Why I Shouldn't Complain

You see, I was going to complain about my unjustified parking ticket, an argument with a cop the same day about another parking ticket, and my ticket for running a stop sign last night, but after reading about a little boy with cancer named James and thinking about all those kids at St. Jude, I realized just how lucky I am. 

Little James is only seven months old and he has been diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumor, which is one of the absolute most aggressive tumors and most often found in kids under the age of two. You can read more about his family here. There are so many people out there who have had a much worse week than a few tickets. Yes, I was absolutely frustrated each time, and my feelings shouldn't be discounted, but that is just small potatoes for people that have real problems right now. 

I am amazed by people that take their struggles and contribute them to God's glory. Moms and dads that watch their babies suffer, but continue to have positive attitudes and pray and celebrate the little milestones. Those are the people I want to be around, those are the people I want to help and the reason I want to be a Child Life Specialist. They are the reason I have been working my butt off taking classes all summer and the reason I will continue to kick my own butt in the fall. 

I want to be there to allow them and their children to have an outlet. To express their feelings in a safe place. To let them tear up paper and throw balls at walls and get out general frustrations that cancer or another illness builds up. I know these are heavy thoughts, but I think they are important ones. I want to be able to look back and see that I wrote this one day when I am having a hard time remembering why I am going back to school. 

Have a good Thursday y'all.


So What Wednesday

This week I thought I'd try something a little different and link up with Shannon's So What Wednesday!

1. SO WHAT... if I have eaten nothing but chocolate this morning. It was a protein bar, a piece of dark chocolate and a dark chocolate and oats Nature Valley bar, but still!

2. SO WHAT... if I have to have the tv on to fall asleep at night. It makes me feel safe for some odd reason.

3. SO WHAT... if I searched my friends wedding pictures that were just posted to see just the pictures of me, and then went back and looked at all of them. A girl's gotta find a good profile picture!

4. SO WHAT... if I really enjoyed the bosses being out of the office at the beginning of this week and watched some online tv while I was addressing 500 Dean's List letters. I was working!

5. SO WHAT...if I drink Benefiber at 22 years old. It works and it's filling... woo less calories!

6. SO WHAT...if I used the excuse as having a bad day to eat movie theater popcorn for dinner. It was delicious and worth it!

7. SO WHAT... if I spent half of the movie I watched last night with my head in S's shoulder. And not because it was scary... because I cannot stand to watch people embarrass themselves, even if its a movie!

8. SO WHAT... if I'd rather be with the kids across the hall in studio right now working on a craft project. I love crafting so much more than filing.

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


Misc. Monday WITH Pictures!

I'm currently at work and taking my lunch break so I thought I'd do a little Misc. Monday post that is hosted over at  Lowercase Letters :)

1. I finally have some pictures from the last month and a half of my life!

  From top: Bachelorette party shenanigans, in the BEACH at Atlantis in the Bahamas where we stayed, walking around the Marina Village getting Ben and Jerry's like we did every night in the Bahamas, Stuart and I before the Zac Brown/Kenny Chesney concert in DC and two of my favorite pictures from Kelley and Cory's wedding!

2. I am currently looking at flights/travel plans to visit one of my best friends, Heidi, who just moved to Atlanta as a part of Teach for America and I am SO SO SO SO excited! Her birthday is the 15th of July so I am heading that way :)

3. I cannot wait for this week to be over!! I have a project due at midnight tonight and THREE finals on Friday! Then I fully plan on celebrating my 4th of July weekend :)

4. Speaking of that, I will finally be in Blacksburg for a weekend since I decided to stay up here to work this summer. We have been traveling every weekend since graduation and I am excited to stay in and sleep in my own bed!

5. However, I had a GREAT weekend at the beach with my roommate who I love dearly! Her birthday is tomorrow and I headed down for a little birthday celebration. We laid out, talked, and her momma did some delicious cooking. We even headed to the Virginia Ole Opry which was an experience, let me tell you. All in all, a great weekend and I was so happy to spend some time with her!

 Have a great funday monday! :)


Misc. Monday and Total Catch-up

It is has obviously been a while since I have found time to blog, and here are a few of the reasons why (linking up with Carissa @ Lowercase Letters ):

1. I graduated! Wooo, done with my English degree. I had a few friends and a bunch of family head all the way to the burg to help me celebrate. The only problem is, I don't feel graduated at all, considering I am staying at Tech, haha. But, it was a great weekend, and it was nice to celebrate :).

2. I helped my friend Kelley celebrate her upcoming (not anymore!!) nuptuals with a Bachelorette party at home. We had a blast! We ended up getting her a hotel room and decorated it with pink and black. All of the bridesmaids wore matching tank tops and we made shirts (well Hev did) with Team Bride on them for everyone else. We had a great time at dinner, singing karaoke, and just laughing with each other. We even managed to completely surprise her with everything!

3. After that crazy Friday night, I was bound for the Bahamas! My sister and I went to help my cousin and her husband with her two little kids. Free trip to the Bahamas? HECK YES! We ended up eating Ben and Jerry's every night and spending all day in the pool or at the beach. Paradise. I am dying to go back with Stuart and some friends.

4. I started work again! I'm working thirty hours a week this summer at Tech in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. I am also attempting to take 18 credit hours this summer, which makes for a verrryyy busy girl!

5. Surprise early anniversary celebrations. On a random Friday a few weeks ago, I found out Zac Brown and Kenny Chesney were playing in DC. Now, I LOVE Kenny, and I have seen him pretty much every summer since high school. Stuart isn't a huge country fan, but he is obsessed with Zac Brown Band. Needless to say, I hopped online, bought some cheap(er) tickets and booked us a hotel for the night of the concert. We had a blast, and I was so excited to find something for Stuart for our anniversary that I knew he'd love.

6. Mama had surgery and I wanted to be there for her. While I love being in Blacksburg, being here this summer is new for me and I miss home! My mama had a knee replacement last week, and luckily I work for a great place that let me take time off to go home and take care of her. She's doing great now, and I am so proud of her!

7. KELLEY GOT MARRIEDDD! This Saturday one of my dear friends, Kelley, married the love of her life. Y'all, I have no doubt about these two. We had a great time celebrating, and now looking back, we can laugh at the stuff that stressed us out at the time. I plan on having a whole post about this weekend. I cannot believe its over with, but I am sooooo happy for those two!

Pictures to come, I'm just at work and its way toooo hard to do!