It's a rainy Thursday here in Blacksburg and I actually made it to my 8am. I think that's something to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate Thursday than with Neely and Amber's "It's Ok Thursday!"

Today, it's okay...

  • That I haven't made it to either of my MW classes this week. These doctor appointments are killer, but my professors are understanding and I know whats going on with my body.
  • That I have no green for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe by making some delicious green cupcakes people will forget to pinch me?
  • That I actually have no plans for St. Patrick's Day other than making said cupcakes...it depends on what my "people" are doing this weekend!
  • That I've been watching Friends every night starting at 8pm because of the marathon this week... there truly is nothing better than having Friends on at all hours!
  • That I got Frosty Parrot last night even though I am really trying to watch what I eat... I did get blueberries and only a few chocolate chips when I really wanted a TON of Reese's. Win? I say yes.
  • That I hate this stupid computer my parents bought that they are letting me borrow. I am so thankful to just have something, but the 30 minutes I spent last night trying to figure out why the control key was held down was too much. Plus I keep hitting random stuff that makes me type in different places and it is so irritating! I miss my mac :(
  • That I don't care about March Madness. I go to a football school with a basketball team that didn't even make it into the NIT. Sad, yes. Will I end up watching some of the games because of S? Yes. Thaaattt doesn't mean I have to care!
Happy Thursday y'all!


Ashley said...

I think the only reason that I am loving March Madness is because I'm so freaking competitive!!! I wish football season were year round -- let's start that petition??

And Froyo is ALWAYS a good idea. I justify it with fresh fruit too (and maybe sometimes a few gummy bears... but just a few)! Have fun this weekend! I always loved going to Macado's for St. Pattys!

Claire said...

The Friends marathon was like THE BEST thing that ever happened HAHA! They should do that every week!!! Ps I miss you IRL and hope you are going to pass through the Mond or be in the 757 soon!!!!