Longest Day Evah

For all you full time working women and mommas, I think I got a little taste of just how exhausting your days can be today. And no, I didn't spend a second of my day with a child, but it started at 6am, and I am still finishing stuff up now at 10pm. I don't know how y'all do it every day!

Today was a day I have been dreading since the end of June... my court date for running a stop sign. Long story short, the cop basically screwed me over by suggesting I take driving school before coming to court, thus placing me on probation for the next 12 months. If I had just waited, I would have had to pay 30 dollars more, but the offense would have been automatically wiped off my record. Lame, right? Plus I wouldn't have had to sit in court for two hours! Oh well, what's done is done. Guess I'm gonna have to avoid those rollin stops from now on (ooorrrrrr the next 12 months. I promise I look before I go!)

I then ran home, changed out of my court clothes (which apparently in Bburg you don't need? I was in a pencil skirt, heels, a blouse and a cardigan, but there were people there in jeans, say what?) and headed off to eight straight hours of class and work. I then made my way to the Math emporium (or where dreams go to die) to take an exam. I got an 84 though, which made my night, cause I'm just trying to pass this math class. For this Liberal Arts girl, math is something I will never get. PTL for my roommate who is a math major ;)

On a happy note, I am sooooo excited about this weekend. While I will be missing the first home game ( I know, worst fan ever) I will get to help Stuart celebrate his 22nd, spend some time with his roommates and friends who I adore, and I get to see my bff that up and moved her booty to Atlanta for Teach for America. SO EXCITED! Friday we will be celebrating Stuboo, and Saturday I will be parked in a bar for our noon kickoff, and then heading to Short Pump for some great shopping and Plaza with Heids. So beyond excited.

Have a great night loves!



Last night, much due to my whining and distress, Stuart made the 2 hour trip to Blacksburg. He wasn't even in the burg for twelve hours, but my sweet boyfriend knew I needed a hug and to be able to sleep soundly. I've been having some anxiety for a while now, and he is the only person that is able to relieve the stress from my mind long enough for me to sleep. After a full eight hours- I feel like a real person again!

He even brought flowers. Now, before you go and vomit from all the sweetness, this happens only on rare occasion. I am just lucky to have someone that knows the difference from when I really need him and when I'm just being whiny (not that I whine y'all).

Anyways, I now feel like I need to go EVEN BIGGER for his birthday. Talk about some grandiose motivation- he turns the big deuce-deuce on Friday. I'd love to share his birthday present, but he reads this so I don't even want to give the littleist hint!

You know how I know I love the boy? I am skipping the Virginia Tech home game in over five years to be there with him to celebrate his big day. (Don't think I'm so self sacrificing though- I will be watching it in a bar fo shoooo!).

Isn't he adorable? This is him making fun of me for always sporting the skinny arm. Hey, a girl looks better without her arm flab stuck to her side!

Mushyness officially over.

Moving on, today is the first day of real 1/2 marathon training!  I have been running on and off for a month or so and I am in much better shape to start the official 12 week program I have. It is hard to believe that we are only four months away, I better get my booty moving!

Mondays and Wednesdays are hard days for me, as I'm in class or working from 11am-7pm. This morning I had the best intentions of getting up and getting my three miles over and done with buttttt with the lack of sleep I've had lately, I let myself sleep in. Poor choice, probably, but I will definitely get my run in tonight when I get home. I just need to motivate myself with those sweet little boys faces... what I usually do to make it through a tough run anyways.

Have a great Monday y'al!


Dry Shampoo, Being Lazy and Fun Weekend :)

First of all, I heart dry shampoo. I have been trying to take better care of my hair, and by washing it less and letting it air dry more, I'm hoping to have a thick head of hair for a long time :) That being said, come on dry shampoo people... help out the brunettes! I hate HATE hate that you can still see some dry shampoo residue in my dark hair after I use it. It drives me insane. If anyone knows about special brunette dark shampoo, let a girl know!

That being said, my favorite brand is the Suave dry shampoo I got at Targ for a mere three dollars or so. I used to get mine at a beauty supply store that costs more, but if you are under five bucks and can be found at Targ, you win hands down!

I also had a great weekend if you don't count the eight hours I spent in driving school yesterday... blech! After getting up before 7 on a SATURDAY, I grabbed some caffeine and made my way into the classroom. People had some interesting stories for sure. After I finished driving school, my friend Jim got into town :). We grabbed a quick dinner at BDubs out on the patio... while mama and daddy were facing the hurricane head on at home, the outskirts made Bburg the perfect temperature with a great breeze (they made it through the hurricane with little damage and power, PTL!).

 Rooms and I taking our traditional picture in front of the cross :)

Corey and I!

We then got ready, met up with my friends Corey and Emma and headed DT for a bit... a long bit haha. We got to TOTS (one of my favorite bars) early enough to score a table on the patio. Before long we had about ten people sitting with us and we were all just enjoying the breeze and the atmosphere (and several Coors Lights, fo sho). We headed down the street to Hokie House where I had a wonderful time singing at the top of my lungs with all of DT Bburg, love it!

I have a ton more pictures but Blogger is taking forever to load, so I will have to share them at a later date. I'm about to head out to babysit for my sorority advisor (I am an old alum so I don't have to go to chapter anymore!)

