I'll Be, Okay.

Anyone else love that song? It is from one of my FAVORITEEEE movies in the world, My Best Friend's Wedding. It's by Amanda Marshall if anyone is wondering!

Anyyyyywaaayyys beauts, it is time for another It's Okay Thursday with Neely and Amber! 

It's Okay...

  • That I have decided to run a marathon. There is a reason I've given myself over eight months to train ;).
  • That I am scared poo-less to do this, so I have to blog/talk about it so I actually go through with it.
  • To think that Norts (Nike running shorts) are the greatest invention ever. Am I allowed to wear these as daily wear after I leave college?
  • That I spent over an hour last night on Pinterest. I am dying for cute "House Divided" stuff. They have lots of baby clothes, but I found a garter too! Not that I need any of that stuff anytime soon... whoooops.
  • That this Facebook fast has made me fall in love with Twitter. It is seriously, so much better. Follow me if you want to, @meganeliz2. Not that I'm promising entertaining tweets, but I'm not promising you aren't missing out either ;).
  • That I love my roommate dearly, but I wish she would go home this weekend to her fiance instead of him coming here so I can have some real alone time with S. I want to be able to cook dinner and watch a movie without having to worry about other people. Plus I always shove us in my room if they are there because I don't want to be rude, which is rude to Stuart and kinda dumb.
  • That I don't have a home church yet... I don't really have a permanent "home." S and I are going to Blacksburg Baptist this weekend because they have a "mixed" service, between traditional (more me) and contemporary (more him). I'm excited!
  • That I wrote this post during my Research Methods class. It is boring and senioritis is reaaaalll bad. Whoops.
  • That my plan for the day includes a run, dying my hair, painting my nails, going to class, a bottle of wine and some Redbox with my girls. Mmmmhmmm, perfect Thursday (other than class!)
Happy Thursday Beauts!


Ryan said...

A marathon? Wow! I'm so impressed and inspired! I'm running my first 5K in less than a month (EEK!) and am so freaked out! Way to go, girl!

I love your 24 in 24 (and your blog, in general - newest follower!).

(And I'm hosting a link-up - would love for you to come join in!)

Charlotte said...

Again, we're the same person. I love a traditional church and Ty likes contemporary! And hello in my norts now!!

Ashley said...

Congrats on the marathon, I'm sure you'll be great -- maybe it will give me the motivation to sign up for my first half! And, I'm kind of obsessed with Twitter and obviously just followed you :)

Just bought a pair of NEON PINK norts today at Nordstrom! Best waste of $32 ever!!!!

Claire said...

Ah norts!!!! I've never heard that word- but own 100 pairs of them! Must let Marc know we have a new vocabulary word for him. We play "what kind of bag" and he knows the diff bw JPK and Longchamp now Hahahaha he says them in his "sorority" voice. He may kill me now that this is public knowledge.

Patty said...

A marathon is so impressive! Even in 8 months, I don't think I could train in 8 months!