Thursday Randoms

Yet, again one of my favorites... random bullet points!

  • Last night Claire and I were having one of our rando conversations during our simultaneous watching of Friends and we sent each other this gem about haircare. We are two lucky people that these are our biggest problems at the moment. Claire is the only person I know that uses hashtags in real life but doesn't have a Twitter bahaha:
  •  I am headed to the ATL for NYE weekend and we are leaving tomorrow! I am meeting Stuart's extended family that I have never met before on Saturday morning and I am a nervous nelly!
  • In keeping with the same theme, my biggest stress over this trip isn't the ten hour car ride or figuring out the Marta from Heidi's house to downtown. It is simply what I can wear to brunch that will transition into game attire that will transition into NYE attire! Is it sad I am considering bringing a shirt to change into in my purse for the NYE portion? Ahhhhh. Orange and blue are so not NYE colors!!!
  • I have been sick for the last few days and I am dying to get out and do something. Sitting around just isn't for me unless I am snuggling with Stuart or having a movie marathon with a friend. Daytime TV and tissues is ZERO FUN!!
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is people who end sentences with "..." ONE period will do, thank you. 
  • I am so ready for some more WINTER weather! I love the warm weather but when winter rolls around this girl is pasty and I need to resist the urge of baring these bright white legs!
Happy Thursday!!


A Few Christmas Favorites :)

Y'all I thought I'd share some of my favorite gifts I got this year :)

Momma and Daddy favorites:
  • An IOU for two matching dipoma frames come May :)

  •  Leopard flats that I have been dying for! They actually ordered me a pair that is too big so I got to go shopping and I got a great deal on a pair from Talbots yesterday... and I am never a Talbots shopper! I will post a picture when they arrive :)
  • Monogrammed Tervis Tumbler

  •  A beautiful red JJill down vest that I am in LOVE with. Mine is the one in red. Love that asymmetrical buttoning.

  • New gold earrings I had been Jonesing for.
  • St. Jude Ornament from the race with the sweetest message ever
  • Wall hanging with Jeremiah 29:11 on it :) Via Etsy!

  • Various other things I wanted/needed but am too lazy to go downstairs and remind myself of :)
Stuart also outdid himself this year and got me some things I ADORE:
  • Monogrammed Marley Lilly gold necklace
  •  New everyday tortoise shell watch with a gold rim :) I needed something lighter than my Michael Kors I was wearing everyday!
  • And we FINALLY went shopping yesterday for the remainder of my birthday present from earlier this month... COWBOY BOOTS! I walked in the store and immediately picked up this pair, and the man told me that there might be a problem because they only had a few left... come to find out they only had one pair left and they fit me PERFECTLY! We were in and out within fifteen minutes :) I adore them! They are a light camel and taller than normal cowboy boots which is perfect for me because my legs are so long! AHHHHH!!!

I also got several other things I am in love with including an Amazon gift card from my sister, Hokies devotional from Heidi, earring holder and E.E. Cummings poem on a canvas from Heather, a LOFT poncho from my grandmother, a NY&CO poncho and some candles from my living room from my aunt, and various other things. I was a lucky, lucky, lucky girl this Christmas!!

My favorite Christmas present however, wasn't for me at all.... I have been keeping the secret that my roommate would be getting ENGAGED three days before Christmas since OCTOBER. Y'all, it was killing me! Here she is with the beautiful ring!!!!

He proposed in such a sweet way and I might have to get her to guest post about it ;). I needed to wait to reveal the secret until after all her family knew!

My bff's dad and his girlfriend, also got engaged this past weekend and I am so thrilled for both couples!!!

I hope Santa was good to y'all!!


Christmas Joy :)

Y'all, I have been experiencing lots of joy in my life lately, from my meetup with Claire, to the sweet package from my awesome Secret Santa (reveal yourself so I can follow if I don't already, you are too sweet!!), and some big news from some very, very special people in my life :) I promise to give details after this weekend! 

However, none of this compares to the joy I feel when celebrating the birthday of the most important being ever to walk this earth, Jesus. There is nothing I love more than a good celebration and I expect nothing less for the birthday of the King :) I can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and read our version of the Christmas story (still via children's book after all these years) and really revel in the beauty of it all!

Merry Christmas to all of you and a big Happy Birthday to Jesus!



Y'all, I cannot contain my excitement for the things coming up!

