Hello beauties :)

Things have changed a little around here, and I am liking it!

I was a little over the old theme I had going on and with my fantastic Google skills and a little prior CSS knowledge, I was able to change things a bit. I will probably be making a few more changes around here within the next few weeks, but after hours of working on it tonight, I am pretty happy! More than likely the tab layout will be changing, but that shouldn't cause any big commotion! 

If you notice, I also changed the name (but not the URL, if anyone has any advice on this please let me know because I am ready to not have my whole name as my URL) because Life's A Beach felt a little dated for me. I started collecting stuff with that name many years ago and it was my AIM screen name if that gives you any clue.

I still wanted to stick with the beach theme because so much of my roots started there, but I wanted to add a little in about my more grown up life too...hence the Boots. If you are curious as to why, ask this guy:

The real one, not the incredibly LAME mascot of his silly school. He started the nickname and bought me the cowboy boots. Although neither of us remember how the nickname started, bahah.

I'm thinking this pretty new design will make me blog more, no? After all, this is my second post today. :)


Stephen said...

Glad you explained that. I was wondering what this new blog was I was reading!

Claire said...