But not really. I just wanted a word that played off of Wednesday. Or maybe I do have a little whining to do.

I'd like to whine about this 8am exam I have tomorrow that I have barely started studying for... senioritis at it's best perhaps? Buuuttt, I am lucky to be graduating and that this class is not that difficult. I know I can do decently in it regardless, and that is reassuring.

I'd also like to whine that our internet was out all day. Buuuuttt, we did get it back and I submitted an application I needed to using the internet at work :)

I could whine about how sore my body is after trying my first group workout in years (body pump!). Buuuttt, I got to support my friend Lindsey who taught her first class today and I got a workout in. And I didn't hate it. So maybe not ;).

I could whine about the 2 1/2 hour drive tomorrow to Cville. Buuuttt, I get to see Stuart and that is worth the crazy gas prices and tedious drive on the most obnoxious interstate in Virginia (well after 95, that is).

I could while about a lot of things. But I am blessed and I need to remember that when I go to whine. Anyone else got some whines they can find the blessings in?

Happy Wednes(almost Thurs)day beauties!


"We Go Together Like Peas and Carrots"

Quote from Forrest Gump (1994)

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm at work avoiding working on a paper about Forrest Gump (yes, he was classified as at-risk, in case you were wondering) so of course, blogging was the next step to my procrastination after checking my email!

Our weekend was pretty low key, Stuart got into town around 7:30 on Friday night and I had skinny Fettuccine Alfredo waiting for him! Seriously, I am no cook but this was delicious and about as healthy as Fettuccine Alfredo can get. This girl has amazing recipes and I grabbed the recipe from here! She even calculates the point values for Weight Watchers along with all of the other nutrition information :)

I even got to cross a part of one of the goals off of my 24 before 24 list, found here. This is my first new recipe I tried out! I paired it with a light Caesar salad kit and a glass of Moscato for a delicious meal! Even S liked it, and he gets a little nervous when I cook. Thank goodness he wasn't there when I burnt the garlic. Whoops! (Don't y'all love the Lilly wine glasses I gifted my roomie last summer? I adore that they are plastic and won't break with a drop!) I pared the sauce with some Smart Taste penne I had instead of going out and buying different noodles. It made no difference!

We hung out being bums for a while on Saturday since it was so rainy and then finally decided to head out to see 21 Jumpstreet with Nicole and Josh. So funny! It was a little nuts since all of the Hunger Games fans had a line out the door, but still a good time. We then went to the River Company for a nice date night and it was delicious! As per the usual, I ordered the $10 dollar hamburger and Stuart ordered the $28 crabcakes. The man can complain about my shopping all he wants, but I am a cheap date!

We ended up meeting some friends downtown after happy hour and had a great night. Ring Premiere and Dance were Saturday night so we even got a fireworks show for the walk home! (Excuse the scene in the picture, I picked the absolute worst place in Blacksburg to take the photo!)

Sunday was spent lounging until S had to go back to Cville for a group meeting. We intended on heading to church but I woke up with a nasty cough that I didn't want to share with anyone else, so we did our devotional talks and prayed. Seriously my favorite part of the whole weekend!

Finally back into the school grind, although this cough is giving me the perfect excuse to be lazy - but I can't let it! I spent much of yesterday catching up on Once Upon a Time... so good! Today I'm back in class and at work and preparing for some homework, this paper and a test Thursday. Trying to enjoy my last month as a college student, but anxious to start something new! I have an opportunity for a neat summer if things will all pan out (I will share when I hear back) so some prayers would be awesome!

Happy Tuesday Beauts!


I'll Be, Okay.

Anyone else love that song? It is from one of my FAVORITEEEE movies in the world, My Best Friend's Wedding. It's by Amanda Marshall if anyone is wondering!

Anyyyyywaaayyys beauts, it is time for another It's Okay Thursday with Neely and Amber! 

It's Okay...