  • First off, I am finallllyyy meeting Claire for the first time IRL and I am so pumped! We have been emailing back and forth for months now and we are fortunate enough to be in the same area code at the same time this weekend :)
  • Most of my wrapping is done and everything has arrived!!! I spent the majority of the afternoon wrapping and I still have a few things and a little craft project left to do that I will get finished up tonight.
  • A SECRET I have been keeping for what feels like FOREVER will finally be revealed tomorrow!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO not good at secret keeping but I have kept my lips zipped on this one and I seriously cannot contain myself. Y'all don't worry, after the big reveal I will tell you alllll about it ;)
  • Heidi and I are heading up Rva to have lunch with my roomie and then celebrate one of our good friend's birthday on Friday night and it should be a good time :) I have missed Coley dearly and I cannot wait to reunite for a bit!!
  • Duhhhhh Santa is coming on Saturday night and this is my most anticipated time of them all! From celebrating Christ's birth twice (both Sat night and Sunday morning), to spending lots of family time together, traditions, time with S's family and all the yummy food... what more could I ask for?!?
I will try my best to whip out a few blog posts through Christmas and I am working up on catching up on y'alls :)

Happy happy Wednesday!!!


Apples to Apples

Weeellll I went to the Apple store today and it did not exactly go as planned. I ended up getting a new phone, but I had to pay 200 bucks for it... LAME! I did get an extended warranty because lets be real, I am far too clumsy and I know if I hadn't have gotten it I would have ended up dropping it again. I was hoping for a free replacement, but unfortunately they were doing those too often so they took away that privilege, which did not make me happy!

My computer has also just been shutting off on its own. It's a macbook pro from 2008 and I ADORE it. Needless to say I may be making my way back to the Apple store this week. While I looovveeee Apple products, I am over mine this week. Fortunately my new phone seems to be working well and I am restoring it currently.

I need a new case and while I love the one I have from Marley Lilly, it doesn't protect it the way that I need it to. My mom has an otterbox, and while those work great they are super bulky. Anyone have any suggestions? I love that I have an Amazon Prime account so I can order one tonight and have it here by Thursday!

Here are a few I'm looking at (I like the idea of a bright color so it's easy to find):

Despite the fact that I am not in class I have lots of plans for this week that I am excited about!  Tonight Stuart and I are having dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a while... it will be my third time eating Mexican in two days! No, Claire, I didn't get Moe's so maybe we can get some together this week? ;) I need to get my secret santa package out now that I found the last little bit for and I will be meeting up with Claire this week hopefully! It will be my first bloggy meet up and I am too excited to finally meet my friend "in person!"

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!!


Sunday Funday?

Happy Sunday y'all... can you believe at this time next week Christmas will almost be over? This girl has looottsss of wrapping to do!!!

Hope y'all have had a great week, mine has been pleeennnttyy busy between Christmas shopping, seeing old friends and celebrating one of my bff's college graduation yesterday. I'm hoping she will post some pictures so I can steal a few and show you, hehe. Here is one of her graduation pictures taken a few weeks ago (sorry Hev/Em... they are so good I had to share!)

Also, sitting around a bonfire last night my iphone fell out of my pocket and hit the concrete and cracked the screen... I've read online sometimes they will do a one time courtesy replacement. Anybody know anything about that?!?! Lets just say I almost cried for my baby when I discovered the crack... fortunately it still works!

My cousin Griffin got baptized this morning so Stuart, Nat and I headed up to Seaford to support him in lieu of my parents who were teaching Sunday school at their own church and couldn't be there. So proud of him for making the decision to follow Christ! We also found out that their pastor lost his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend in a car accident last night, and this same family lost their home in a fire only nine days ago. Any prayers for them would be welcome I am sure!

I am currently writing thank you notes for Team Kick (I'll upload a picture soon of the card we chose!) and watching Christmas movies with the fam... it is so nice to be home :)

Have a great week and remember the "Reason for the Season" as you fight crowds and traffic this week... I know I have to keep reminding myself!!!


Wine Wednesday?

That's what Kathy Lee and my delta sista Hoda call today, so it's only fitting I should participate? Psh, not unless its the delicious Moscato from Olive Garden... this girl is so not a wino. Although I wish I could be, haha.

