Top Two Tuesday and Weekend Ramblings

First off, head on over to Taylor at the Undomestic Momma, and link up with her always adorable, Top 2 Tuesday :) This week's theme is the top two outfits you are loving for spring :)

1. This adorable Nautical look from J Crew. My sister bought me the shirt for Christmas, and I am loving it now with skinny jeans and brown boots, but I love the thought of transitioning it for spring with a high waisted khaki skirt! Too cute :) 

via j crew

2. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer and I am loving this Banana Republic one shouldered dress for the rehearsal dinner. I love the light purple and the classic, clean lines. I'm begging it to go on sale ;). I'd probably pair it with my platinum Jack Rogers, or maybe some strappy sandals.

Now, for a weekend update :). This weekend was so much of a whirlwind for me, with the beginning of sorority recruitment! We got into bed late and got up early every day, preparing for the girls. I am more nervous about their party lists than they are, I think! We had to call a girl early Sunday morning to let her know she had been dropped because of grades, and that was incredibly hard. On an up note, my baby sister seems to be doing incredibly well and enjoying herself at that. 

I am also happy to be back in my own bed :) The Holiday Inn in Blacksburg is lovely (no seriously, they have granite countertops) but nothing tops being back in my own cozy place. That is not to say that I didn't absolutely love my roommates, or that I don't miss my rg partner, Heather. For real, we have had the best time together, constantly laughing and really leaning on each other when we were having a hard situation with the girls. I wish I had pictures, but honestly, we all look rough throughout this process, haha.

On another note, my bff has granted me permission to give out her blog address, so go check her out! Heather is a grad student, getting her masters in Education to become an elementary school teacher, so she probably has a lot in common with some of you guys!

Have a great Tuesday :) 


Baking cookies and Psych

As I pack up my life for the next four days, without any hope of coming back for things I've forgotten (I will literally be a mile from my house and cannot come back for anyyyyything, nuts I know) I have started watching Psych. HILARIOUS. Have y'all ever watched it? Highly recommended, I love the mystery aspect of it, but it's not weighed down with heavy drama like most mystery shows these days. 

I have a confession. Normally I make cookies from scratch, but today I'm being lazy. I bought the premade dough from WM last night, and my rg partner is coming over to help me make them. To be fair, I didn't get the break and buy kind, I did get the rolls you have to divide yourself, haha. I'm making like sixty and I didn't want to dirty all the bowls, haha.

I'm back to my crispix and soy/almond milk addiction. Just ate some for lunch, yuuummmmmmmm.

I know this is entirely random. Oh well, my life is entirely random right now.

You'd think since this morning is my last morning to sleep in for a while, I would have taken the opportunity. Nopppeee, my lovely body woke me up about eight thirty.

wilw :)

Even though it's almost Thursday, I thought I'd do a quick link up to Jamie this week :). I'm loving a few things this week.

1. I'm loving that I get to see my pnms tomorrow! I can't wait to help these little babes find their true home and start the best time of their lives ;). Even though it will be clouded with little sleep, chattering teeth and probably some crying girls, I know it will be worth it in the end!

2. Speaking of, I am loving my rg partner and all of the great girls I have met. I am constantly laughing and I cannot wait to spend more time with them this weekend. I do however miss my girls in the dolphin tank (sorority house) and I am counting down the days until I am reunited with them!

3. I am LOVING that my best friend has started her own blog :) If and when she gives me permission, I will share the link with y'all. She is precious, adorable, and a great friend, and I know you future teachers will relate to her! 

4. I am loving feeling back to normal after my tonsillectomy, and I am loving that the weight I lost from the surgery hasn't been gained back. Now if only I can keep it off... especially for the wedding I am in in a mere five months. AHHHHH I cannot believe I am old enough to marry one of my friends off. 

5. I am also loving that my guy bff is talking about starting his own blog. You know who you are.. cough Jim cough, and I can't wait to read it. Mainly because it will be about Call of Duty, weekend excursions back to the 'burg, and the lovely King George County. 

6. As always, I am loving this sweet boy. If you would, could you say a prayer for him tonight? He fell off the side of a mountain (no joke) while he was snowboarding, and we think he has a mild concussion. He did make the decision to be driven home by a friend of his, and should be going to the doctor in the morning, but I am nervous about him sleeping tonight. This is a picture he sent me this afternoon, after his spill. Poor thing.

7. I am loving that my baby sister is going through recruitment. I am so so so so so so excited for her (not to mention nervousss!) She is going to do really well, and I know the houses will love her :) ( I know, we look nothinnnggg alike!)

8. I am loving that I get to SLEEP IN tomorrow :)

Good Nighhhtt!