Foxfields 2012!

Happy Sunday!

We spent most of our weekend either preparing for, attending or recovering from Foxfields. If you've ever been to the Carolina Cup, I would imagine its pretty similar to Foxfields - it's a horse race but rarely do us college kids see the horses :).

We decided pretty late to go- as in Friday but by the time we decided to get tickets, two of Stuart's other roommates decided to join us! I had to buy a new dress and of course a hat since I didn't pack anything to go... suchhhh a sacrifice, haha!

We had a great time and it was nice being with some of Stuart's our friends for one of the last times before graduation.

Before we left. The dress came from Macy's and the hat is good ole Targ :)

S's two girl roommates (he lives in a house of six) that I adore. Such fun girls and I am so sad they are leaving Cville :(.

Right after we arrived the bottom dropped. S decided the best solution for this was to stand in the rain and dance a bit.

Laura and Joe making the best of the rain.

It finally stopped raining and we made it to see a few horses!

Such a fat cat. He even trekked through the mud to go get this cigar - a must have at Foxfields. I even smoked a bit of it... sorry mom!

J.B. and I. Laura's boyfriend and one of my all around favorite people. Yep, that's a rain coat over my white lace dress... only in Virginia.

We all made it back home, napped for a while and woke up, order dinner and hung out together for the rest of the night. S is at a meeting right now and should be back soon because we have plans for a lazy Sunday afternoon together before I head back to Blacksburg for my last week of classes...eeekkk!

Hope the rest of you have a great Sunday!



Anyone else channel Carrie Bradshaw as they type (especially Mac users?). No? Just me? Oh well. I hear her voice when I am writing blog posts sometimes. Although there will be little relationship advice over here because I am just learning as I go :).

Anyways, I am getting ready to head out for the weekend and now that I have my pretty new Macbook Pro, I can actually burn CD's (yes, CD's! My 2006 car has neither a tape player or a iPod jack sadly) for my road trip :).

I love seeing what other people listen to and I thought I'd share some of my playlist with y'all. (The second half is grey because I am currently burning) 

As you can see, I have a preeeetty random assortment of tunes. The first song is a cover by the Sun Kings, S's band with his roommates. It is a pretty good cover if I do say so myself.

Admittedly, I love oldies and I especially LOVE 70's singer songwriter stuff. See the Carole King, Pure Prairie League and Hall & Oates? Adore!! And I rock out to some Pink Floyd.

We are also huge Beatles fans around here. Our "song" is Something by The Beatles. Great, great, great song :).

I love me some country and Kenny is my absolute fav! Although Stuart HATES You and Tequila because I played it about every other second last summer after we saw him in concert in June. Whooopsss. I also love some older country like the classic Harper Valley PTA and I even through in a little Gwyneth singing Country Strong from her movie with hottie Tim McGraw.

I am a 90's kid to the core and I actually can't believe I didn't put any Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys on there. I must be growing up... pshhh not, I wish I could go back and add them. With or Without You and Foolish Games are two songs I BEEELLLTTTT out. Love. And can anyone else tell me what Duncan Sheik has done since Barely Breathing. One hit wonder maybe?

Like any good Hokie, I included Enter Sandman as well :)

Anyone else jam out to these tunes or have any good stories behind why they love certain songs?

If you see me bopping up 81, don't you fret - just because I'm looking a fool singing with my best car voice doesn't mean I'm not paying attention to the road.

Happy (rainy) Thursday!!


Back to So What!

I adore Shannon's So What Wednesday at L.A.I.D. and I know you will too if you bop on over and check it out :) Most hilarious reads all week found right thurrr ;)

So What...

  • If I turn on the same Big Bang Theory dvd after Friends goes off at 1am if I am still up. I die laughing everytime. Seriously, one of S's roommates IS Sheldon and he kills me! 

  • If I CANNOT get the little capicha things right the first time, EVER. They are so blurry and hard to read and rarely real words... I seriously feel like an idiot every time. I am not a robot, promise!

  • If I can't help looking at wedding cakes, especially when my roommate pins them for me on Pinterest and they are delicious and beautiful looking. At least it's only cakes. Lets be real, its definitely more than cakes bahaha. Found on theknot.com

  • That I saw S last weekend and I'm driving to Cville to see him again this weekend... he's worth it and I want to spend some more time with him and his roommates before they all leave!

