Just MACin It

Finalllyyy my Mac is herreee!! Happy early graduation to me!

She is quite the beaut, and will be making blogging MUCH easier, so I should be around more :).

She arrived Friday afternoon in time for me to admire her before hanging out with my fam a bit and waiting for Stuart to get here. We had a delicious dinner at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant and then headed downtown to meet some friends :). Goodness I am going to miss this so much soon.

 Rooms and I

 Stuart and I

 Drinking a beer in honor of the Kane fam!

 The self photo option on my iPhone is not so good.

Linds and I :)

Saturday we headed out to tailgate for the spring game, made it through some crazy rain, hot sunshine and back to crazy rain before tailing it to a local bar so my roommates fiance could watch the Caps game. We grabbed dinner and headed home for the night and spent time just the four of us. 

We ventured out late night to grab Benny's pizza and I got pulled over on the way home! I had a headlight out, but Josh thinks the cop was trying to grab me for a DUI since he said he saw me crossing the double yellow line, which I know I didn't! This was at 11 pm and I had stopped drinking before 3pm so I was absolutely sober. He did let me off with a warning since I was almost to my apartment and wasn't going to drive anymore with my headlight out!

Sunday we had Chipotle with Jim and then snuggled on the couch until S had to leave to head back to Cville. Goodness, I am ready for that to end! Hopefully only a few more months left to do this long distance thing!

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on my computer transferring music and pictures. Like 3000 of my pictures came in doubled so I had to delete all the duplicates. Now everything is all organized and perfect :).

Happy Monday!!


Charlotte said...

Holy COW I am SO glad you had stopped drinking oh my goodness! Glad you had fun other than that mishap! Get that headlight fixed girl!

And I know you love having your Mac back!!

Claire said...

I'm jealous of your courage to wear cowboy boots and shorts. I cannot do it. What is WRONG WITH MEEEE

You're welcome for my comment attack btw