  • That I have decided to run a marathon. There is a reason I've given myself over eight months to train ;).
  • That I am scared poo-less to do this, so I have to blog/talk about it so I actually go through with it.
  • To think that Norts (Nike running shorts) are the greatest invention ever. Am I allowed to wear these as daily wear after I leave college?
  • That I spent over an hour last night on Pinterest. I am dying for cute "House Divided" stuff. They have lots of baby clothes, but I found a garter too! Not that I need any of that stuff anytime soon... whoooops.
  • That this Facebook fast has made me fall in love with Twitter. It is seriously, so much better. Follow me if you want to, @meganeliz2. Not that I'm promising entertaining tweets, but I'm not promising you aren't missing out either ;).
  • That I love my roommate dearly, but I wish she would go home this weekend to her fiance instead of him coming here so I can have some real alone time with S. I want to be able to cook dinner and watch a movie without having to worry about other people. Plus I always shove us in my room if they are there because I don't want to be rude, which is rude to Stuart and kinda dumb.
  • That I don't have a home church yet... I don't really have a permanent "home." S and I are going to Blacksburg Baptist this weekend because they have a "mixed" service, between traditional (more me) and contemporary (more him). I'm excited!
  • That I wrote this post during my Research Methods class. It is boring and senioritis is reaaaalll bad. Whoops.
  • That my plan for the day includes a run, dying my hair, painting my nails, going to class, a bottle of wine and some Redbox with my girls. Mmmmhmmm, perfect Thursday (other than class!)
Happy Thursday Beauts!


24 in 24

Update as of 6/15/12:

I thought I'd go ahead and do a little update since it's been about 3 months since the original post :) I've made some headway, but I am nowhere near done!!

Original Post:

So I know I'm a little late to the game, being that my birthday was almost 4 months ago; but, I decided there are some things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 24 and posting them here would give me some accountability! (Side note: 24?!? How did I end up here? I feel like I should maybe be turning 22 soon, but not 24!)

Here is my list of 24 in 24:

  1. Run my first FULL marathon for St. Jude on December 1st, 2012 (the day before I turn 24!). Just signed up as of 6/15, ahhh!!
  2. Run the 3.2 for the 32 in honor of April 16, 2007. Completed 4/16. Duhhhh!
  3. Run another 1/2 marathon, but this time with S. And beat him! Convincing him that running the Cville 1/2 is a great pregame to a UVA tailgate ;)
  4. Find and stay at my happy weight.
  5. Read the whole bible.
  6. Start Jesus Calling.
  7. Graduate for the 2nd time! Walked across the stage 5/12, will be complete in August!
  8. Watch Stuart graduate. Completed 5/20
  9. Help Stuart move and decorate his new place! Moved in 6/3, and I helped 6/8-10
  10. Raise $2,000 for St. Jude.
  11. Help Nicole find her dream wedding dress.
  12. Stop biting my fingernails.
  13. Grow my hair out.
  14. Move out of my parent's house.
  15. Find a job! In the process, I apply constantly!
  16. Go to at least 1 summer concert at the beach.
  17. Complete my field study having learned lots of new skills. In progress and loving it!
  18. Come back to at least 3 Tech home games in the fall. Seats picked out, just waiting for Fall!
  19. Go to Stuart with some UVA games. Bought our tickets, just waiting for Fall!
  20. Go beer tasting at Starr Hill.
  21. Read 10 new books.3/10 (50 Shades Trilogy)
  22. Learn to cook 10 new recipes.
  23. Celebrate my 3rd anniversary with Stuart.
  24. Take a spontaneous road trip.

I hope to post an update on this every month. Some things are time sensitive, and running the full is going to be a HUGE undertaking, but I am already anticipating crossing that off on the night before my birthday. I loved being a part of the St. Jude Marathon weekend last year and I can't picture a better way to spend my birthday than raising money for the kids of St. Jude.

Happy Wednesday!



