Rehearsal Dinner

Thanks to the fact that we had a wonderful minister, musicians, mistresses of ceremony, and bridal party - the rehearsal was pretty quick! And there are no pictures because everyone was a part of things! I did grab a few pictures with my bridesmaids (except Lindsey, who is a PA student and works her little booty off - but she did make it in for the wedding thank goodness!)






The cutest and best flower girls in the world, Addison and Koral

One of our readers and best friends, Emma (I didn't get a picture with our other reader for some reason - sorry Sarah!)

The rehearsal dinner was held at one of our favorite restaurants in the whole world, the Vineyards. They do the BEST garlic knots a girl could ask for. Of course, with it being the night before my wedding, I couldn't actually sit and eat anything I was so excited, but it was the perfect place for a rehearsal dinner and Stuart's parents did a wonderful job!

The adorable sign outside the restaurant!

With my groom! I threw on my cowboy boots for the dinner part since they were given to me by my little groomie and are the inspiration for his nickname for me (and the name of this blog). I also wore my Kate Spade "Mrs" earrings a little early that were the perfect birthday gift from BFF Heather!

Last kiss as an engaged couple!

Of course, I wasn't going to let my maids get off easy when we got home - I put them to work ;). We still had a few last minute things to do like print programs and put stickers on candy bags. Thankfully, they were all great sports! (Yes, that is my daddy in the background working away too - so thankful for both of my parents and their hard work!)

As is family tradition, we also watched my FAVVVV movie, Father of the Bride! 

We were up pretty late - but I don't think I could have slept much more if I had tried. I hopped in my bed at my parents house with my favorite bed buddy, Hev, and we watched Say Yes to the Dress before we fell asleep (perfect show, right). Up next - THE BIG DAAAAYYY!!!!


Blonde Beach Bum said...

These posts are making me so happy! Glad we inspired each other! :) Even though I was there for all of this, it is SO fun to read it and reminisce!

J Howard said...

Yay! I love catching up with you!