I Whip My Hurr

Who knew getting a haircut by a professional once every few years could do a lot for you? I do now, haha!

Anyways, I have lots of things to "So What" to today. Y'all head on over to adorable Shannon's and link up too!

So what...

  • If I immediately took a phone pic of my new hair which is totally grainy and not flattering - oh well. I loved every second of the Keurig coffee that they served me FO FREE. Seriously, I may go back every week for the head massage and the free coffee. FYI You should probably not tell the hair girl that you use whatever your momma brings home from Target when she asks you what type of shampoo you use. JUDGEMENT CITY.

  • If I order things from CHINA and don't realize until its been two weeks since my purchase. I just logged in to check on my shirt and here is the tracking.

  • If I am taking advantage of this working for free thing by taking off three days to get a haircut and go to a concert and the beach with my (former?) roommate for her birthday. It isn't gonna stay this way, that is for sure.
  • If I crave Chipotle pretty much every day. And I don't have any money. Which means I am spending money I don't have just for the deliciousness for a burrito bowl. At least I get the brown rice and try to keep it healthy?
  • If I am hoping the 5K we are running on Saturday is cancelled. It is going to be 100 degrees and my WPW has been actin a fool the past week, but I still don't want to be the one to drop out. It will look far better if they will just cancel it. 
  • If I want to go out to lunch simply because my hair actually looks decent. This rarely happens and I want TODAY to be the day I run into all those crazies from high school that I hide from in the grocery store. Baha.
Happy Wednesday!!


It Ain't Worth Splitting Hairs Over

Well... this time I am hoping to split with some of my hair. Mainly the split ends! I finally made a hair appointment here and I cannot wait to get a new cut. I am trying to grow my hair out for various weddings and such... and I have never been a long hair girl.

However, I am liking the different things I can do to my hair, now that it is getting longer. Although, momma could use some volume over here fo sho.

Here is how my hair usually is (or was last summer):

And here it is now:

It's not the best picture, but you can see my hair is now far past my collar bones. I have gotten a few trims in the last year or so, but  nothing major. Clearly, I need some biotin to make it grow!

I usually look to Reese Witherspoon for hair pictures because we both have the strong jaw and pointy chin (not the easiest face shape to have y'all). Although her face is much thinner than mine haha.

I love this cut Reese* had a few years ago:

I also love this one of Jessica Simpson*:

But this one of Jennifer Garner* is my absolute fav!

Her hair here is close to the length of mine and I love the amount of body in it. So I tried it on for myself ;) (via)

Not too shabby. We will see if this new girl can pull something off similar for me. I just need a s-t-y-l-e bad y'all!

Any of you take inspiration from celebs for your hair? Happy Tuesday!

*Found via Google Images


Why Wait?

Fitting title since I saw Rascal Flatts last night annnddd as soon as I opened blogger it came on my iPhone :)

We had a pretty great weekend around these parts. Well I did at least :)

Friday night Corey and I went to Chili's to grab a few beers and then went to see Brave. It was so good! I was shocked there were that many children at a 10pm showing. Y'all I was strugglin, I have no idea how those kidlets were staying awake! I suppose it is summer and it was a Friday night but goodness. There were five and six year old kids in there!

Saturday I spent the day with my two favorite girls :)

Jbug and I played on the swingset at her sister's t-ball game in the morning and had a blast. Even though it was 76870857 degrees outside and the humidity was at 100%. Did I mention I ran there too. Just about died, PTL for my treadmill this summer!

I headed over to their house later to give their momma and daddy a much needed night out. I ordered pizza, and then K decided that she wanted mac and cheese. I don't eat mac and cheese so I had never made it before. Lets just say thank goodness Stuart can cook and I can survive off of popcorn and Diet Coke for dinner when he isn't around. I failed hard at mac and cheese haha. We played freeze tag, hide and go seek, tea party and they watched Aladdin for the first time. Perfect girls night in :) Are they not the cutest? I die.