Anywho, I actually laced up my tennies and did some running coughwalkingcough today. It wasn't pretty for sure and after the first mile my foot started to kill me so I walked most of the way home (for a total of about two miles). Regardless, it's time for me to get back on the horse, so I am proud I actually took some initiative and got my butt out there!

Stuart is finally home so we are planning on going up to my cray cray grandmother's (we call her Kinkie...such a story for another day) to help her out with a few things and running some errands. Regardless, I am excited to spend some time with him and for us to live in the same town for over a month!

Also, I have been home for three days and I am BORED. My sista comes home today so that will add some thrill back into my life and people are slowly trickling in from exams and such, but I really just can't wait for my momma to be off work next week so we can bake up a storm and finish Christmas decorating. I can't wait to share pictures of our house with y'all... it is my absolute favorite place to be around!

Hope you have a Wednesday full of Christmas cheer (and wine if you so desire!)


These Are My Confessionnnsss

"...Just when I thought I had said all I can say my chick on the side said she got one on the way"

Juuuuusssttt kidding. Although that would be reality show worthy for sure considering I am a female.

But here are some Tuesday confessions for you:
  • It is likely had I posted within the last five days, it wouldn't have been pretty. I tend to rage at things I think are absurd or offend or hurt anyone/anywhere I care about and people (especially at our local newspaper) have written some unflattering things about Tech in light of the recent shooting. I was not happy, and despite a printed apology, I still refuse to look at or purchase the newspaper. I refuse to comment on the WBC because it would completely set me off. However, I was tickled to find out VMI cadets came down from Lexington to protect the family from seeing them if they had shown up, as well as a ton of the Hokie Nation prepared to counter protest as well.
  • My sweet secret santa from the blog swap I am participating in sent me a card and a cute ornament for my tree I cannot wait to hang up! Thank you so much secret santa, I can't wait to find out who you are!!! (Yes I did take this on our leather living room furniture).

  • I haven't run since the 1/2... still. And I wish the bruise on my foot would heal up, but I have enjoyed staying cozy :)
  • I'm still working on some Christmas shopping for people, but I love that I have done most of it from my own computer. Wooo for free shipping on most things, that is a huge pet peeve of mine!
  • I'm loving my alone time today. I have been with people constantly since leaving Bburg and having an afternoon to myself has been lovely. I cleaned up a bit and I have caught up on blogs and done some shopping. Now if only I could convince myself to get up and take a shower... haha.
  • I still laugh at Friends episodes I have seen a million times. I had a sleep over with my hometown bff last night and we snuggled in her bed cracking up while watching Nick at Nite.
  • I am ready to graduate and move on to the next step in my life. People around me keep getting engaged, and even though I know it's not my time yet, I do still get a liiiiiittttttlllleeeee jealous. Watching proposal videos on Youtube probably does not help this at all.
  • I have been doing a little bit of job/apartment hunting around Cville since Stuart got a job there.... I would love to work for UVA (a travesty, I know!) but I definitely am not ready to start applying as much as I want to.
Happy Tuesday y'all. Any of the rest of you singing a little Usher today?


A Little Prayer

Y'all, this is going to be short and sweet but I could use a prayer and some positive vibes. Between the most stressful exam of my college career and some ignorant people running rampant after the shooting on Thursday, my nerves are frayed. I am about to go take this exam and I just need a clear head and the ability to concentrate!

Have a great Saturday!


Happy Friday and Thank You

First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind words yesterday. I really appreciated them and I know the Tech community appreciated your prayers and support. You all are awesome! For anyone that wants to make a donation to Officer Crouse's family for funeral arrangements or to help them celebrate Christmas this year, you can do that through paypal using this website: https://sites.google.com/site/hokiesforcrouse/.

Now, on to happier things because as much as I am keeping this family in my prayers, if I dwell on something that makes me upset or angry, it is not good for anyone!

I haven't had a chance to link up with Neely or Amber for their Holiday Blog Challenge yet, so why not join in on the last day :)

Today's is about New Years Eve, and Stuart and I have done the same thing every year that we have been dating.... this will be our third New Year's Eve together. However, before we started dating I spent a few NYE with him as well... but we didn't kiss at midnight ;).

We usually go over to one of his friend's (our friends?) parents houses where we eat and hang out and play board games, I know we are a raging crowd... we've been doing this since high school and it's a tradition! I think the over 21 year olds had champagne and beer last year so we are maturing a bit, haha!

