Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the best momma in the entire world :) (not that I'm biased). 

 Sophomore year of college, obviously rockin the jlo sunglasses, haha.
 I still look at you this way mama :)
 Becoming a momma for the second time!

You are the most amazing, smart, wonderful, beautiful woman I know. I hope to one day become even half of the woman you are, and eventually (don't worry, a long time from now) the mother you are. You are constantly giving every second of every day and you don't get praised enough for it! You have taught me how to do so many things, from baking with candy coating to handling life's bumps with poise and grace. I am so lucky God picked you to be my mom (and so is Nat!) I hope you have a great day with Dad and the rest of the fam, can't wait to see you Thursday! 

I Love You!
Megan Beth