Bopping In

Just bopping in to say a real quick Hi to all you beauts :).

I was planning to be burning rubber by now but one of my professors has given me a difficult problem to makeup for my absence in his class on Tuesday. I was just getting an echocardiogram and hooked up to a heart monitor, so clearly I was skipping for pleasure...NOT. So instead I am still stuck here in the 'burg in the awful place known as the math emporium.

At least this gives me the opportunity to blog! I am still computerless but I should have one shortly, at least a temporary one. :) So happy! I miss my mac terribly and I am hoping the graduation fairy might bring me one a little early as a present for completing my education and trying to get a job in attempt to stop draining her bank account, haha!

I just keep reminding myself that I am only 48 hours from having my toes in the sand! So excited!! 

Unfortunately, the same professor has given me a take home exam to do over break... such a sweetheart, right? Although I'm not complaining a lot. I would take a week at the beach with a little work than another week full of classes here in the mountains!

Hoping to check in soon ladies, hope you are having a great Thursday!

FYI, I am sorry I have been so lame at commenting lately, my phone makes it super difficult, but I am definitely still reading :)

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