Last year I had just had surgery three days before and it was my first outing. Because I had just had my tonsils out I couldn't eat anything and all I could drink was ice water. I got exhausted talking in the first hour and just sat there quietly watching everything happen...boring. Those of you that haven't had your tonsils removed probably don't know this but your breath is HORRIBLE for a week or so after the surgery because of the cauterization of the skin. Stuart was pretty apprehensive about giving me my kiss at midnight last year... nothing sexy here! Hopefully this year will be better, haha!

This year we are heading down to Atlanta for the Chick-fil-a Bowl that UVA is playing in against Auburn with some friends. We should be done with the game before midnight and are planning on heading down to some bars afterwards. Should be a fun change!!

Happy Friday Y'all!



"The official name is Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. It's not a curriculum or a setting for everyone. But most students who are there want to be nowhere else. That spirit seems to endure long after leaving Blacksburg. Once a Hokie, always a Hokie".
It's been a rough day here in Blacksburg, and it will probably continue to be for a while. Please keep the Virginia Tech police officer's family in your prayers as you go to sleep tonight. Their Christmas is going to be quite different this year.
Regardless of what has happened both today and in 2007, my heart will always be in Blacksburg and I will always be proud to be a Hokie. We will prevail, like we always do.
This was just taken a few minutes ago from the top of War Memorial Chapel looking out over the drillfield towards the Duckpond with the caption, "God is welcoming another Hokie into heaven tonight."


So What Wednesday!

I love linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesdays! Gives me that perfect opportunity to excuse what I may have done lately :)


SO WHAT if I... 
  • have put off a bunch of studying I need to get done in favor of watching Christmas movies... I will get it all done eventually but with the rain that keeps pouring, cozy nights in my yoga pants on the couch watching movies wins every time!
  • miss running now that my foot is sprained and my good shoes are in Charlottesville... I never missed it when I actually could!
  • over use exclamation points. Like every time thus far in this post!
  • pretend my chocolate peppermint Luna bars are Christmas candy bars. Thus I wake up every morning eating Christmas cheer!
  • miss being at home where my advent calendar is... Reese's > Luna bars every time!
  • am a bit of a president nerd. And no, I am not talking about our current president. I'm talking about the awesome gift my sister gave me for my birthday... the book just released by Caroline Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy. She even got me the special pack that has all the interviews on CD. Such a nerd!
  • bought chocolate chips to cook with but I have been eating a handful after dinner every night... they are just so yummy and convenient!
  • blog at night mostly. That is when I find the most time. I'm doing pretty well today considering it is noon!
Happy Wednesday and good luck to everyone that is working on finals. Make sure you take frequent Starbuck's trips and lots of naps to survive!


Trifflin Tuesday

Okay, so not really but it's the alliteration that counts, right?

I really should be studying for my two tests tomorrow but its only 1:25 and Sugar and Spice is about to come on (anyone else remember that movie?) so I will probably tune in for a bit. I loved this movie and its ridiculousness back in the day!

I've also been wasting time on the internet reading about people bashing my team and it makes me SO angry. Yes, the chance of an at-large bid after a 2 loss season is crazy, but that is just the way the chips fell. A big reason for the Sugar Bowl invitation was our fan base. Yes, we are crazy and we LOVE our boys. We pay the money and travel well. And I'm sorry Kirk Herbstreet, you ass, if you think the BCS is about football completely and doesn't care about the money, you are in the wrong business buddy. I'm not saying it's right, but maybe you should reevaluate the bowl system instead of ripping teams piece by piece. We didn't petition for this bid, but we were fortunate enough to get it. I am excited and proud of my team and I know we will represent well in Nawlins. GO HOKIES!

"Yes, the Hokies are 11-2 and ranked in the top 15, but this bowl invitation is just as much about Tech’s rabid fan base, its 87 straight home sellouts and its iconic coach than anything else.
This is about “Enter Sandman.” And the lunch pail. And the Hokie Nation’s passion for its team.
This is for those fans who sat in a hurricane during the Texas A&M game, and who roared on those cold Thursday nights when gloves muffled their applause."

However, I won't be going to the bowl... that is expennnsiiiveee on this college girl's budget. I will be traveling down to the ATL to watch UVA in the Chickfila bowl since I have a free place to say :)

Have a great Tuesday!