It's a rainy Thursday here in Blacksburg and I actually made it to my 8am. I think that's something to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate Thursday than with Neely and Amber's "It's Ok Thursday!"

Today, it's okay...

  • That I haven't made it to either of my MW classes this week. These doctor appointments are killer, but my professors are understanding and I know whats going on with my body.
  • That I have no green for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe by making some delicious green cupcakes people will forget to pinch me?
  • That I actually have no plans for St. Patrick's Day other than making said cupcakes...it depends on what my "people" are doing this weekend!
  • That I've been watching Friends every night starting at 8pm because of the marathon this week... there truly is nothing better than having Friends on at all hours!
  • That I got Frosty Parrot last night even though I am really trying to watch what I eat... I did get blueberries and only a few chocolate chips when I really wanted a TON of Reese's. Win? I say yes.
  • That I hate this stupid computer my parents bought that they are letting me borrow. I am so thankful to just have something, but the 30 minutes I spent last night trying to figure out why the control key was held down was too much. Plus I keep hitting random stuff that makes me type in different places and it is so irritating! I miss my mac :(
  • That I don't care about March Madness. I go to a football school with a basketball team that didn't even make it into the NIT. Sad, yes. Will I end up watching some of the games because of S? Yes. Thaaattt doesn't mean I have to care!
Happy Thursday y'all!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a while so I thought I'd link up with sweet Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm Loving...

  • The Lilly Buttercup shorts. The scalloped trip is precious! Found here!
  • That my cardiologist says I can workout again! Things are okay for now and I couldn't be more thrilled :)
  • The two new tunics I scored at Gap outlet yesterday. I can't find the pictures online but one is a sheer navy and white button up and the other is a cream color and sort of peasant-y. Adorable!
  • The new otterbox I ordered for my iPhone! It should be sleeker than the other one I had, and I ordered a monogram to put on the back to personalize it. I will share a picture when everything arrives.
  • Neutral everything. Adore. Like this via Jcrew.
  • The beautiful spring weather! I love "blow drying" my hair by just putting my windows down... glorious!
  • S, of course.
Happy Wednesday!


Growin and Goin

These days, I'm workin' on some things growin' and goin'.

  • My fingernails. After many years of biting them, I am working on growing them out. I've actually been doing pretty well and have polish on them currently. The changing polish and the way my hands look is such motivation. Plus I think about all the gross germs under them and it makes me gag. Blech.
  • My hair! I have had short hair for-ev-er. I had relatively long hair my senior year of high school and then after my final dance recital I CHOPPED it off. With Nicole's wedding coming up, I want to have hair long enough to do in some sort of up do pretty easily! I need a trim but it's going pretty well.
Probably the longest it's ever been

Chin length junior year

 One of my favorite cuts, from this summer
  • My relationship with God. Stuart and I have been doing a devotional, and after a really rough month last month, I really clung onto my faith. I'm excited and relieved to know that God is in control of my life. So amazing!
  • My relationship with S. We have had some ups and downs and I finally feel 100% comfortable in us. We are working hard to put God first and it is definitely paying off!!
  • My Diet Coke habit. I love me some DC y'all and I could never swear it off forever, but I definitely need to cut down. I can get the caffeine I desire from coffee without the effects of aspartame. Right now DC is just going to be a treat, not an everyday thing. 
  • Me. As in I am working on getting goin' on some running. I have to wait to get the clear from my heart doc on Wednesday, but hopefully he will give me the okay! I need to run, it makes me feel so. much. better.
  • Some of these post 1/2 lbs. I've probably gained 5 lbs since I ran the 1/2 because despite the lack of exercise, I have been eating the same! I know 5 lbs isn't a ton, but it is enough to make me uncomfortable and it needs to go. Plus I have obtained some unhealthy eating habits that need to go. Fortunately there are tons of fruits and veggies in the fridge after our grocery trip today!

Anyone else have anything growin' and goin'? Let me know!! 

