It's Official!

We officially have our fundraising website! Here it is! I am so excited :). So much so that I emailed the Heroes website yesterday asking them when my info would come through so I could start fundraising. No one ever said paitience was one of my strong points ;).

If you want to know more about who/why I am raising this money, the link will tell you all about it.

The basics are:
  •  I love(d) these two little boys

  • Kaleb is my cousin that passed away in January. He had a heart condition that we all thought was taken care of and he was making such leway in his physical therapy! But his poor little heart just couldn't take it and he had an aneurysm and passed away at 17 months old.
  • Nick is a little boy I talk about a lot. I met him right after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and spent a year getting to know him and his family, before he passed away at eight years old. He spent time at St. Jude for the beginning of his treatment, and it's because of him that I am going back to school to become a child life specialist. My calling came through him :)
  • This girl needs some motivation to work out. What better motivation than these two precious faces! I will be in the gym and on the track kicking my own butt for the next 18 weeks because of them :).
Basically, that's it. I will be spending my birthday in Memphis with my baby sister and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate. I probably won't be eating my birthday cake until after the race though ;).

If any of you are training for a 1/2 and have some tips, let me know! I'd love all the advice I can get.

Have a great Thursday y'all.


It's Official!

As of today, Nat and I are official members of team Kick (Kaleb & Nick) and we are pumped about it! Now if St. Jude will just send me our fundraising info, I can send that out and we can start raising those dolla dolla bills for St. Jude :)

In other notes, holy moley am I sore! Today is supposed to be a rest day, and while I won't be running, I might throw a quick low impact yoga video in just so I can do a little stretching. It's so nice to be running for a cause, it really does keep me going.

Also, don't worry. Soon I'll be writing about more than just running and adding some pictures too, I promise!


Running Like Crazy

Yesterday I got this crazy idea in my head. It wasn't just a fleeting thought, in fact, I spent most of the afternoon researching it. And by this morning, I had the go ahead to do it. Yes... that's right ladies. I will be running a 1/2 marathon for my birthday.


Let's be real. I'm not exactly in the best shape. But, I've always been a decent enough runner when I put the time in and was running regularly. This is going to push me to my limits. If you've run a full marathon before and want to tell me this is no big deal- please don't! It's a big deal to me!

I emailed my parents about it yesterday afternoon, and waited to hear back. Around 6pm I got a phone call from my baby sister stating that she was going to run it with me- and I hadn't even heard back from my parents yet! Needless to say, Bev and Ed are on board and Nat and I are going to run together, in memory of Nick and Kaleb.

Nick is the little boy that I knew that went to St. Jude that is my motivation for going back to school, and Kaleb is my 17 month old cousin that passed away in January due to heart complications. Lets just say we have some serious motivation with those two boys behind us :)

So yes, on the day after my 23rd birthday I will be running 13.1 miles. Crazy, but exciting. I'll post the website later on in the week once we get everything set up if you feel lead to donate!

Have a great day!


Weekend Update and Random Thoughts

We had a pretty low key weekend at casa de Megan. One of our good friends, Corey, came for the weekend and we spent time with him :) Friday I cooked and cleaned all day and we just hung around the apartment waiting on Corey to arrive. Finally around eight he showed up and we ate... and ate some more. Whew. We ended up going to see Horrible Bosses late that night, and I actually thought it was good. It cracked me up! Warning, some of the stuff is inappropriate, but I didn't think it was too off mark, probably about Hangover level. I have never seen Jennifer Aniston like that and to see her as someone creepy and not as an attractive woman people were falling all over was a nice change!

We mosied around Saturday, and I convinced them to head to the mall with me! I got some good deals at Gap Outlet: a pair of jean shorts I've been wanting for 23 dollars and some super cute skinny trouser jeans for only 9! I then headed to Rue 21, which I had never been to before but got two maxi dresses for 16 dollars! I love a good deal :). I cannot find pictures for anything I bought... lame! And I didn't take any pictures this weekend, as I was overruled by the two boys :(

We headed to PK's for dinner and a pitcher, and it was delicious as always, walked around dt for a little bit and then came home to watch some Katt Williams. I love Katt Williams. I wish he didn't curse so much (and that's why I'm not posting a link), but the stuff he observes and says is hilarious!