I got to spend some time with Corey and Sarah after babysitting and we watched Lock-up. Goodness I have no idea how people work in prisons... there is some scary stuff going on there! I guess it takes a special person cause I certainly wouldn't be able to do it.

Sunday my momma woke up feeling terrible so I taught my first Sunday School class. Fortunately there were only 3 kids there haha. We talked about the 3 parables and then made a "quilt" showing what we were thankful to be blessed with. Clearly, I should have majored in Art in college.

My mom asked if that was beer in the mug in the second picture. Clearly it was coffee! Goodness.

After "big church" daddy and I rushed back so I could hop in the shower and get ready for Rascal Flatts! Oh my goodness I had a blast. I went down there with my best friend Heather, and two girls I graduated with that I hadn't spent time with in forever. Hev is living with one of them and it was so nice to catch up. We spent the majority of the afternoon in a bar eating and ordering delicious drinks before tailgating for a bit before the concert! We met up with another girl from high school and her boyfriend that actually both went to Tech. Her boyfriend is too sweet and he was the president of Pike so we had a bunch of friends in common!

 Hev, me, Amanda, Savannah and Heather (two Heather's, one photo) before the concert. My boots got deflowered... they made it to their first country concert!!

 Ready for Rascal!

Hev and I in our boots :)

I decided it would be a good idea to throw away my bottle before entering the concert venue. And I then I ran across the entire parking lot when there was a trash can right next to me. 
Impressed I got a little exercise in. And impressed with that double chin. Woof.

 Amanda, me, and Hev. Super sweaty but having a blast!

We ran into my childhood best friend and she and her boyfriend came and sat with our crazy group. It was so good to see her and chat a bit... you made it on the blog again Ky! I know you were looking for your shining moment :)

RF put on an amazing concert and I had a blast singing at the top of my lungs, dancing around and sweating like a fool. I am so glad I am "home" this summer to enjoy the summer concert series... nothing beats a country concert in June!

We finally made it home about 12:30 or so... and this morning I am paying the price. Nothing some dry shampoo and an Iced Coffee from Mickey D's can't fix (if only we could get a Sbux drive thru around here!). I am too old to pretend like I am in college on nights I have to get up and work the next morning haha!

Happy Monday :)


Big Things Poppin

Thank you, T.I., for the blog post title. Whatever You Like will always be my favorite song of yours though.

That being said, there have been some relatively big things going on here... and some more coming  I hope (fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed, toes crossed, excetera).

I have been searching high and low for jobs in Charlottesville that pertain to what I want to be when I grow up (well, for the time being anyways), and sadly, a job is not the big news.

I have been dating Stuart for three years and there has been some ring talk. But nope, not yet, no shiny thing on this finger. :)

Howwweeveerrr, I have just submitted my application to a GRADUATE SCHOOL!!! This was totally not in my life plan at all at this point, but all of the stars aligned for me and I could not be happier!

Hopefully, in the spring, I will be attending Kansas State University's M.S. in Academic Advising program. Y'all, after looking at the classes, I think this is going to be so much fun. (What? Y'all don't think school is fun?)

Praise the Lord, it is an online program so I don't have to carry my happy butt out to Manhattan, Kansas. Although, I would definitely love to visit. I have never been to Kansas.

Besides having a perfect program for what I have been and want to be doing... my bff Eric Stonestreet aka Cam from Modern Family is a proud alum. We will likely be besties by the end of next year.

Perhaps he can teach me to dance?

Or maybe to pull off biker shorts?

Is he not adorable and hilarious? Probs my favorite Modern Family character other than Manny. Manny just gets me.

Whatever it is, I am going to need them to accept me so this all can happen... and that degree. The degree would be useful. 

So some prayers, good vibes, whatever you got... if you have some extra, send them my way :) Y'all have a great Thursday!


Diet Pepsi Isn't The Same...

