Baking cookies and Psych

As I pack up my life for the next four days, without any hope of coming back for things I've forgotten (I will literally be a mile from my house and cannot come back for anyyyyything, nuts I know) I have started watching Psych. HILARIOUS. Have y'all ever watched it? Highly recommended, I love the mystery aspect of it, but it's not weighed down with heavy drama like most mystery shows these days. 

I have a confession. Normally I make cookies from scratch, but today I'm being lazy. I bought the premade dough from WM last night, and my rg partner is coming over to help me make them. To be fair, I didn't get the break and buy kind, I did get the rolls you have to divide yourself, haha. I'm making like sixty and I didn't want to dirty all the bowls, haha.

I'm back to my crispix and soy/almond milk addiction. Just ate some for lunch, yuuummmmmmmm.

I know this is entirely random. Oh well, my life is entirely random right now.

You'd think since this morning is my last morning to sleep in for a while, I would have taken the opportunity. Nopppeee, my lovely body woke me up about eight thirty.

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