Wedding Recap: My First Shower - Monograms and Mimosas

My first shower was thrown by some of my first friends - my childhood best friend from church and her mom, and the daughters and wife of my dad's best friend growing up (and all around family friends). 

If there is anything I love - it's monograms and they were sweet enough to throw me a "Monograms and Mimosas" shower in August. It was my first shower and I was actually really nervous!

They seriously could not have done a cuter job - EVERYTHING had monograms on it, from the food to the decor. I LOVED it. And I know they are all avid blog readers, so Ky, Jen, Katie, Miss Mary and Miss Sidney - THANK YOU!

I got some adorable stuff that is now hanging up all over our house. One of our friends noted that Stuart would never forget his last name, or initials ;).

Yep, that is monogrammed toilet paper. Should have seen Stuart's face when I came home with that ;). He knows now it is just decorative!

Some of my favorite people came too - unfortunately, I didn't get pictures with all of them.

Nicole, my matron of honor (and Hallie's momma)

Heather, my little bit!

Another Heather, bridesmaid and awesome photographer!

Kylee, bridesmaid and one of the hostesses!

And look who made it, in theme of course (don't worry - that was the first thing I bought for her, ordered from my phone in the hospital room ;) ), Hallie girl!

Another of Kylee and I - she had just gotten engaged. We, of course, have been planning to be engaged together since we were about 5 years old. She is getting married in April and I am lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids!

I have been so blessed by some of the best friends (and family) a girl could ask for. This was a wonderful shower!


Oh, Hey - We're Married!

So the last time I posted was AUGUST. That's been a while don't ya think?

A few things have happened since then - a promotion, an awesome bachelorette party/bridal shower weekend, plenty of college football, our rehearsal dinner, and oh wait - our WEDDING!

I thought I would go ahead and post some of my bridals that were taken back in August that I just adore :). I got them taken in Blacksburg, ya know, my most favorite place on the planet by an awesome photographer! Laura, from Laura's Focus Photography did a great job and was so sweet and great to work with!

This one is the one I chose to have put on a canvas for our house - Stuart loves it except for the fact that I am not smiling so now I have to choose another one ;). Typical!

My dad got this dog when I was born and my very first Christmas picture was taken with it (when I was 3 weeks old). This was my gift to him. :)

Duhhh - had to get one (or several) in front of Lane!

The football was my gift to Stuart - signed by Mike London, head coach of UVA's football thing. If anything was going to prove my love and devotion to him, that was it ;). 

I have SOOOOO many things to recap that I don't want to forget!!


Happiest Day Yet This Year!

I interrupt this blog hiatus with excitement for the start of football season! (Don't worry - posts to come on my monograms & mimosa's shower and our tailgate couple's shower).

UNC plays USC tonight in an ACC vs SEC battle - we will be cheering on the tar heels in our house! Stuart doesn't know it yet - but we are having pizza from our favorite local spot and beer for dinner tonight to kick off the weekend of celebrations! First the beginning of football season, some tailgating, watching UVA beat BYU (hopefully), and then the mecca - Tech vs Bama in Atlanta. CAN I GET A HOKIE HOKIE HOKIE HI, y'all? LETS GO HOKIES!

I am predicting an upset in Atlanta - because they are my team and because I can. And I know it would be the upset of the century. Blech - someone needs to beat ole Saban and his cronies. Not that I am unrealistic about the likely outcome Saturday night - but they are my team and I believe!!!!

And now some reminiscing photos from football past:

Happy football kickoff day, friends!

P.S. Any good tailgate food ideas for Saturday? I have a few floating around but some suggestions would be LOVELY!!!!


Wedding Wednesday - 102 days!

So lately, I have only been posting things wedding related. Which, in my defense, has kind of taken over my world recently. So - once again linking up with Kristyn and Mary!

Chits and Giggles

We are only 102 days out - ah!

This week Bevskies and I accomplished the following:
  • Gathered the guest lists for my family shower in September
  • My sister/MOH emailed girls in regards to a Bachelorette on the weekend that works in my schedule.
  • I ORDERED SHOES!!! (and they should arrive today). I had an extra 40 % off code for Piperlime and they are the right height - not too high. Hopefully they will fit when they arrive TODAY! 
  • I scheduled my bridal portraits for the end of August - therefore I am constantly lifting weights to get those wedding arms!
  • We ordered our cocktail napkins - so excited we are down to the small stuff, ah!

Happy Wednesday!


Wedding Wednesday

It seems like the only time I can manage to post these days is on Wednesday - what a coincidence, that Wednesdays happen to be Wedding Wednesdays ;). Linking up with the adorable Mary and Kristyn

Chits and Giggles

This week I have gotten a ton of stuff done wedding wise - its hard to believe we are only 109 days out, ah!

  • I've ordered pretty much everything for my bridesmaid gifts. I still have to get some stuff done on my end, but the materials are on their way to my house! I cannot WAIT to share, I am dying to give them to the girls!!
  • We ordered and received our flower girl dresses and I love them! They are JCrew but with an eBay price - my favorite! We got them in Ivory but the picture of the back only shows the " bright guava". For those interested, it is the Avery dress found here

  • Our invitations came in and I am OBSESSED with them! I knew I wanted something classic with a monogram and I had a horrible time trying to find a pre-designed one I loved. I also didn't have a bunch of time to meet with someone local and we don't have a ton of options anyways. I was able to find a simple design on The American Wedding and I was able to pick out my own font, my own wording, my own paper color, everything. It was so much simpler than using my software to have it printed by a 3rd party, affordable and I LOVE THEM! I can't wait to show y'all!!
  • We finally got the rehearsal dinner nailed down at the restaurant Stuart and I have wanted FOREVER. It was a WEEK and took a ton of patience on my part, but we are all set. And I get to have the people included that I feel like need to be there - ya know, the people in the wedding party and those participating in the ceremony. Which wasn't always going to happen. GAH. But it is done! And I am thrilled!
Happy Wednesday!



Four years ago today, I started dating this guy I was friends with in high school. Who knew all of this would transpire:

And that is just a teeny glimpse of the last 4 years!

Boots - I am so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with you! Here is to about 90 more anniversaries before we skip into heaven, sound good? I can't believe I have found someone that wants to put up with me for the rest of their life. I am a bit cray, you know... nevermind. So lets stuff ourselves full of Mexican food from Plaza every July 12th from here on out. And remember that awkward double date, holding hands at Corey Smith, and a kiss in the rain a few days later. It was definitely the start of something wonderful. 

Remember: Mexican food on July 12th, presents on November 2nd, water before we go to sleep, I love you's before we get off the phone, pinky promises to seal a deal, rivalry games to spice things up, and always being a part of Team Speth.

Woo, 4!