Foxfields 2012!

Happy Sunday!

We spent most of our weekend either preparing for, attending or recovering from Foxfields. If you've ever been to the Carolina Cup, I would imagine its pretty similar to Foxfields - it's a horse race but rarely do us college kids see the horses :).

We decided pretty late to go- as in Friday but by the time we decided to get tickets, two of Stuart's other roommates decided to join us! I had to buy a new dress and of course a hat since I didn't pack anything to go... suchhhh a sacrifice, haha!

We had a great time and it was nice being with some of Stuart's our friends for one of the last times before graduation.

Before we left. The dress came from Macy's and the hat is good ole Targ :)

S's two girl roommates (he lives in a house of six) that I adore. Such fun girls and I am so sad they are leaving Cville :(.

Right after we arrived the bottom dropped. S decided the best solution for this was to stand in the rain and dance a bit.

Laura and Joe making the best of the rain.

It finally stopped raining and we made it to see a few horses!

Such a fat cat. He even trekked through the mud to go get this cigar - a must have at Foxfields. I even smoked a bit of it... sorry mom!

J.B. and I. Laura's boyfriend and one of my all around favorite people. Yep, that's a rain coat over my white lace dress... only in Virginia.

We all made it back home, napped for a while and woke up, order dinner and hung out together for the rest of the night. S is at a meeting right now and should be back soon because we have plans for a lazy Sunday afternoon together before I head back to Blacksburg for my last week of classes...eeekkk!

Hope the rest of you have a great Sunday!


Michelle P said...

Love these pictures!

Claire said...

Once again, I love this little Dressie! I always forget about Macy's! Must remember to look there!!! ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!