  • That I chose this photo for our thank you cards for the donations for St. Jude last year because I look skinnaaay (for me at least). Tired face, who cares? It's all about that skinny arm (clearly seen in every photo of me forever).

Happy Wednesday and y'all go link up!


Hello beauties :)

Things have changed a little around here, and I am liking it!

I was a little over the old theme I had going on and with my fantastic Google skills and a little prior CSS knowledge, I was able to change things a bit. I will probably be making a few more changes around here within the next few weeks, but after hours of working on it tonight, I am pretty happy! More than likely the tab layout will be changing, but that shouldn't cause any big commotion! 

If you notice, I also changed the name (but not the URL, if anyone has any advice on this please let me know because I am ready to not have my whole name as my URL) because Life's A Beach felt a little dated for me. I started collecting stuff with that name many years ago and it was my AIM screen name if that gives you any clue.

I still wanted to stick with the beach theme because so much of my roots started there, but I wanted to add a little in about my more grown up life too...hence the Boots. If you are curious as to why, ask this guy:

The real one, not the incredibly LAME mascot of his silly school. He started the nickname and bought me the cowboy boots. Although neither of us remember how the nickname started, bahah.

I'm thinking this pretty new design will make me blog more, no? After all, this is my second post today. :)


You're Gonna Miss This

I know y'all are probably sick of me talking about leaving soon and how sad I am but I truly am! That song by Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This" has been running in my head all afternoon.

I have spent today doing the usual stuff, getting up and going to class, heading to work, another class, a run and dinner on campus but I just soaked it up today.

I absolutely adore where I work and I am so sad to be leaving. The CAUS office at Virginia Tech has been amazing and I have learned so much there over my years. Today, my boss Tracey even encouraged me to stay in higher ed, telling me she thinks I am so good at what I do- what a reassuring compliment! They are all so kind and interested in me and my wellbeing, I don't know that any work environment I enter into will compare!

I also JUST TODAY discovered a fantastic running trail by my house. I cannot believe I am leaving in two weeks and I found perfection, so lame. Nicole even ran with me and then we went to grab dinner on campus. I am even going to miss my favorite salad from West End.

If you can't tell, I don't deal well with change at all and this one is particularly hard. Not only am I leaving my favorite place, I am leaving some of my very best friends and the place that I call home. I will soon be really leaving the nest and moving somewhere with a job (fingers crossed!!) and starting a brand new stage of my life and I am scared pooless. 

That being said, I am excited to move on to bigger things, but I want to soak up and cherish every moment I have pounding the pavement in Blacksburg, curled up on my couch watching Wheel and Jeopardy with my roommate and every trek across campus. Because I most certainly know that I will miss this and want it back at some point.

P.S. Head on over to Southern Simplicity and read something just for you. I know I needed it today!


Just MACin It

Finalllyyy my Mac is herreee!! Happy early graduation to me!

She is quite the beaut, and will be making blogging MUCH easier, so I should be around more :).

She arrived Friday afternoon in time for me to admire her before hanging out with my fam a bit and waiting for Stuart to get here. We had a delicious dinner at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant and then headed downtown to meet some friends :). Goodness I am going to miss this so much soon.

 Rooms and I

 Stuart and I

 Drinking a beer in honor of the Kane fam!

 The self photo option on my iPhone is not so good.

Linds and I :)

Saturday we headed out to tailgate for the spring game, made it through some crazy rain, hot sunshine and back to crazy rain before tailing it to a local bar so my roommates fiance could watch the Caps game. We grabbed dinner and headed home for the night and spent time just the four of us. 

We ventured out late night to grab Benny's pizza and I got pulled over on the way home! I had a headlight out, but Josh thinks the cop was trying to grab me for a DUI since he said he saw me crossing the double yellow line, which I know I didn't! This was at 11 pm and I had stopped drinking before 3pm so I was absolutely sober. He did let me off with a warning since I was almost to my apartment and wasn't going to drive anymore with my headlight out!

Sunday we had Chipotle with Jim and then snuggled on the couch until S had to leave to head back to Cville. Goodness, I am ready for that to end! Hopefully only a few more months left to do this long distance thing!

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on my computer transferring music and pictures. Like 3000 of my pictures came in doubled so I had to delete all the duplicates. Now everything is all organized and perfect :).