Sunday we got up and helped Corey pack before heading to lunch at Macado's and watching some of the Women's USA soccer game. Did you guys watch? How awesome was that?!? USA!!!

Sunday night I got started on something new... something that I am sure y'all have watched before or read or both, but I hadn't done either...

I started watching Harry Potter! I swore off Harry Potter after getting halfway through the first book in the seventh grade and absolutely hating it. (Looking back, I'm pretty sure I hated how Harry's aunt and uncle treated him and I got upset and stopped reading). Now, however, I love them. We got through the first and second movies last night, and I started the third but fell asleep. Now I am rushing to get through homework so I can watch more tonight! Stuart and I have a date to go see the second part of the seventh one on Monday night when I get back from Hotlanta... so excited. Any of y'all ex-HP haters like me? :)

Have a great Monday!


Friday Randoms

I'm in a random kinda mood y'all, so that's what you get today! 

1. I'm a little ocd about lists, so that's why this will be in list form :)

2. I'm currently figuring my way around a kitchen. I have always, always loved to bake cause I am such a sweets person, but I'm trying to venture out of my spaghetti and tacos routine cause thats really all I make. Tonight I'm cooking chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice and Butterfinger cupcakes. None of which are healthy, ahhh!

3. The reason I am cooking heavy instead of cooking light like I should is because Stuart's best friend Corey is coming into town to stay with us and move stuff out of his old apartment.  I know I'm gonna have some hungry boys when he gets here... annnnddd maybe because I have been craving Mexican and chocolate ;)

4. The weather! My goodness! It thunderstormed this morning, was bright and sunny when I ran across the street to the grocery store, and then was pouring again by the time I went to take Wendy-girl out to potty. I am used to humid, but monsooning I am not! I know I should be grateful, lots of y'all need rain, and believe me I am. I am just surprised at the turn Blacksburg weather has taken. This was supposed to be my summer of beautiful weather and no sweating!!

5. Numbers. Y'all, I am obsessed. I don't even like math! But I do love a good crime show, except Law and Order ( I just can't get into it, and SVU makes me cry), so that's probably why it has pulled me in.

6. This time next week I will definitely be in the ATL visiting one of my best friends in the entire world, Heidi. Heids is doing Teach for America, and I am so, so, so beyond proud of her. I am still working out details on how I'm getting there (cough ROOMS cough) but I will be there some way some how to help her celebrate. Plus, I love Atlanta!

7. I fail at laundry. No, but seriously. I wasn't good at it when I was just washing my own clothes. Now that I have added some of Stuart's to the mix (the house he is staying at has old machines and I don't trust them... told y'all I was ocd!), I am behind all the time! 

8. I heart spray tans. I am so against wrinkles and cancer, and even though I love to feel the sun on my skin and that lovely glow, I have fallen for the ten dollar spray tans five minutes from my house. Cheap and cancer free!

Have a good weekend y'all and sorry for the lack of pictures!



So What Wednesday

Once again, I am linking up with Shannon's So What Wednesday. To y'all that are bopping in from Jenna's, go check it out if you haven't!

SO WHAT... if I am having Moe's for dinner tonight and ended up putting the chicken I defrosted back in the freezer :)

SO WHAT... if I used the fact that I skipped my afternoon snack as a reason to order Moe's, I calculated the Points Plus for it!

SO WHAT... if I originally took Fridays off to see if I could clock in some practicum hours at the hospital, and instead I use it as a sleep in and homework day. Girlfriend needs a break after working 30 hours a week and taking six classes this summer!

SO WHAT...if I have a degree in English. I still like lowercase letters better in pretty much every circumstance, even though I make myself use proper grammar here.

SO WHAT...if I spent hours on pinterest and watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels last night... I got some great decor ideas and I even got Stuart into watching the show ;)

SO WHAT...if it's taken me over an hour to complete one assignment cause I have been checking blogs and posting on my own, I'll get it done eventually!