Happy Tuesday loves!


Why My iphone Smells Like Crime

I had the best intentions of blogging on vacation. I knew I wanted to take pictures for the March photo-a-day link up and I wanted to remember this trip, as it is my last collegiate spring break. I even downloaded blog press to my phone Wednesday morning. Warning: This is long, but probably the most exciting thing to happen to me or my lil ole phone. Ever.

I decided Wednesday was the best day to work on a take home exam I was assigned over Spring Break (lame I know). Since we had limited internet access at the house, I decided a trip to Panera was in order. Soothing music, yummy sandwiches and salads and a big ole lemonade, all with free internet. I couldn't have asked for a better setting. Or so I thought.

I spent all of Wednesday afternoon working on this Stats exam. And I hate math, but I knew I wanted to get it done so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. So I chugged away. And by 4:30 I was mostly done and ready to go home. So I gathered my stuff and got ready to go. I had come to the conclusion at this point that I deserved one of those Easter Egg cookies that had been staring at me for four hours. Delicious and a nice post-exam vacation treat. So, I put my phone, wallet and keys on the counter in order to get this treat. And that was that, or so I thought. I got to my car and was starting to pull out of the parking lot when I realized I should call Stuart and tell him I was on my way back. And then I realized I couldn't find my phone. A mere 2.5 seconds later I was back in the parking lot searching for my phone. I went up to the counter and looked where I was sitting. Looked in the parking lot, looked on the outdoor tables. Looked EVERYWHERE.

I finally decided to head home and call in back-ups. I also then realized I had an app called Find My iPhone that would be super useful. So I tracked my phone to a nearby Olive Garden. And S and I set out to search for it while his roommate Joe set off the alarm. And look we did for two hours. We caused a ruckus in the OG looking for my phone. We talked to the manager. We searched the parking lot and I even put my ear up to a dumpster. DIS-GUS-TING. Finally we gave up and headed home, noticing that my phone had lost it's GPS signal. I thought it was gone forever...until it turned on again. And wouldn't you know my little ole iPhone made it's way to both a sandwich shop in another town and then to a seedy motel. Who knew it was that talented?!?!

It was then I decided to call the police and place a report, still tracking my phone to this lovely beach side motel. I spoke with a detective and thought they would go get it... they didn't. I continued to watch my phone for a day and a half. Seriously, my screen looked like this forever. Or when we could get internet to the house, so like once an hour for two minutes. 

We sent messages and set off alarms, which the app allows you to do and encouraged whoever the lovely person was that happened to stumble upon my phone to call Stuart so I could get it back. For some reason they didn't oblige... I wanted to send them this message, but I feared they may have been offended.

Finally, on Friday, after my phone and the GPS had been off for 24 hours and my heart was broken, I checked my email and saw that it had been turned on! I immediately called back to the original town where I filed my report and they said they couldn't help and I needed to call the next town over, where my phone was located. After Stuart called for me because I am a baby the phone call was made, they actually sent someone out there to get it! A sgt. of the Clearwater, FL police department personally put his ear up to the grungy motel doors in order to hear the alarm go off on my phone and SAVED THE DAY! I owe this man BIG TIME. And to top it all off, he called me back to tell me he had it, the first thing he said to me was: "can I just say you and your husband are a beautiful family." Seriously?!? Sweetest man EVER!  (And no, I didn't correct him :) )

I made my way to the police department and got my baby back. Happiest girl ever. I thought my days of WWF and iMessage were over, but boy was I wrong. Seriously though, the Clearwater PD was so easy to work with and it was so nice to know that they viewed my big deal as a priority, even though they had MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger stuff going on as well. The sweet sgt. that got my phone for me had to go off on an emergency call as soon as my phone was retrieved. 

The one bad thing? My phone seriously smells like it spent the night in a cigarette and liquor filled hades and I am super afraid of what it might have touched. So Momma Bev gave me permission to order a new otterbox and my phone itself has been scrubbed with rubbing alcohol. After all, that spends a lot of time near my face.