Happy Monday!!


Friday Letters

I have always loved this idea and I am so glad Ashley does a weekly linkup! Y'all head over and join the fun :)

Dear Besties, Lets never leave each other and stay right here in Blacksburg on my couch drinking wine and watching movies forever. Especially if Food Lion keeps putting delicious wine on sale for $3.24 a bottle. Love, someone who is really sad to grow up.

Dear Hokie Bird, You are a clever little fellow to figure out this way to cool off after a hot day of serving the Hokie nation. I always knew you were the smartest mascot out there. Love, Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi.

Dear little and littlest bit, It makes me so proud to see you serving our wonderful school and looking adorable while you do it. I am so lucky to be your big/grandbig. Seriously, best fam ever. Thank you for repping norts as any good srat biddy would. Love, Granny cupcake.

Dear Virginia Tech, Thank you for being the most wonderful place a girl could spend four years of her life. You are certainly the most beautiful college campus ever. You will always be home and I will always be proud to have TWO degrees from here. Love, The Almost Alum.

Dear Boots, Get here quick. Two weeks is far too long to be away from each other and I miss you. See you tonight! P.S. You always look the cutest in orange and maroon ;). Love, Me.

Dear beautiful blog readers, Sorry I have been a terrible blogger lately. I promise to get better... a few posts this week is an improvement I think! Happy Friday! Love, the terrible blogger.


April 16, 2007- Five Years Later

I cannot believe it has been five years. 

Five years ago today I was sitting in my high school senior government class, anxiously anticipating college. The next four years of my life. The biggest change I could have faced thus far in my life. And 300 miles away, someone was changing my college forever.

You all know the details, some more than others of that awful day. I cannot imagine having been there. Waking up to snow flurries and going back to sleep or getting up and making it to class made all the difference that day. I can't imagine waking up to a text message telling me to turn on the tv or hearing whispers in class and hiding under a desk in Torg, watching the Swat team swarm campus. I can't imagine being in Norris Hall that day, or in A-J or a parent of a student or a student or anyone other than who I was. Simply a girl whose entire childhood revolved around that school in the mountain. That girl whose family vacation money was spent in the walls of a football stadium and around the Duckpond and in the Litton-Reeves parking lot. A girl who knew the magic of the orange and maroon color combination and who felt the heartbeat of the Hokie Nation. Who was proud to wear the iconic VT on a t-shirt or a sweatshirt and knew what a Hokie is, or was. I can't place myself there and I never,ever want to take away from anyone who was. 

32 white balloons in honor of those fallen.

I have never known a college experience without a memorial, or a candlelight vigil, or a 3.2 mile run in honor of the 32 on April 16th. I have never attended a class on April 16th. I have never been able to tell someone where I attend school that hasn't asked me if I was there, as if that would make their approach to me different in someway. Maybe they'd be more reserved, talk quieter, avoid asking more questions, I honestly have no idea. I usually answer a quick no, and we move on with our conversation. 

Orange and maroon balloons for the Hokie nation.

I know my Virginia Tech. The place where we have had two smaller-scale tragedies since that day. Two tragedies in combination with that day that have caused my beloved school to be called "cursed" by a local newspaper reporter without a sense of tact or a knowledge of how strong our community can be when it is attacked. 

Before the 3.2 run.

I know my Virginia Tech, post April 16th Virginia Tech. The resilient community that cleaned up the aftermath of this awful, tragic, horrible day with nothing but grace, respect and the drive to better ourselves in honor of our Hokies. I can think of no one else I'd rather be and no other community I would rather be a part of. 

Crossing the finish line.

I ran on Saturday, I will stop for the moment of silence tomorrow and attend the vigil tomorrow night. I will neVer forgeT. I will watch Nikki GioVanni read the poem and I will cry with chills every time I hear "Lets Go Hokies" chanted in Cassell afterwards. I will stop and pray and remember those students, who were younger than I am now, who lost their lives that day. I won't ever pretend like I was there and lived through that experience in Blacksburg that day, but I won't ever forget this day in my own life. I am a part of a community that was incredibly resilient. I am a part of a community that stood together and stands together and will continue to after I leave this place in four short weeks. I am a Hokie.


Oh Hey

Oh hey there long lost blog!

