the party. I used Sonia Kashuk's line from Targ and loved them. It was like $11 bucks for 4 huge towels, which is equal to either 4 or 2 tans depending on how dark you want them. I used 2 for Stuart's graduation so I could pop in my dresses but for everyday I will likely just stick to one. Still much cheaper than $25-$50 for one tan! And it didnt make me streak. Targ, you have done it again you old friend. Find them here!

Happy Thursday y'all!


So Proud and Other Monday Things!

Happy almost Tuesday y'all! 

We had a big weekend around these parts and someone pretty daggone' special received the "honors of Honor" by graduating from UVA (it is apparently from a poem that is a big deal... I heard that quote all weekend). I must say, he looked pretty cute doing it too ;).

We started the festivities by attending a luncheon at the President's house and then had a few beers and some Italian food on the Downtown Mall. Stuart's parents spoiled us with food this weekend! Saturday night we just hung out and I may have fallen asleep by 10pm... whoops. It was a good thing because Sunday was the big day and I was up before 7!

I, like any good blogger insisted on a few photos to commemorate the day :)

My drumming graduate!

Being goofy. Corey actually took this without us knowing. Love candids!

New favorite picture of us. We are both real smiling!

Stuart, Olivia, Laura and Joe. Some of S's roommates and very best friends. Love them!

Corey (S's best friend who drove up from home) and I ended up watching the Lawn ceremony from a separate viewing site because it was so crowded. S's mom gave us a bunch of 2 dollar bills (they are a big thing at UVA because Jefferson founded the university and is on them) so we bought snacks and sat in the air conditioning. Win! We were there for his diploma ceremony as well before we bopped over to the CS building for a Panera catered lunch before champaign on the porch and an early Outback dinner. S was spoiled by his parents and family friends and I think really enjoyed everything - I could not be more proud of him! 

We spent Sunday night hanging out with all of his roommates and drinking more champaign and just laughing and talking. None of them are leaving Cville quite yet so he gets a few more days to enjoy them which I know he is thrilled about. They are such a fun group and I don't think anyone knows how to have fun quite like they do ;). 

Hayden, Joe, Laura, Olivia, Stuart and Chris... the whole crew!

I headed back home today and now I am in bed falling asleep to Friends (which is finally back on the right schedule!) in preparation for the start of my Field Study tomorrow! I will be up at 6 for a quick run before heading over to ODU... the start of becoming a "real" person haha. Hope y'all have a great night!


Saturday Snuggles

For some reason, it is a Saturday morning and I have been up for 45 minutes already and it is just now 8 am. Problem? Possibly. My alarm is set to go off at 8:30 so I can get up and run and shower before S's family gets here. I could run now but it is so cozy here... so a blog post is productive, right?

Let me just say that I have had one of the best weeks this week. Getting to spend uninterrupted days with Stuart has been fantastic and has me realllllyyy wanting to move to Cville ASAP. Only God knows when that will be but my vote is sooner than later (just an FYI Big Guy). 

We have spent time just doing normal things together... watching Jeopardy (yup, I watch every night, I love it and I know that makes me a huge nerd), snuggling on the couch, running errands, listening to him drum with his best friend Joe; all little things I usually miss when we are here just trying to soak up every second of the weekend.

I just feel so lucky that we had this time together and I am soaking up as much as I can. I am literally the happiest I have been in a long time just being here with him. Alright, enough gushing ;).

Stuart has officially accepted his job offer and we found him a GORGEOUS apartment this week, complete with pool, gym, golf/football/basketball simulator and a movie room all to share. Plus his bathroom has a giant tub I cannot wait to hop in with a good book!

Here are a few pictures of things from this week I don't want to forget:

 Lunch date at Wich Wich after a Target run and before apartment hunting... love that I can find Hokies in Cville!

Typical Stuart goofy photo.

Spent the afternoon on the Downtown Mall... one of my favorite spots in Cville. Someone found some friends! 

My main man Ronald found in a quirky gift shop on the mall. Mmmmhmm.

I am off to throw on my shoes and ground out a few miles before the craziness of this weekend begins in t-minus three hours. Y'all have a great weekend!


Everybody Get Down on Friday

Happy happy Friday y'all! I am actually sad today is already Friday because this is my week off before I start my field study and I am spending it in Cville with Stuart. Buttt since he is off getting his haircut and I am procrastinating showering (apologies if you can smell me) after a run, I thought a little Friday Letter's might get a few things off my chest ;). Y'all go link up with Ashley!