Moral of the story: If you have an iPhone make sure you have Find My iPhone installed. And when you call the police, have searched the area enough that you can give them the name of wherever your phone is. And thank a police officer. They protect us, keep us safe and even take the time to save our stolen stuff. 

Have a happy Monday!!


Happy Birthday Hev!

I made it back alive from Florida, thank goodness. Although my phone got stolen, but I got it back... story to come later this week!

Today I want to wish one of my best friends a happy 24th birthday! Hev and I have been friends forever it seems like, but it's only been since my freshman year of high school, so almost ten years!


Happy 24th! I am so sad I am not there to spend it with you but I know between your awesome dad and Kaye, your mom's birthday week gifts, Emily, Michael and the so many others that love you, it will be fantastic! I so wish I was there right now with you :(. 

I am so proud of you for living your dream as an elementary school teacher. I know everything is not perfect right now, but I know you are making a HUGE difference in the lives of your kids and that you are the absolute perfect teacher for them right now.

You have had such a fun 23rd year and I am so glad I was a part of it. From the very beginning, through Kel's wedding festivities, our fun trip to Canada, getting your Master's degree and our winter break fun, I am so glad I got to be a part of it!

 (23rd birthday)

 (Kel's bachelorette party)

 (Kelley & Cory's Wedding with your daddy!)

(Getting your Master's degree!)

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life! I feel lucky to know you :). I know God has big plans in store for you this year and I can't wait to see them unfold. I can't wait to celebrate with you when I come home next. I promise I will make your birthday up to you since I missed it this year. Now get up, go out and have a great day. And reclaim that hour back that DST stole from you, you deserve a full 24 hours of birthday fun!!




I'm Aliveeee!

Well hello there loves, long time no chat!

Fortunately, Momma and Daddy have given me their brand new computer to use until I get a new one so I should be blogging more regularly now :).

However, I am in sunny, beautiful, 80 degree Florida until Saturday so my internet access is limited! Right now I am in a Panera attempting to get some work done so that I can play. It is a bummer to be inside doing work rather than laying on the beach, but I know I will have more peace of mind if I can get this done.

Here is a view directly from our balcony :). I usually spend time in the morning drinking my coffee and doing my devotional there, and then I pop back out to watch the sunset, beautiful! And this is completely unedited. Needless to say I won't be coming home ;).

I've been spending my time with S and his friends, laying out on the beach, going for walks and enjoying the relaxation. S and I got to drive out to pick one of his friends up and had a lunch date and a good car talk... those are my favorite :). We also saw this little fella on our walk back from some errands yesterday. 

Just wanted to bop in a say a quick hello. I am doing a little blog reading here and there and I promise to be back in action next week! Have a great Wednesday!


Bopping In

Just bopping in to say a real quick Hi to all you beauts :).

I was planning to be burning rubber by now but one of my professors has given me a difficult problem to makeup for my absence in his class on Tuesday. I was just getting an echocardiogram and hooked up to a heart monitor, so clearly I was skipping for pleasure...NOT. So instead I am still stuck here in the 'burg in the awful place known as the math emporium.

At least this gives me the opportunity to blog! I am still computerless but I should have one shortly, at least a temporary one. :) So happy! I miss my mac terribly and I am hoping the graduation fairy might bring me one a little early as a present for completing my education and trying to get a job in attempt to stop draining her bank account, haha!

I just keep reminding myself that I am only 48 hours from having my toes in the sand! So excited!! 

Unfortunately, the same professor has given me a take home exam to do over break... such a sweetheart, right? Although I'm not complaining a lot. I would take a week at the beach with a little work than another week full of classes here in the mountains!

Hoping to check in soon ladies, hope you are having a great Thursday!

FYI, I am sorry I have been so lame at commenting lately, my phone makes it super difficult, but I am definitely still reading :)