It feels like it's been forever and honestly I have no good reason as to why I disappeared. Honestly, I've just been enjoying life and spending time with my friends and family. We had a great Easter weekend and I actually spent more than 24 hours at home... crazy, right!?! I hadn't been home for more than a hot minute and I loved getting to spend time with my Momma and Daddy. Plussss my bff Heidi was home and my little was there visiting her boyfriend so I got some girl time in too. And that smelly ole boy I like was around as well ;). 

I got to spend some quality time with people I love and considering there are some big changes happening soon, I am enjoying this time. I am going to try and be around more, I have lots of things to say but I can never remember when I have the time to sit down and blog!

Happy Wednesday!


Monogrammed iPhone Case, Myyyy Way!

I'm gonna be honest with y'all... I'm cheap and a college student. Which basically means I have little to zero money most of the time for fun things (momma and daddy pay for all of my school needs). Buuuutttt, I like nice things. So, when it comes to clothing, I'm a clearance rack kinda girl. You can find me in the back at the clearance rack at Target, Loft, Banana, Gap and various others. I love me a good sale.

I also love to find ways to get what I want for cheaper than the norm! I had a monogrammed iPhone case, but sadly it was not protective enough and I cracked my first phone. No bueno. I knew an Otterbox case would be super protective and exactly what I needed, but unfortunately there are few companies that make them, and those that do are too much for this college girl's budget. Here comes Amazon and Etsy!

I ordered a plain Otterbox from Amazon (so much cheaper and I got free shipping!) and then scoured Etsy looking for a monogram sticker small enough to fit my phone. In comes Happy Thoughts Gifts. I got an adorable monogram sticker for 7 dollars to go along with my around 20 dollar PROTECTIVE iPhone case! I couldn't be happier... see :) My case is blue and the sticker is cream, and I love the combo! I didn't want super bright yellow, and I didn't want white for fear it would get dirty. Plus I get to rep Tridelta! (PS excuse the look, I had been in the car and then in a group meeting for hours on Sunday night)

Even though it took a little longer for it all to come together, I am so pleased with the result. I die for anything monogrammed.

Happy Tuesday!

(I was not compensated for any of the products or companies mentioned. I just love all of them!)


Another Sunday

Happy Sunday y'all!

I don't know about you but this warm weather has made me more active, thus making the weekends flyyyyyy by even faster!

I headed to Charlottesville Thursday afternoon because one of my classes was cancelled and it ended up being the best afternoon. The weather was beautiful and we started with lunch at Take It Away, the most delicious sandwich shop that side of the Blue Ridge. Seriously, the best. And they sell their bread ends to dip with their AMAZING house dressing... perfection. I did end up getting a real meal though, haha.
After that, we wondered around a used book store and then walked down to the Downtown Mall to grab some froyo and enjoy the weather. We ended up spending about five hours just walking around and talking - absolute perfection! Seriously, one of the best afternoons Stuart and I have spent together in a long time. We talked about anything and everything and even googled apartments around the area and looked at them for him. I could definitely seeing him (and both of us) happy there. :) We spent the rest of the night hanging out with his roommates and cooking dinner together.

Friday he had to work, so I went for a run and then met him for lunch and some record browsing. We both absolutely love vinyl so we spend lots of time parusing around record stores! I may have spent the rest of the afternoon watching Once Upon a Time. Or I may have been doing something more productive. Your guess as to which it actually was ;). Friday night was low key, we grabbed dinner on campus and went to Targ and Saturday was low key again. Stuart had a group meeting in the middle of the day so we just kinda lounged around and then grabbed Chipotle with his roommate mid afternoon. That night we decided to go on a date and ended up at a Mexican place because the Italian place we wanted to try was closed for a party. We then got some Starbucks and walked around grounds and spent some more time talking (theme for the weekend and one of  my favorite activities EVER!)
Not the best photo ever, but a sweet memory in and of itself. Stuart got me to watch Airplane! for the first time and by the end all of his roommates tuned in with us. It was so stupid, but funny at the same time. Today we got some lunch and hung around the mall until I had to leave. Such a simple weekend, but I really didn't want to leave. It was perfect. Hopefully in a few weeks I won't have to leave anymore!!

Currently watching the ACM's and waiting for my dinner to arrive. Thus is the life of a single college girl, a life I won't be living much longer so I gotta live it up! Anyone else notice that the beat and the singers are off? So distracting.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!