I know I am not the only one who reads Some Ecards and laughs outloud. At work. When we should be doing other things. Seriously, I DIE at how true/hilarious some of these are. And today I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Cause everyone needs a little giggle now and then :)

We allll know that person that has to tell us exactly how they feel, hahah. 

 But, seriously. Preferrably watching Dawson's Creek. Or Friends. Or Dance Moms.

Since moving back in with my parents, this happens at Farm Fresh constantly. Last night Heather and I went, and we avoided THREE different people by running down different aisles. No, person from high school, I don't want to have an awkward conversation about the things I already know about you from Facebook. 

In my original life plan, I would be getting married this October to a man four years older than me and I would have been working my dream job for at least a year. And there would be babies. And currently, I am not even engaged, nor do I have a job. Whooops. 

 I WILL not drink Diet Pepsi. Ever. Well... unless there is rum in it and they don't tell me it's Diet Pepsi. It is definitely not the same.

This is probably the most true Some Ecard that pertains to my life. I don't cook and cleaning is definitely not my thing. However, I am quiteee the gem when it comes to shopping Targ clearance endcaps and clothing racks. And I can be as sarcastic as they come. Whoops.

And with that, Happy Tuesday!


High on Summertime

This weekend was pretty much as summertime as it gets around here, and I loved it! A little boat time would have made it absolutely perfect - but the wind factor made it a little too unsafe sadly :(

We still had a blast though! Stuart came home to spend some time with his dad for his birthday/Father's Day and we spent the whole weekend with friends and family :)

Friday night I went to dinner with my bff Heather and then we headed to Corey's to meet the boys and make a fire pit. I can't believe at the beach in June we made a fire pit and I had to borrow sweatpants and a sweatshirt from Corey just to keep warm. We had a blast just sitting around the fire talking, and I even headed back to Hev's for an old fashioned sleep over :)

Saturday, I spent the morning helping Hev organize some stuff in her house and then headed back to my place to cut the grass and help my parents get ready for a dinner they were having. I went for a quick run, bopped in the shower and then got to spend some time running errands with S. Is it weird that I love doing normal things with him? Ha!

(a picture from Memorial Day I just found, I thought an image might be helpful in breaking up all the text ;) )

We went to dinner with his parents at a Jewish deli that opened on our side of the water on Saturday night and it was delicious. Stuart's parents both worked in a Jewish deli when they lived in St. Thomas in the 70's/early80's so they were telling me all kinds of different things... I had no idea pastrami was beef? Haha! Their stories from St. Thomas and the reason they moved there is hilarious, his dad has the best stories! I might have to get him to write a few down to share sometime :)

We headed to a comedy show later that night and then hit downtown to meet up with some friends - and I am so glad we did! My best friend from college, Heidi, moved far away to Atlanta a few years ago, and her boyfriend, who I love is about to move down there to be with her. But he was in town visiting for his brother's high school graduation so I got to see Paul, and I was thrilled!! I think I spent more time talking to Paul than I did anyone else. He is seriously one of my favorite people in the entire world. Love him!

I finally got a few pictures at Marker that night, haha!

 Hev, Emily, and I with Paul
 S and I with Jared photobombing in the background, that crazy kid.
 No Jare Bear this time!
Hev deciding tonight was the night she should enter Em's car via the sunroof. Crazy girl.

Sunday was spent with a little bit of church, a Mexican lunch and a whole lot of laying around to celebrate Father's Day. S spent the day laying tile with his dad before heading back to Cville. I did get a goodbye kiss though... can't wait til there are no more goodbyes! I skyped with my friend Lindsey who  moved to Chicago to P.A. school and it was great catching up with her as well :)

Side note, my St. Jude page is up and running if you want to bop by and read more. Oh, and you can donate if you feel so inclined ;) Here it is!

Hope y'all had great weekends :)



I did it! Well, I signed up to do it at least ;). Yep, this girl has officially paid the money to run the St. Jude full marathon come December 1st.