Have a great Sunday y'all!


So I'm a Leeeettttle Behind

I think about blogging all the time, and I am definitely reading y'alls but I am having the hardest time actually sitting down and writing.

Could be because this new thing... cough Pinterest cough is taking up all my spare moments. Did you know you can even pin video files now... oh yes, yes, yes. I spent a majority of tonight working on my wedding board, cause you know, there is a diamond ring on the way...NOT!

I did have a fantastic run tonight (I always say that AFTER the run, never during haha) and I feel like I have made some progress in running since I started, which is always awesome. Three miles in right at 30:00, which I know is no big deal to most of you, but to this girl, I was pretty proud of myself. I have never run that long or that fast paced for that long. So I was pleased.

I was not pleased that the Loft closed at 7 tonight and I happened to show up at 7:10. That was the downer of my evening. Yes, I am in college and yes it is the first Friday night after classes begun. And yes, I am watching Juno on Bravo and talking to my boyfriend online and pinning things. All of this is due to a lovely 8 hour driving school session I will be attending tomorrow starting at 8am. Blech.

I am also debating purchasing these beauts because they are on sale for $96.99! Yes, that is steep for this college girl's budget fo sho, but they are so pretty and I want them. I probably won't get them because I will be dropping a load of dough to take this driving class and in court costs on Wednesday. Stupid stop sign! But for those of you traffic law abiding citizens, here they are in all their glory:

Did y'all know my bff Jack also makes a leopard version of his classic shoes? I need these fo sheez. (And they also come in zebra, which is always one of my favs!)

Let's just say I am a litttllleee animal print obsessed. I tend to be a white tee and jeans kinda gal, so I love to spice that up with a beautiful colored pashmina and some fun shoes. Or boots. I am definitely a boot girl. Bring on that fall weather!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Things I Learned About Running

1. Hydrate before you run (duhhhhhh)
2. If you don't hydrate (aka get up out of bed, throw on shoes and go running) you will probably vomit if you push yourself towards the end of the run.
3. If there is an elderly lady walking when you start to get sick, she will freak out and lecture you. You will not be able to defend yourself because you are tossing your cookies (or in my case, tossing nothing cause my stomach was emmmpttyyy).

Moral of the story. Drink some water and eat a little something before you run! Usually I run at night, after a snack and drinking water all day. However, I knew I was going to be driving five hours home today and I didn't want to put off the run until tonight. I slept through my alarm so I was running late, hence me running out the door without thinking. I learned my lesson!

In other news, it's good to be home :). Even if I do hate my bed at my parents house. I got some homework done, went to dinner at one of our favorite little dives, got waited on by a girl I went to middle school with and haven't seen in years, and snuggled in bed with mama watching Say Yes to the Dress. A perfect evening at home... minus the homework.

Tomorrow I will be getting up early, drinking some H2O and heading out for an early(ish) morning run with my bff Heather. See below :) (at the rehearsal dinner for a friend of ours who got married in June!)
We are heading to Canada next weekend for several days and I will be needing to continue my training, so Hev is going to run with me tomorrow to see if she can keep up ;). I'm sure she can, all I have on her is longer legs!

After our run, one of my best guy friends from Tech is coming down since he is currently in Richmond and he will be spending the day (& night) with us. A little boat time (finally!), some dinner on the grill and downtown for block party. Perfect day in the 757.



We Are Virginia Tech

As most of you know, I am a student here at Virginia Tech, and if you've seen the news, you will know what my morning has been like. I got a VT Alert (via email and text message) around 9 this morning with notice that there was a gunman seen on campus. Normally on Thursdays I am on campus, but I worked a full day yesterday and took today off in order to pack to go home and get ready for Canada next week.  Thank goodness for that, because, as expected, my phone has been blowing up. I feel like this was just a minuscule taste of what April 16, 2007 was like.

I was a senior in high school in 2007, and I remember April 16 like it was yesterday. We weren't supposed to have cell phones in school, but someone in my class did, and we immediately pulled up a news website and started watching what was happening. I immediately got upset. I knew many people at Virginia Tech, and to me I relate Virginia Tech to my family. Most of our family "vacations" ended up in Blacksburg at some point, and I have been attending Hokie football games since I could walk. I was absolutely devastated then, and now I realize a little bit of how scary that day was.

Virginia Tech has my heart. Those of you that have been a part of a university that is as wonderful as Tech can probably relate to what I'm saying. Just like the trees destroyed at Auburn or the damage done at the University of Alabama this year, those of you that were a part of those universities probably felt your heart breaking (I'm not saying the death of people should be related to the destruction of trees, but just relating feeling for your university). 

I'm not entirely sure of what I'm trying to say, other than I love my university. I love this school and the memories it holds. And I hate that most people relate this amazing place with such a tragedy. We prevailed, we have overcome, and we still remember those lost. But there is so much more than just the images from that day. We are Saturdays (and Thursday nights) in Lane stadium kicking butt. We are winter days across the drillfield when you can feel your bones shiver from the wind tunnel created. We are class ring reveal and orange and maroon and lectures in Torg. We are the corps of cadets, War Memorial Chapel and Oak Lane greek life. We are the hokie pokey and TOTS Tuesdays. We are the biggest college Relay for Life. We are Virginia Tech. And I am so glad I am Hokie.