Dear body, Sorry for treating you like crap recently. Two graduation weeks and a vacation are to blame. I know you are paying me back by that ugly number on the scale. I get it, I really do. I'll start treating you better, promise. Just get me through this graduation weekend still able to wear my pants. Love ya mean it, bloated belly

Dear Charlottesville, If I am going to move here, I need a place to get my haircut and eyebrows waxed, a good spray tan salon and places to run with less cars and pollution. Get on that would ya? Muah, Future Resident

Dear Claire, Congrats congrats congrats congrats! So happy for you and Mr. C and I cannot wait to see that ring and your smiling face Monday. You are going to be the most beautiful bride!!! XOXO, Bloggy BFF

Dear patience, I am going to need you a lot this weekend with all of the chaos that comes with S's family and his roommates moving. Show up would ya? I promise everyone will be a lot happier. I know you don't like to bop around much but it would be greatly appreciated. Hugs, the High-Strung Girlfriend

Dear cold, GTFO. I was finally getting back on the run wagon this week and you cut me down a few days. And even today when I was cranking out a few miles I had to stop because you made me wheeze. You are not welcome so get out. Kisses, Coughy Mc CoughCough

Have a great weekend!


Vaca at Home

Weelll, I am not exactly at home but I am spending the week with S in his empty house and we have nothing on the agenda other than a few dinner dates with some friends. I am so excited! We slept in this morning, I have responded to some emails and caught up on blogs and now we are off for a run and the grocery store. This not working not studying thing is so nice ;). Too bad it won't last!

Some random thoughts for today:

  • The Bachelorette was all kinds of interesting. A guy dressed like a Grandma? The egg? The horrible pickup lines? I spent the night texting my roommate/bff and sharing commentary. My early favs? Charlie and Ryan (the one from Savannah).
  • Watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother last night and oh my goodness I spent it screaming! So many things happened - I won't ruin it for you guys that haven't seen it but baby boy Erickson gets the most HIMYM middle name ever and my FAVORITE from Ted's past returns ;). SO SO SO SO SO good! I can't believe next season is the last.
  • I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of new clothes I don't really need... what else is new? I got some turquoise shorts from J.Crew, two pairs of shorts and a dress from Gap outlet and two pairs of neon Norts from the Nike outlet. Is it sad I am most excited about the Norts? (Side note: Norts are Nike running shorts).
  • I haven't run in a week. There, I said it. It was graduation week and I had other things to do like drink with my friends and pack my life up. Whoops? Back on the bandwagon starting today!
  • Twitter is better than Facebook. Especially for watching TV shows with the rest of America. And not having to read political rants with all of the ensuing comments.
  • I am sick of Amendment One debates - FROM BOTH SIDES.
That is about all for today. Happy Tuesday!


Graduated! (Kinda)

Happy, happy Monday!

I am curled up on the couch next to S getting ready to watch the Bachelorette! Anyone else tuning in ;)?

It feels like it has been forever, and what a whirlwind week it has been :). 

Thursday night I worked an Architecture party (I used to work for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies), and we went through 100 bottles of wine in 2 hours! There were NOT that many people there, but lots of people left on foot instead of car, haha.

Friday was graduation day! We had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn in order to get to campus because security was so high due to the guest speaker. You may have heard of her, the First Lady of the US? Regardless of political affiliation or beliefs, having the First Lady speak at your commencement is pretty darn cool. Her speech was nothing special but it was really neat to be a part of US history :).

We had to run from the big ceremony in Lane to grab some lunch before my departmental ceremony. The big ceremony was at 12 and my department's ceremony was at 4, but I had to be there at 3:15 and we didn't get out of the big ceremony til 2. 

Fortunately, my departmental ceremony was only 45 minutes top to bottom... best ceremony ever! S met us at my favorite restaurant by Claytor Lake, MK's and we had a casual pizza dinner... perfect for me since last year was so nuts!

 Coley and I

 My girls while waiting in line to go through security.

 With the main Tech sign.

Processing in!

We headed back into the burg and spent my last night in 1316 with Coley and Josh. We decided our only course of action was to drink the rest of the beer in our fridge - so we did ;).

Saturday there was lots of packing and moving out to cars and seeing family and such but the biggest moment, and the one I want to remember is sitting on our green couches in our spots opening cards from each other. We both cried and took in our surroundings. That was OUR place for 4 years and we are going to miss it (and each other) horribly. We actually ended up saying goodbye at the Kroger gas pumps because we both needed gas, haha. I drove out of town listening to Enter Sandman and bawling... guess Bburg had a big impact on me ;).

This weekend was spent unpacking and cleaning because we are a host family for a local baseball team and one of the girl interns (my sister is the other) is living with us this summer! S and I headed back to Cville tonight for the week to look for apartments for him and spend some time together... a little mini vacation since no one else is in town :).

I'm sure I will be back around more this week, hope y'all have a good one! I should have some more pictures soon :).


It's the Final Countdown

We have been trying to live it up as best we can these last few days in the Burg! Lots of wine, chatting and TV show watching, mixed in with some adventures :). Needless to say my pants won't fit the same after this week, but the memories being made are so worth it!

