But not really. I just wanted a word that played off of Wednesday. Or maybe I do have a little whining to do.

I'd like to whine about this 8am exam I have tomorrow that I have barely started studying for... senioritis at it's best perhaps? Buuuttt, I am lucky to be graduating and that this class is not that difficult. I know I can do decently in it regardless, and that is reassuring.

I'd also like to whine that our internet was out all day. Buuuuttt, we did get it back and I submitted an application I needed to using the internet at work :)

I could whine about how sore my body is after trying my first group workout in years (body pump!). Buuuttt, I got to support my friend Lindsey who taught her first class today and I got a workout in. And I didn't hate it. So maybe not ;).

I could whine about the 2 1/2 hour drive tomorrow to Cville. Buuuttt, I get to see Stuart and that is worth the crazy gas prices and tedious drive on the most obnoxious interstate in Virginia (well after 95, that is).

I could while about a lot of things. But I am blessed and I need to remember that when I go to whine. Anyone else got some whines they can find the blessings in?

Happy Wednes(almost Thurs)day beauties!


Stephen said...

Well, I have to spend tomorrow evening schmoozing with a major client ... But it's at a platinum-catered function at a blockbuster football game. Surely going in the "win" column!

Ashley said...

Everyones allowed to whine once in a while! And I would whine more about having to drive to end up at UVA.. haha just kidding :) kind of...

8am in general is the worst. Definitely should be a time where everyone is still staring at the inside of their eyelids :)

Hope you had a great weekend!