So What Wednesday

Once again, I am linking up with Shannon's So What Wednesday. To y'all that are bopping in from Jenna's, go check it out if you haven't!

SO WHAT... if I am having Moe's for dinner tonight and ended up putting the chicken I defrosted back in the freezer :)

SO WHAT... if I used the fact that I skipped my afternoon snack as a reason to order Moe's, I calculated the Points Plus for it!

SO WHAT... if I originally took Fridays off to see if I could clock in some practicum hours at the hospital, and instead I use it as a sleep in and homework day. Girlfriend needs a break after working 30 hours a week and taking six classes this summer!

SO WHAT...if I have a degree in English. I still like lowercase letters better in pretty much every circumstance, even though I make myself use proper grammar here.

SO WHAT...if I spent hours on pinterest and watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels last night... I got some great decor ideas and I even got Stuart into watching the show ;)

SO WHAT...if it's taken me over an hour to complete one assignment cause I have been checking blogs and posting on my own, I'll get it done eventually!

SO WHAT...if Wendy isn't really myyyy dog. I still call myself her "momma" for the time being and call Stuart her "daddy." A little practice never hurt anyone!
Here we are in our pj's hanging out last week, and a friend requested a picture of Wendy-girl, so clearly we had to oblige ;).

We are over the hump y'all :) Hurray!


Jackie Koll said...

Great post Idea :-) I love that you said you tracked your points - I do the same thing; like it makes "cheating" ok HA! Great blog :-) (Commenting from Jenna's Journey)

Amanda said...

Love Moes!! Enjoy it!!

Heidi said...

Love your post. Such a great idea!

Lauren said...

it is SO EASY to spend that long on pintrest...I am a woman obsessed.

(Stopping by from Jenna's!)

Shades of Gray said...

Love pinterest! It's my newest time suck...not that I needed another! :) I'm also doing WW! Just started a blog about it and training for my first 5k! Come by and say hi if you get a chance. :)


(also here from Jenna's)

~she~ said...

Clever! So what if I enjoyed your post today! :)

The picture in your header is cute! It cracks me up that the one chick has her hand on the other girl's butt! So funny! You know she thought everyone was doing it! I hope ya'll heckled her for that!

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the commenting challenge!!

Arielle said...

Such a cute blog! Over from the blog hop:) Newest follower!

Paige said...

Cute blog! Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. Love Moe's but we don't have one close. Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife said...

Stopping by from Jenna's...love the idea of so what wednesdays!