"Today God is Choosing to Test Your Patience More Than Your Body"

This is probably the truest statement about this weekend. It didn't go as planned at all. And I know nothing ever does, but I always have a really hard time with it. Stuart sent me that in a text message during the run today and I knew he was right when I read it immediately. I'll explain more further down.

Side note: I needed something to distract me from this AWFUL game going on. The ACC refs have been ridiculous this season, but blatantly ignoring several horse collars as well as some facemasks, making a ridiculous call on a punt block and calling offensive pass interference was uncalled for and completely changed the composure of the game. I am proud of our boys for playing clean and I am excited to head to Atlanta on NYE!

But here are a few pictures :)

Our beautiful Christmas tree (well one of two), complete with a few birthday presents for moi from my roomie underneath.
 The awesome stuff Nicole and her momma got me for my birthday: a top and jewelry from Francesca's and a key identifier from Nicole and the Tory clutch from her momma. They are too sweet!

We left for Tennessee on Thursday afternoon and here we were entering into TN around 5pm
 We woke up in a hotel in Nashville on my birthday morning and my sister managed to break the toilet seat somehow. That was the big event of the morning! Haha.
 We were less than a half a mile from a beautiful Target so of course I requested a stop there :)
 With my free birthday Starbucks in Tarjeyyy!
 After a three hour car trip we made it to Memphis and headed to the expo to pick up our packets. Here we are listed by race number!

We ended up grabbing Heidi from the airport after going to the expo and then spent a while driving around looking for a CFA that ended up being in the mall. On an up note I ended up getting some comfy yoga pants from LOFT for about six bucks. Love it! We then drove around trying to find somewhere to eat dinner before picking my dad up from the airport and everywhere had a wait so we ended up at a McAllister's. Not exactly my choice for birthday cuisine but it was quick and it worked. We then headed back to the hotel and got ready for race day!

Here are my supporters (minus my mom and dad) Stuart drove up from Cville on Thursday morning and rode with us and Heidi flew in Friday afternoon! Love these two and I was so glad they came!
 Heids and I
 Stuart and I (we call each other "Boots," hence why the sign says RUN BOOTS"
 Waiting to start!
 Around mile 2 we got to run by the Mississippi river and peer over into Arkansas. I really wanted to drive over but after the race we booked it out of downtown Memphis!
 Running towards the campus of St. Jude! They had a bunch of people cheering as we ran through!
 Now, Natalie (my sister, who I ran with) has exercise induced Asthma that flared up during mile three and continued for the rest of the race, which slowed us down considerably. I was feeling great, but I knew I couldn't leave her. We were a team. Then around mile six a hip injury started coming back and we did a lot more walking than I planned on or that I was comfortable with doing. I think I got so frustrated at one point I cried, just because I knew I could do it if it was just me and I wanted to run so badly. Once I let go of my time goal, I tried to just encourage Nat. I could tell she was in serious pain and I was worried about her. I even tried to get her to go stand with my parents but she was determined to finish and I was proud of her. We did run the last mile or so and we held hands as we finished. We ended up finishing almost an hour after my (pretty achievable) goal. Needless to say I will be running another one by myself just so I can prove to myself that I am able to run a 1/2 in a decent time! Stuart send me the text with the title of this post ("Today God is choosing to test your patience more than your body") during a little rant I sent him order to try and keep myself composed. It is little moments and encouragement like that that I know he with me for a reason :)

Needless to say, I was looking for encouragement anywhere I could find it, from the people handing out a beer around mile 8 (well a little beer), and this Hokie flag I found around mile 10! I also found a man cheering wearing a VT hat that I high fived. Love hokies from everywhere!
 Here we are passing my parents and Heidi and Stuart around mile three coming around Beale St. We were both feeling pretty good at this point :). I just wish things could have stayed this way!

After the race we headed back to the hotel, showered, went to lunch and then dropped Heidi off at the airport before hitting the road to our hotel tonight. We got back just in time to watch the game and order pizza. Although at this point I think we should have just kept driving... probably would have kept my blood pressure down.

Overall, it probably wasn't my best weekend ever, but I am still pleased with what we did. I am happy we raised over $1200 for St. Jude and I am so proud that we did it for Kaleb and Nick. My aunt sent a text this morning saying that Kaleb, Nick and our Poppi all had a front row seat and were cheering us on. If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is.