Miscellany Monday

I finalllyyy decided to upload some pictures to my computer so I could blog :). Since this will be such a hodgepodge, I am going to link up with Carissa's Miscellany Monday!

1. I took the day off on Thursday and left Wednesday night to surprise Stuart while he drummed for IV :). He also played on Friday so I got to see that as well. We had a great weekend- we hiked off the Blue Ridge Parkway, went beer tasting, saw the Lincoln Lawyer (so good, we both loved it!), and just spent some time together. It was awesome :) Here we are on the top of Humpback Rock:

2. One of my good friends, Kelley, is getting married in June and she is giving me wedding FEVER! Ahhhhh! Even though that is a least a couple years down the road ( I hope!), I love searching for wedding related stuff. I can tell you that these will be a part of my wedding wardrobe, Stephen Bonanno monogrammed sandals. They look just like my beloved Jack Rogers, but the color options are awesome. I love the idea of incorporating them with my something blue, a white base with blue stitching. So adorable! See :)

3. Formals is this weekend!!! It is my last as an active sister, and I am excited to get all gussied up and hang out with some of my favorite people. Jim is coming to go as Heidi's date, and that makes me even more excited. Ahhhhh!

4. I just did some spring cleaning in my room and I have a hugeeee garbage bag of clothes that were either too big or I just didn't wear. I can't wait to try and sell some at Plato's closet and then donate the rest to Goodwill. I love a clean and organized closet :)

5. I am ready for sprinnnnggg! I hate that I got a nice big taste of it, and yet I woke up to snow this morning. Come on Blacksburg, bring me sundress weather!

Have a great week!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the CAUS Dean's Office at Virginia Tech! Here I am with my green pashmina, green ringed travel coffee cup and my eyes, which change, but are green because of the pashmina. Ignore my dirty hair, haha ;).

 I have a little red tint to my hair, so does that make me a little Irish? I wish! I'll be celebrating tonight with some of my favorite girls, watching this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0209095/. It's called Leprechaun in the Hood. Oh my! 

"Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me. "
St. Patrick

Have a great day and don't get pinched!



I'm linking up with Miss Jamie again for some What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

* Being back in Bburg :) I loved being home with my fam for the week, but I am glad to finally be back "home" :)

* Veronica Mars! Yet again :) I am just now starting the third season with my roomie and we have spent many hours on the couch watching (she is even re-watching it!). It's so good!

* Cinnamon Burst Cheerios! They are delicious and I am currently eating a bowl now while watching VM and doing this. Sooooo good with almond milk!

* The weather for the rest of the weekend. It has been cold, rainy and nasty this week and tomorrow it should hit the 60's and by Friday, the 70's :) So excited!

* My glittle is getting initiated this week! Although initiation is long (two nights!) and we stood out in the cold for an hour earlier tonight for the first part, it is so worth it. I am so excited for her to be my "official" sister. Love my fam!

* As allllwaaayyysss, I am loving this sweet, sweet boy. He has really been a source of strength and a great shoulder to cry on. l am SO grateful for him, and through everything he has been the best; always there with two arms to hold me and a forehead kiss to soothe me. He has to be sent by God, because I don't know how I would have made it through two surgeries and four deaths close to me in the last year. Moon and back, boots!

 Head on over to Jamie's and play along!


Happy Birthday Hev!

At midnight one of my best friends in the entire world will be 23! AHHH, we are getting so old. Anyways, I'm sitting in her living room counting down the minutes with her, and I thought I'd do a little birthday post dedicated to her :)

 This is Hev's eighteenth birthday- clearly black and white themed :) We went to dinner at a local restaurant and got all dolled up for it. She is the blonde to the left of me! This is right around the time Hev and I got close, and I am so thankful to have her as a friend. She is someone I can call no matter what the time, just for support!

 This was the summer after I graduated high school and Heather's mom had come to visit for a while. We literally filled up an entire Facebook album with goofy pictures like this one. We always have the best adventures together, whether we are just driving around Hampton and stopping at Chilis for chips and salsa, and a molten cake, or if we are heading out of town, like the next picture...
 This is at Hev's cousins wedding a few summers ago. We hopped in the car at the crack of dawn one morning... literally before dawn, and headed out west towards Knoxville. We helped out with the stuff for the wedding, and laughed our way down the road. She even put up with my multiple pee stops... y'all I am a bad roadtrip partner cause I ALWAYS have to pee! 
Clearly a picniked picture from either her nineteenth or twentieth birthday, where we started our tradition of me straightening her hair and counting down the minutes til midnight! We have lots of traditions and little things we do together, that we both think it's important to keep up! 
Another one of our adventures to New Jersey to visit her old roommate Kaitie! We had a great time driving through farm land and we even saw our news crew heading to Philadelphia to cover Michael Vick's signing with the Eagles. We hit NYC, tried on Tiffany's rings, and spent a day on the Jersey Shore... unfortunately no Snooki sightings! We always come home with stories and all kinds of inside jokes. I love that we have a great time no matter what we do :)
 This picture was taken this summer in my apartment. Hev came up with me to help me celebrate Coley's birthday. That night we took a ton of pictures, and again, had great stories to tell and retell to each other. 


I hope your birthday is everything you've dreamed of and more. You are such a sweet, loving kind person and I know you will be the best teacher of those little children :) I thank God for such a special friend that I can do so many fun things with, and still cry with when we are down. I pray everyday for you BFWT and for your happiness in life! I know God has great things planned for you :)

I love you BFWT!


Top Two Tuesday :)

Head on over to Taylor's for her Top Two Tuesday :) This week is all about money! Which, clearly, as a poor college student I don't have nearly enough of! 

The top two things I have learned about money are:
1. Never buy anything not on sale :). Honestly, I never do. I head straight back to the clearance rack in clothing stores, and it has saved me a TON over the years. This past September, I walked into Ann Taylor Loft and bought a skirt and two dresses for eight dollars... TOTAL! I love both of the dresses and wear them all the time. I do try and buy food that is on sale, or that I have coupons for as well. I never want to pay more for anything than I have to :)

2. One of the best ways to stretch your money is to do it yourself! I love making homemade gifts or desserts or decorations. I find supplies and add a little paint or glitter to it, and there you go. Some of my favorite gifts have been ones that I have done homemade. I made my best friend a book of letters from all her family and friends for her 21st birthday. I shopped for scrapbooking stickers on sale, I printed the letters at home and I bought a scrapbook that was on sale because of the color. It was inexpensive, but special, and I am very proud of it :)

Tminus two days until SPRING BREAK! I have two classes, a midterm and four and a half hours of work left until I can enjoy a manicure with my roommate (courtesy of her lovely parents for my birthday), a quick night in Charlottesville, and home with my little for the weekend before her externship! I then have a bridesmaid dress fitting (AHHHHHHHH!!) and Hev's birthday on Friday. Come on Thursday at 1!