It would be a lie if I said I'm not freaked out... I AM! Like, really, seriously, totally, butterflies-in-my-stomach nervous. And I have like 5 1/2 months of this to over come.

I knew I wouldn't start balls-to-the-wall training until I actually signed up, but here I am. Anyone have any must reads about marathon training? I did the half last year in Memphis but it was not the experience I thought it'd be. Read about that here for the whole story. It's pretty long... just a warning ;)

My momma is probably more nervous than I am because of the whole I'm-her-baby and the heart condition diagnosis. If you are new around these parts, I have a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White. It's not super common and it's not super dangerous unless my heart rate gets over 200 or so. I have a few flare ups and I know whats going on when it is going on and I am pretty careful. Eventually I may need surgery, but  because of where the place affected is in my heart, surgery would be pretty dangerous. But mostly, I'm just fine :)

Needless to say, I won't be running for speed (well I will if you count me finishing before they close the race haha), but I will definitely be running so I have the endurance to do the entire 26.2 without walking!

I updated my 24 in 24 list found here if you're interested. I've knocked a few off :)

And now for my final Friday words:

But really. So good. Guess it's a good thing I'm gonna be doing all this running :)


Hodge Podge... Or What All My Posts Are Like These Days

Because my life has little structure right now, it seems my blog posts have followed suit.

Some things to mention:

  • I just got this top and I am DYING for it to come in the mail. Find it here. And then type in the code ERGYERG20 and get 20% off. Rounding out to a mere $18.69. Is it not the most gorgeous color ever? I cannot wait to wear it with white pants to work and white jeans/white shorts to play in. Ahhhhhhh. 

  • Everytime they change the Friends schedule on Nick at Nite I get all kinds of angry. I wish they would just leave it ALONE!
  • To jump or not to jump...suit. I love me a good romper y'all. As in adore. I have two of them and they get so much use. Butttt, the jumpsuit version? I don't know if I can pull this off. If I did, I would probably go with this black one from LOFT and dress it up with wedges and a statement necklace. What do y'all think?

  • I am loving what I'm doing. I have been in meetings all morning and I absolutely love working with college students. Now if someone would give me a M.Ed. or a GA position somewhere in Cville, that would be grand.
  • Also, this is my life. SomeECards crack me up daily. And this one is perfect!

Happy Thursday!


Misc. Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend like I did :).

I haven't done Carissa's Miscellany Monday in forever, and today seems like a perfect day to hop back on board!

1. Thursday night was spent eating delicious Mexican food, chatting with Claire and listening to all kinds of bad karaoke. It was wonderful, although nary a picture was taken. Whoops, worst bloggers ever. Guess that means we were too busy chatting?

2. After my dinner with Claire I headed straight for Cville since my boss gave me Friday off. All we did this weekend was eat and lay around. It was perfection.

Homemade margherita pizza (wellll, the crust wasn't homemade). Fresh mozz is the best!

Cookie pie. Because Stuart doesn't have any baking sheets yet... whoops. Highly recommended if you are in need of a delicious cookie/75984759438 pounds.

3. I hate Blogger, and I don't have a PC so I can't use Windows Live Writer. Anyone have a suggestion for a Mac user?

4. I fail at Juneathon. I had a feeling this might happen. Between some stressful stuff last week and the heat we have had - I just haven't felt like running. Which means I have felt sluggish and unproductive. I want to start running again. I need to start running again. I have a treadmill in my bedroom for pete's sake, but I HATE THE TREADMILL with all my being. I guess I am going to have to suck it up or sacrifice some of my sleep. But something's gotta give!


5. Above treadmill is covered in boxes and boxes of my stuff from my apartment. Guess maybe I need to do some condensing and cleaning out?

