Miscellany Monday

I finalllyyy decided to upload some pictures to my computer so I could blog :). Since this will be such a hodgepodge, I am going to link up with Carissa's Miscellany Monday!

1. I took the day off on Thursday and left Wednesday night to surprise Stuart while he drummed for IV :). He also played on Friday so I got to see that as well. We had a great weekend- we hiked off the Blue Ridge Parkway, went beer tasting, saw the Lincoln Lawyer (so good, we both loved it!), and just spent some time together. It was awesome :) Here we are on the top of Humpback Rock:

2. One of my good friends, Kelley, is getting married in June and she is giving me wedding FEVER! Ahhhhh! Even though that is a least a couple years down the road ( I hope!), I love searching for wedding related stuff. I can tell you that these will be a part of my wedding wardrobe, Stephen Bonanno monogrammed sandals. They look just like my beloved Jack Rogers, but the color options are awesome. I love the idea of incorporating them with my something blue, a white base with blue stitching. So adorable! See :)

3. Formals is this weekend!!! It is my last as an active sister, and I am excited to get all gussied up and hang out with some of my favorite people. Jim is coming to go as Heidi's date, and that makes me even more excited. Ahhhhh!

4. I just did some spring cleaning in my room and I have a hugeeee garbage bag of clothes that were either too big or I just didn't wear. I can't wait to try and sell some at Plato's closet and then donate the rest to Goodwill. I love a clean and organized closet :)

5. I am ready for sprinnnnggg! I hate that I got a nice big taste of it, and yet I woke up to snow this morning. Come on Blacksburg, bring me sundress weather!

Have a great week!

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