What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a while so I thought I'd link up with sweet Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm Loving...

  • The Lilly Buttercup shorts. The scalloped trip is precious! Found here!
  • That my cardiologist says I can workout again! Things are okay for now and I couldn't be more thrilled :)
  • The two new tunics I scored at Gap outlet yesterday. I can't find the pictures online but one is a sheer navy and white button up and the other is a cream color and sort of peasant-y. Adorable!
  • The new otterbox I ordered for my iPhone! It should be sleeker than the other one I had, and I ordered a monogram to put on the back to personalize it. I will share a picture when everything arrives.
  • Neutral everything. Adore. Like this via Jcrew.
  • The beautiful spring weather! I love "blow drying" my hair by just putting my windows down... glorious!
  • S, of course.
Happy Wednesday!


Claire said...

Loving the good news from your doctor! Congrats! And you KNOW I'm trying to find those shorts at bloomie's Friday! All else fails I'm ordering online ASAP! Love love love! And I love this weather! I've had my windows down all week!

Sarah said...

I lovvvve that we have a Gap outlet! Congrats on getting back to working out! And what perfect weather to welcome you back! :)

Holly said...

Those shorts are really cute! :)

Dropping by from WILW.