I'm Aliveeee!

Well hello there loves, long time no chat!

Fortunately, Momma and Daddy have given me their brand new computer to use until I get a new one so I should be blogging more regularly now :).

However, I am in sunny, beautiful, 80 degree Florida until Saturday so my internet access is limited! Right now I am in a Panera attempting to get some work done so that I can play. It is a bummer to be inside doing work rather than laying on the beach, but I know I will have more peace of mind if I can get this done.

Here is a view directly from our balcony :). I usually spend time in the morning drinking my coffee and doing my devotional there, and then I pop back out to watch the sunset, beautiful! And this is completely unedited. Needless to say I won't be coming home ;).

I've been spending my time with S and his friends, laying out on the beach, going for walks and enjoying the relaxation. S and I got to drive out to pick one of his friends up and had a lunch date and a good car talk... those are my favorite :). We also saw this little fella on our walk back from some errands yesterday. 

Just wanted to bop in a say a quick hello. I am doing a little blog reading here and there and I promise to be back in action next week! Have a great Wednesday!


Cori H. said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time in Florida! Pretty pictures! Have fun!

Charlotte said...

Have a great time! RELAX!! :) xo