You're Gonna Miss This

I know y'all are probably sick of me talking about leaving soon and how sad I am but I truly am! That song by Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This" has been running in my head all afternoon.

I have spent today doing the usual stuff, getting up and going to class, heading to work, another class, a run and dinner on campus but I just soaked it up today.

I absolutely adore where I work and I am so sad to be leaving. The CAUS office at Virginia Tech has been amazing and I have learned so much there over my years. Today, my boss Tracey even encouraged me to stay in higher ed, telling me she thinks I am so good at what I do- what a reassuring compliment! They are all so kind and interested in me and my wellbeing, I don't know that any work environment I enter into will compare!

I also JUST TODAY discovered a fantastic running trail by my house. I cannot believe I am leaving in two weeks and I found perfection, so lame. Nicole even ran with me and then we went to grab dinner on campus. I am even going to miss my favorite salad from West End.

If you can't tell, I don't deal well with change at all and this one is particularly hard. Not only am I leaving my favorite place, I am leaving some of my very best friends and the place that I call home. I will soon be really leaving the nest and moving somewhere with a job (fingers crossed!!) and starting a brand new stage of my life and I am scared pooless. 

That being said, I am excited to move on to bigger things, but I want to soak up and cherish every moment I have pounding the pavement in Blacksburg, curled up on my couch watching Wheel and Jeopardy with my roommate and every trek across campus. Because I most certainly know that I will miss this and want it back at some point.

P.S. Head on over to Southern Simplicity and read something just for you. I know I needed it today!

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