Wedding Wednesday: The Dress!

I alluded in an earlier post that I have found THE DRESS!

No, we won't be getting married for another 10 months, but I could not walk away from the dress.

I began looking at dresses at the end of October when I was at Tyson's Corner for a work trip. My momma drove up with one of her bff's to begin the hunt. We looked at Nicole Miller first, and I was LOVING her 20's themed dresses. 

This was the first dress I tried on, and one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. It was so simple, and I loved the lace neck line.The cap sleeves were hard for me though (anyone else think they make your arms look "meaty"?)

This one was totally different and made me look tall and thin, a plus in my book! I could definitely see it for a New Years wedding or something like that... not going to work for my fall theme though.

I also loved this one from the Spring 2012 collection... much more traditional than the other two.

We also went to look at the Brides by Demetrios at Macy's, as well as a small shop in the area called White Swan Bridal.

I found one that I thought was going to be THE ONE when I was at White Swan, but they didn't carry it in ivory. Believe me, it looks much more gorgeous on than in pictures :). But... this one still wasn't the one for me. I love the lace, and the fact that it is so different! It is Moonlight  for anyone interested :).

I came home for a weekend and ended up going to David's Bridal, just to look and see if they might have something I liked. Our consultant was really distracted, and as expected, nothing really caught my eye. But, I did get to have one of my bridesmaids come dress shopping with me!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was a big one in terms of wedding errands. We went to see our reception venue (fingers crossed!) and my mom made an appointment at a small bridal consignment shop in the area. We had both heard WONDERFUL things about Blush and it ended up being the best bridal experience I had. The owner basically gives you her attention for an hour - no one else is in the shop but you! 

My mom, sister and aunt happened to be there with me and they were the three I had always pictured being there. My sister is a junior in college and she hadn't been able to be at any of my other appointments.

The owner lets you look through the store in your size (and bigger ones if you want to get dresses altered) and pick out dresses that you might like. I picked a few, and then I saw a dress that had the neckline I had been looking for all along. My sister turned up her nose at it, but I knew I wanted to try it on.

It ended up being the first dress I put on, and it fit PERFECTLY! I had been looking everywhere for "this dress" and I hadn't found anything like it. I knew I didn't want anything big, poofy or itchy, and the dress made all the requirements in my book. 

Without giving too much away, I ended up finding an accessory that made it into THE DRESS! I absolutely love it :). My mom, aunt and sister all told me that it was the one when I walked out of the dressing room. It just looks like "me". Ahhhhh!

And... its already at my parent's house - so I may or may not go look at it every time I am home. :)

Only a million more details to go! Linking up with A Happy Wife in New Orleans!


Photo Dump, Catch Up, Same Ole Story

We've been keeping pretty busy and enjoying the holiday season around here!

The Sunday after the Tech/UVA game we headed to the Boar's Head Inn for brunch with my parents and Stuart's parents. It was beautifully decorated and S's madre even surprised me with the most delicious cake for my birthday! We've decided this might become a tradition!

The weekend of my actual birthday I flew down to Atlanta to see one of my best friends with my college roommate! Nicole, my college roommate, is getting married in May so we got some wedding tasks done while we were down there! 

We went to Bridals by Lori but didn't see Monty there unfortunately. They do have lots of Breast Cancer awareness swag on sale though! 

I saw some family, asked our ring bearers and junior bridesmaid to be in the wedding and went to dinner on my birthday. Here are Nicole, Heidi and I!

When I got home, both of these were waiting for me from S. I am a lucky girl!

This weekend was l-a-z-y. We went to Stuart's work Christmas party Friday night and spent the rest of the weekend running errands, watching Christmas movies and snuggling :). 

Happy Monday!