Anyone else channel Carrie Bradshaw as they type (especially Mac users?). No? Just me? Oh well. I hear her voice when I am writing blog posts sometimes. Although there will be little relationship advice over here because I am just learning as I go :).

Anyways, I am getting ready to head out for the weekend and now that I have my pretty new Macbook Pro, I can actually burn CD's (yes, CD's! My 2006 car has neither a tape player or a iPod jack sadly) for my road trip :).

I love seeing what other people listen to and I thought I'd share some of my playlist with y'all. (The second half is grey because I am currently burning) 

As you can see, I have a preeeetty random assortment of tunes. The first song is a cover by the Sun Kings, S's band with his roommates. It is a pretty good cover if I do say so myself.

Admittedly, I love oldies and I especially LOVE 70's singer songwriter stuff. See the Carole King, Pure Prairie League and Hall & Oates? Adore!! And I rock out to some Pink Floyd.

We are also huge Beatles fans around here. Our "song" is Something by The Beatles. Great, great, great song :).

I love me some country and Kenny is my absolute fav! Although Stuart HATES You and Tequila because I played it about every other second last summer after we saw him in concert in June. Whooopsss. I also love some older country like the classic Harper Valley PTA and I even through in a little Gwyneth singing Country Strong from her movie with hottie Tim McGraw.

I am a 90's kid to the core and I actually can't believe I didn't put any Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys on there. I must be growing up... pshhh not, I wish I could go back and add them. With or Without You and Foolish Games are two songs I BEEELLLTTTT out. Love. And can anyone else tell me what Duncan Sheik has done since Barely Breathing. One hit wonder maybe?

Like any good Hokie, I included Enter Sandman as well :)

Anyone else jam out to these tunes or have any good stories behind why they love certain songs?

If you see me bopping up 81, don't you fret - just because I'm looking a fool singing with my best car voice doesn't mean I'm not paying attention to the road.

Happy (rainy) Thursday!!


Jen said...

OMG! I'm totally a 90's girl. I grew up in Seattle during the grunge era so I also die for some Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. That being said, I have two favorite play lists I made by searching certain words in my iTunes. One is drinking music (anything with alcohol in the title) and one is cheating music (anything with any type of betrayal in the title). As you can guess, those are both country music lists.

Thank you for inspiring me to shake up my iTunes. I may just have to share a post and will most definitely link up with you when I do.

Claire said...

I died reading your disclaimer. You look gorgeous in that picture (and ALL THE TIME) silly girl! Love your random assortment of tunes! And I have a cable for my ipod in my car but still LOVE cds. The cable won't fit in the phone with my hard case on soooo I hardly get to use it! CDs are the BEST!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love your random assortment of tunes! I've been loving A Woman Like You, and of course, TI's classic Whatever You Like is included on almost every playlist I have haha!

Hope you have a wonderful time at Foxfield tomorrow!

Ashley said...

ALWAYS include Enter Sandman (esp. this weekend after our beloved David Wilson was drafted in the first round -- only a bonus that it was to MY NEW YORK GIANTS!!)

Also kind of obsessed with Lee Brice's "Woman Like You" and "Country Strong"

Hope you have a great time at Foxfields!