SO WHAT...if Wendy isn't really myyyy dog. I still call myself her "momma" for the time being and call Stuart her "daddy." A little practice never hurt anyone!
Here we are in our pj's hanging out last week, and a friend requested a picture of Wendy-girl, so clearly we had to oblige ;).

We are over the hump y'all :) Hurray!


4th Recap and Strange Textures

First of all, my computer at work lets me comment on blogs that I can't comment on at home, so I spent the majority of my lunch break catching up on commenting! Woo :)

Secondly, we had a pretty uneventful fourth around here. I made the recipe I got from Shannon's blog for some relatively good for you cupcakes and they were pretty good! Next time I probably will just use some pineapple juice instead of the crushed pineapple because the texture of the creamy whipped topping with the pieces of pineapple made me gag. Don't get me wrong, the taste was absolutely delicious but the texture killed me!

Speaking of, here is a list of things I cannot eat because the texture (not the taste) makes me gag!

Soup! The watery with the chunks totally grosses me out!

Macaroni and cheese. The only kind I ever liked was as a kid and it was made by my grandparents' housekeeper, Mildred. I have no idea why I liked it or what made it different haha.

Mashed potatoes. Don't get me started. I love french fries and chips, but y'all I can't even handle a big steak fry if it's too potato-y. I know, ridiculous, but I've tried!

Annnyyyything with gravy. I know, I'm the worst southern girl there ever was, but I just cannot handle gravy. I wish I could!

Cooked veggies. Don't get me wrong, I am a veggie girl! I love a good salad, and I have been known to eat a green pepper like people eat apples and a cucumber like people eat bananas. I just love raw veggies. But when they get mushy after cooking, I cannot handle it. Occasionally I'll throw some fresh green beans in a pan with some tarragon, but that is just to warm them up! The one cooked vegetable I eat is corn on the cob. Mmmmm good!

Yogurt (with fruit chunks). I love me some yogurt. I love the flavor and I am most absolutely a froyo kinda girl. But I cannot do anything that has huge chunks of fruit in it. I wish I could, I love the taste, but I cannot make myself swallow it!

I know, I know. I have been told for years to grow up and I have tried, believe me! But if you serve a soup appetizer with a macaroni and cheese, mashed potato, turkey with gravy meal with cooked veggies on the side and a yogurt dessert, don't invite me!

When I say our fourth was uneventful (beyond my cupcake baking) I mean it! My little came over and we hung out for a few hours and cooked out through the rainstorm and then she left around eight. We planned on heading to the fireworks around nine or so but little miss pup wasn't having it! We ended up sitting in bed holding her ears throughout the whole thing, and then I passed out. We are obviously p-a-r-t-y animals!

Have a great Tuesday y'all (I almost wrote Monday... hurray for short work weeks!)


Happy 4th and Commenting Challenge

Happy 4th Y'all. We're celebrating here with a few of my favorite AMERICAN things:

 Diet Coke, of course! From one of my favorite places in this great country, Atlanta, GA :)

My new Chambrey (or Cambric as I have seen it) Romper, which I am going to choose to believe is made from American cotton :) ( Mine is from Old Navy, but I can't find it on the website, this one is really similar from Zappos.

This All-American boy ;) (And his first legal American beer!)

Some of my favorite Deltas. Established November 1888 in another American city I would love to visit: Boston, MA (and keepin it real in one of my favorite towns, Blacksburg, VA!)

I'm currently snacking on some American colored trash (or puppy chow as y'all probably call it) waiting on Stuart to get here with Wendy (my favorite little dog) while watching the History channel's How The States Got Their Shapes . My little should be showing up soon with a vegetable tray, and some other sisters will make their way over before we head to the fireworks display if these storms will stop!

Thank a troop for keeping our Country safe and free today. God Bless America!

Side Note: I am having a lot of trouble commenting during Jenna's commenting challenge if you have embedded comments. I type, hit submit and they disappear. Y'all have adorable blogs I'd love to comment on! I think changing them to pop-out will fix the problem.