6. We tried a new church in Cville yesterday and I really liked it. It is very similar to the church I grew up in and we even ran into some people that I used to go to church with that moved there. Their daughter Erin, who is a few years older than me is supposed to be moving back in August and she and her husband are both a-m-a-zing. As in they have been living in Isreal for the last year or so doing all kinds of ministry. Fingers crossed they have a good group of people our age and a music outlet for S, our two big things in finding a church. Double bonus, they are baptist, and if we pick this church - I win! (Just kidding, S was baptized Methodist and so we have a running joke on what kind of church we will end up in... ultimately we want to end up where we are going to feel at home and grow the most!).

7. Jobs in Cville. I need one. Anyone want to give me one? I prefer working with college students but I'll take any kind of office job ;). But seriously, I have been applying like crazy and saying lots of prayers. I absolutely hated leaving Cville this weekend although I am trying to soak up this time living at home cause I know once I am married, things won't be the same,

Whew, that was long winded. Props if you made it through. Have a great day!


Friday Letters!

Woo it is fiiinnaaalllyyy Friday!!! Fortunately for me, my boss is out today so she gave me today off also. Can you guess where I scooted my booty to? Cville, of course! Y'all head on over with Ashley and link up your letters with me, would ya?

Dear Charlottesville, I fall more in love with you every time I come. Please offer me a job so I can stay longer than a few days? Also, you have some of the most preppy and some of the most hipster people I have ever seen. It confuses me to no end. Love, Future Resident!?!?

Dear TLC, Thank you for Friday Bridesday. You have been throughly entertaining me while waiting for Stuart to get home from work. I may have a bridal show obsession that is attributed totally to you (and David Tutera). Love, Pining for the Ring.

Dear Bed, Thank you for being so perfect! I haven't slept until 11 in forever and this morning it was totally needed. You are the best. Love, Well Rested.

Dear Biffles, Thank you for being the biggest support system during the little scare I had this week. I don't know what I would do without you biddies. You are the besssttt! Love, Meg.

Dear Boots, I can't wait to spend every day with you. Thanks for getting cable and buying me a cookie... you truly know the way to my heart. Love you! Love, M.

Dear Readers, Thanks for bopping by so often, You have no idea how much you mean to me! You make my little piece of the internet worth writing. Love, The Boots Wearing Beach Girl.

Have a greattt Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!


Little Lucy

Good Morning Beauts,

I had every intention of writing a lighthearted post for today. Maybe a What I'm Loving Wednesday, or a So What Wednesday or even a Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday. All of those are great and I was excited to participate in the best linky day of the week.

However, I opened my reader this morning to the news that little Lucy Krull, whose Momma writes one of my favorite blogs, just found out that her cancer is back and there is nothing more the doctors can do for her.

My eyes immediatly welled up with tears and I spent some time at my desk just praying for Lucy and the Krull family. God laid her older sister, Ella, especially on my heart. She is a big sister, just like I am and she is about to lose her best friend and little sister. Ella is only a few years older than Lucy and I know this is going to be the most difficult time of her life.

Ella and Lucy

I found the Krull family through another blog and when I found out that Lucy was spending some of her time at St. Jude, I immediatly started following. If you don't know already, I have a huge passion for St. Jude. I am a Tridelta, and St. Jude is our philanthropy. Through that, I got to know a little boy named Nick and he changed my life forever. You can read about that here.

If you're the praying type, I want to ask you to say a prayer or two for the Krull family. Pray that Lucy finds peace in knowing she is going straight into the arms of Jesus. Pray for Ella, and for their little brother Jack. Pray for Erik and Kate as they lose their baby girl. I know I will be.
Have a good day y'all. And squeeze your family and friends a little tighter today.


Day 2 and a God Thing

I am not even gonna lie to y'all this morning, I am so ready for Friday already!

It has been two weeks since I've seen that boy of mine and I miss him terribly. Fortunately, I will be making my way there on Friday for a few days and I cannot wait!!

