Weekend Update and Random Thoughts

We had a pretty low key weekend at casa de Megan. One of our good friends, Corey, came for the weekend and we spent time with him :) Friday I cooked and cleaned all day and we just hung around the apartment waiting on Corey to arrive. Finally around eight he showed up and we ate... and ate some more. Whew. We ended up going to see Horrible Bosses late that night, and I actually thought it was good. It cracked me up! Warning, some of the stuff is inappropriate, but I didn't think it was too off mark, probably about Hangover level. I have never seen Jennifer Aniston like that and to see her as someone creepy and not as an attractive woman people were falling all over was a nice change!

We mosied around Saturday, and I convinced them to head to the mall with me! I got some good deals at Gap Outlet: a pair of jean shorts I've been wanting for 23 dollars and some super cute skinny trouser jeans for only 9! I then headed to Rue 21, which I had never been to before but got two maxi dresses for 16 dollars! I love a good deal :). I cannot find pictures for anything I bought... lame! And I didn't take any pictures this weekend, as I was overruled by the two boys :(

We headed to PK's for dinner and a pitcher, and it was delicious as always, walked around dt for a little bit and then came home to watch some Katt Williams. I love Katt Williams. I wish he didn't curse so much (and that's why I'm not posting a link), but the stuff he observes and says is hilarious!

Sunday we got up and helped Corey pack before heading to lunch at Macado's and watching some of the Women's USA soccer game. Did you guys watch? How awesome was that?!? USA!!!

Sunday night I got started on something new... something that I am sure y'all have watched before or read or both, but I hadn't done either...

I started watching Harry Potter! I swore off Harry Potter after getting halfway through the first book in the seventh grade and absolutely hating it. (Looking back, I'm pretty sure I hated how Harry's aunt and uncle treated him and I got upset and stopped reading). Now, however, I love them. We got through the first and second movies last night, and I started the third but fell asleep. Now I am rushing to get through homework so I can watch more tonight! Stuart and I have a date to go see the second part of the seventh one on Monday night when I get back from Hotlanta... so excited. Any of y'all ex-HP haters like me? :)

Have a great Monday!

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