T-minus one hour and fifty six minutes and counting! I am so excited to see Prince William and Kate get married. I probably wouldn't be as pumped, but I loved being in London and I toured and went to a service at Westminster Abbey and it is awesome to see places I've actually been before :). Nicole, Lib and I decided to just stay up all night while we waited for the wedding, because I didn't finish a paper I was working on until after two. We are heading to the tridelt house to watch with everyone on the big screen at 5:30, and I am so freaking pumped! If we weren't all so exhausted and gross looking I would post pictures. But, we are, haha.

I was also looking through pictures I have from London earlier trying to find some in Westminster Abbey, but I just remembered we didn't take any inside. I cannot wait to find out what Kate is wearing and see the processional to Buckingham Palace and the kiss! Woooo!

Stuart is also coming today for an interview for an internship, and my Linkous Lady has her fashion show today. If I can manage a few hours sleep, today is going to be awesome :). Woo!

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