Saturday Nicole and I decided to hop in the car and hike the Cascades, but that didn't happen. We ended up at Mountain Lake (where they filmed Dirty Dancing!), decided we were to cheap to park and see the sites and just kept on driving. We finally found a semi trail and decided to go for an hour and a half hike. We didn't really find anything (other than that little guy on the top of Nicole's bottle), but the rainy weather made for quite the adventure!

Corey went out with us Saturday night because he was in town and we grabbed dinner and drinks at the Rivermill. So glad to see him!

Sunday I spent the day working on my LAST FINAL EVER (other than a paper I have due at the end of this summer for my Field Study) and completed it in time to come home to Nicole and Linds cooking dinner. We ate and watched Once Upon a Time, Desperates and GCB. Love these lowkey nights :).

Monday I got up for a run and then showered and got ready for our photo shoot across campus! We started off by getting Subway and eating by the Duckpond and pretty much made our way all over campus. We stopped midway for a few beers at Sharkeys and then took a few more pictures before heading to the Lyric to see the Hunger Games and then downtown to Champs and Big Als for a bit. Here are a few of my favs from the day!

I have been doing laundry and packing (booo!) most of the day, although I did throw in a two and a half mile run a spin class to try and negate some of my eating/drinking choices this week, haha. My butt has never hurt more after that spin class! Tomorrow Nicole will take her last two exams EVER and we will be celebrating with Margs and Mexican food. I cannot wait!

Here's to living up my last weeks as an undergrad. It's been a hell of a ride!

Happy Tuesday y'all!


Dear Friday

Happy Friday y'all! I love the idea of writing letters (cough B.A. in English cough) so this Friday link-up is perrrrfect. Head on over and link up with cute Ashley with me :).

Dear Thursday Nights, Please stay like this FOREVER. Our little tradition of wine and my girls should never have to end, even if we are all moving away. You have quickly become my favorite night of the week and I am so sad that we might have to part. Love, Sentimental Sap

Dear Stuart's Job Offer, Please offer him nice benefits and a decent salary that he can live off of and buy me something shiny with ;). He is a hard worker and I know your company will benefit from having him around. Also lots of vacation time so he can play with me would be the best. And hurry up and do it already, would ya? Sincerely, Impatient

Dear Bloggy BFF aka Claire, Thank you for becoming unprivate again. When you were private, you no longer showed up in my reader feed and I had to bookmark you and then randomly stalk to see if you posted. Awkward. Also, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! I know this year is going to be the best year yet! Filled with looottsss of Moe's and Starbucks dates, as well as a few other big things ;). XOXO, Your Favorite Friends/Moe's Fanatic.

Dear Take Home Exams, If you could go ahead and do yourselves, that would be wonderful. I would much rather lay in bed and watch movies and hang out with my girls than do you. If you could get A's on yourself, that would be great, although I would definitely take  B+ if you'd just leave me be. Kisses, The Star Student

Dear Graduation, I am SO ready for you and SO not ready for you at the same time. I am so ready to be done with the schoolwork aspect for a bit, but I am not ready to leave some of my best friends and move out of my adorable apartment. Also, if you could manage to make everything run smoothly next Friday, that'd be good too. Hearts, The Graduate



Is It September Yet?

Just about this time every year, my blood pressure has finally gotten back to normal and my Saturdays have been free for so long that I start to really, really, really itch for the fall. And no, it is not just for the cooler temperatures, my favorite outfits and the beautiful foliage (although, I love those too). It's because I really, truly, 100 % miss football season.

If you are just making your way around these parts, I am a college football fanatic. Always have been. My team of choice is, of course, the Virginia Tech Hokies. It has been since day one, see?

I live for those Enter Sandman jumps, key shaking third downs, turkey leg smells, Lets Go Hokies chants and post touchdown high fives. 

I can't even remember a fall in my life that hasn't been spent in Blacksburg, either for weekend trips or the last four/fiveish years of college. It is the best place on earth. If you haven't been here, get your booty here asap. But start looking for tickets now... they sell out quickly :)

My momma has already volunteered to watch my babies when the time comes and I need to be in Lane Stadium, but rest assured they will be wearing these no matter what their hoo-lovin' daddy says ;). (Both via Etsy.)

Even though I will likely be living in enemy territory Charlottesville this fall, I cannot wait to make the short two hour trek back to Blacksburg to root on my Hokies, biting my nails and screaming the whole way :). And I can't wait to sit on my couch and root them on during away games, waving my VT flag proudly and likely annoying the neighbors, haha.

We may not quite be the SEC, but we are on our way up and I will be proud to say I have been there since the beginning, crying after losses as a young child (oooorrr after our bowl loss in Janualry), celebrating wins in DT Blacksburg, and standing in all elements just for my boys. 

Anyone else ready for September?

Happy Wednesday!!