11.2.13 - Getting Ready

Once we arrived at the hotel - it was go time! I only had a half an hour or so to get my makeup on and get dressed to head to our first look. Of course, we had the Tech-BC game on in the background and I did a bit of cheering and yelling in the course of the time it took to get ready.

All professional pictures were taken by Ben Hallissy Photography and the rights are his. Ben has been a friend of the family since before we were born. You can read his blog post on our engagement pictures here and our wedding here. We were so blessed to have him capture our day!

I think my girl Jewel was as excited about the day as I was!

Keeping up with the important details - how the Hokies were playing (which, unfortunately, was not well).

My sister did my makeup and that was so special - she does the BEST eye makeup and I was so excited she volunteered to do mine!

The girls hanging out - they weren't as invested in the game as we were ;).

I couldn't leave out these adorable ones of my groom getting ready!

Putting on my dress! I loved that my sister and mom helped me get into my dress but my girls were surrounding me and helping as well. 

Next up - BOTH first looks :)

11.2.13 - The Morning and The Best Gift

I woke up about 6:30 on Saturday morning wanting to pinch myself - I could hardly believe this day that I had been dreaming about and planning for was finally here! I was willing Heather to wake up next to me so I could talk her ear off - and thank goodness, with a little tossing and turning, she did :). I checked through my instagram feed and saw that Kylee had posted some pictures of us in celebration of the big day, so I immediately liked them! Once she saw that I liked them, she came running into my room and hopped in bed with us. I could hardly contain myself I was so excited. 

The three of us were all snuggled in my bed when we saw some headlights coming down the driveway - it was my hairdresser, an hour early! Thank goodness she did because we were still cutting it close by the time we left my parents house to head to the hotel to get ready.

We spent the morning hanging out downstairs at my parents house eating and talking while every one took turns getting their hair done. Apparently I should have taken more pictures because there are none! My girls looked adorable in their monogrammed shirts and my mom went the extra mile on mine and got mine done in the "wine" color my girls wore, complete with the "I do" and "11-2-13" on the cuffs. How sweet is she?

Once all of my girls had their hair done, I sat in the chair and got mine done. My hairdresser was fabulous and made sure it was exactly what I wanted - I wanted something up off of my neck because I loved the back of my dress and my neckline, but I wanted it to be loose around my face. She did exactly that and made sure to show my bridesmaids how to fix my hair if it needed to be fixed - perfection! You can kind of see it in this picture - it was parted on the side, curled and pulled back loosely.

While I was in the chair getting my hair done, my bridesmaids were being very sneaky. Heather brought me in this big scrapbook and told me that it was a gift from everyone - and it was! Although, sneaky Hev put everything together - and it was AMAZING. It was a scrapbook full of letters from my girlfriends, bridesmaids, aunts, mom and the last was a letter from Stuart that had a set of vows he had written just for me. I SOBBED my eyes out reading it - thank goodness they gave it to me before I had my makeup done! It was one of my absolute favorite gifts ever and I still read it like once a month and get teary eyed. The sweetest and best gift ever!

It was the sweetest gift and I treasure it SO MUCH!

When we arrived at the hotel, Stuart's dad was just getting there delivering groomsmen and some of them saw me - the looks on their faces when they saw my red and blotchy face was too funny. I reassured them they were good tears!

Up next - getting dressed :)


Rehearsal Dinner

Thanks to the fact that we had a wonderful minister, musicians, mistresses of ceremony, and bridal party - the rehearsal was pretty quick! And there are no pictures because everyone was a part of things! I did grab a few pictures with my bridesmaids (except Lindsey, who is a PA student and works her little booty off - but she did make it in for the wedding thank goodness!)






The cutest and best flower girls in the world, Addison and Koral

One of our readers and best friends, Emma (I didn't get a picture with our other reader for some reason - sorry Sarah!)

The rehearsal dinner was held at one of our favorite restaurants in the whole world, the Vineyards. They do the BEST garlic knots a girl could ask for. Of course, with it being the night before my wedding, I couldn't actually sit and eat anything I was so excited, but it was the perfect place for a rehearsal dinner and Stuart's parents did a wonderful job!

The adorable sign outside the restaurant!

With my groom! I threw on my cowboy boots for the dinner part since they were given to me by my little groomie and are the inspiration for his nickname for me (and the name of this blog). I also wore my Kate Spade "Mrs" earrings a little early that were the perfect birthday gift from BFF Heather!

Last kiss as an engaged couple!

Of course, I wasn't going to let my maids get off easy when we got home - I put them to work ;). We still had a few last minute things to do like print programs and put stickers on candy bags. Thankfully, they were all great sports! (Yes, that is my daddy in the background working away too - so thankful for both of my parents and their hard work!)

As is family tradition, we also watched my FAVVVV movie, Father of the Bride! 

We were up pretty late - but I don't think I could have slept much more if I had tried. I hopped in my bed at my parents house with my favorite bed buddy, Hev, and we watched Say Yes to the Dress before we fell asleep (perfect show, right). Up next - THE BIG DAAAAYYY!!!!

Bridal Luncheon

The day before the big day was one full of excitement and lots of good girl time! All of my bridesmaids except one were in town.

My aunts threw me the perfect low key bridal luncheon so I could shower my bridal party with some little goodies I threw together. I don't even think there were very many pictures taken - which means we were focused on each other! They catered Chipotle in (my fav) and we spent time chatting and eating. I also got to thank my bridesmaids with their gifts - which weren't even close to thanks enough for the way they have supported me!

I gave my girls monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer market totes, filled with a creme pashmina since I made them wear strapless dresses in November ;), a monogrammed button down for getting ready on Saturday, a tiny gold and pearl necklace to wear for the wedding, and an Alex and Ani bracelet with charms that represented their personalities! I gave my sister and maid of honor a monogrammed necklace to remind her we would always share the "F" letter no matter the monogram (I kept my maiden name as my middle name). I gave the Kate Spade bridesmaid bracelet to my matron of honor Nicole.

The totes looked like this one ( I didn't take pictures of anything - awful, I know!)

 A getting ready picture of my girls in their shirts! 

I also gave my mom her gift - a Pandora charm that shows five people in the family (now including Stuart) and this handkerchief. I know there were tears but I doubt she used this to wipe them. I included a line from a book I used to love to have her read me - I'll Love You Forever (that's my grandmother holding the handkerchief).

I gave my aunts, who were the hostesses and my Mistresses of Ceremony monogrammed pashminas and my favorite candle in the whole world!

After the luncheon - we all went back to my parents house and hung out and got ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was a perfect low key day of celebrating and hanging out with my best girls!