Yesterday I am choosing to view my Juneathon exercise as walking around PTC and Target. It was thunderstorming so I thought it best not to get electricuted. It was still exercise! I was exhausted from this weekend to get up this morning and run, but it is going to be relatively cool today so I will throw on my shoes tonight and get day three done :)

Anyways, yesterday was nothing but a God thing... and I am convinced of it. We got up and went to church as a family yesterday and after church my parents had to stay and count offering money because my dad is a deacon. Usually, this only takes about twenty-thirty minutes, but yesterday it took twice as long. They kept finding more money in weird places and so they had to start over every time, which was incredibly frustrating.

We were standing in my mom's Sunday School classroom discussing where to get lunch from before heading to my grandmother's and heard a knock on the door. We were the only ones left in the church and my mom sent my dad to answer it.

There was a mentally disabled man outside the door and as soon as my dad walked out, he asked for some advice. My dad started talking to him and we found out some things about his home life, including the way his mother displines him with a squirt gun. This man was about thirty years old and looked pretty clean cut, like he had a home where he was taken care of, but he was quite dishevled. He told my dad that his name was Josh and he was having bad thoughts and stopped taking his medication because he believed it wasn't working. My dad came inside and we decided to call the police because we wanted to make sure he was safe and taken care of.

My sister and I waited outside for the police officer and instructed him not to turn the sirens on because the man was afraid of police officers. The officer they sent was wonderful and they ended up taking him to a local hospital to be evaluted.

I shudder to think what might have happened to Josh had we not been at the church that day. He was miles from home, scared and in need of help. If my parents hadn't had to count the money more times because of the weird places the checks kept appearing, who knows what might have happened to him. I was so proud of my dad for handing the situation with such a calm demenor and very impressed with the officer that was sent. It is also amazing that he ended up at the door right next to the room we were in. There are several doors to the church and he bypassed three of them to walk right to that door. He was also several miles from home and we have no idea how he ended up at our church.

I have been thinking about and praying for Josh since yesterday and I sincerely hope he got the help he needed and ended up back on his medication. God does some things sometimes that really get to ya, and I needed that reminder yesterday!

Hope y'all have a great Monday!


Juneathon Day 1 and 6 Months

Happy Friday y'all!

It just hit me that 6 months from today, I will be running my first MARATHON. What?!?! I am so incredibly nervous and excited already. In preparation for the marathon, I also have found a 1/2 in Cville in October that will be perfect for me to run and get in some more race experience. It is the morning of a UVA game, so I think a 1/2 followed by some beer and tailgating makes for an exciting saturday :).

I made myself get up this morning after hitting the snooze button 3 times to run for the first day of Juneathon! If you haven't signed up yet-there is still time, just go here!

I cranked out a quick two because I didn't have time to run anymore haha. I have a feeling weekdays for me will probably be short mileage days because I love my sleep. At least I got my butt out of bed and did something, and that is the goal of Juneathon!

Last night we celebrated my bff Heather's soon-to-be stepmom's birthday on the southside so Hev picked me up from work and we did a little shopping. I finally got this Hokie colored skirt for a reduced price PLUS 50% off! I adore LOFT and I am especially loving them this season with their Hokie colors :)

After we did a little shopping we headed over to their brand new house and I got to take a tour... y'all it is beautiful! We ended up at Cracker Barrel because it was close and we had Kaye's (Hev's soon-to-be stepmom) older parents with us. We then came home for Smith Island Cake and presents... if you have never had a Smith Island Cake you are missing out. They are the most delicious cakes in the entire world. They consist of a ton of really thin layers with icing in the middle. Yellow with chocolate icing is my favorite. Kaye joked that I only joined for the cake. ;)

Tonight I am heading over to Chesapeake for dinner with an old friend and then I may head back out to Mike and Kaye's house for some more cake ;). Tomorrow I am heading to the wedding of a family friend and I will be home for once to get some laundry and things done. A low key weekend with a little fun is just what the doctor ordered!

Have a great day!