Friday Letters

I have always loved this idea and I am so glad Ashley does a weekly linkup! Y'all head over and join the fun :)

Dear Besties, Lets never leave each other and stay right here in Blacksburg on my couch drinking wine and watching movies forever. Especially if Food Lion keeps putting delicious wine on sale for $3.24 a bottle. Love, someone who is really sad to grow up.

Dear Hokie Bird, You are a clever little fellow to figure out this way to cool off after a hot day of serving the Hokie nation. I always knew you were the smartest mascot out there. Love, Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi.

Dear little and littlest bit, It makes me so proud to see you serving our wonderful school and looking adorable while you do it. I am so lucky to be your big/grandbig. Seriously, best fam ever. Thank you for repping norts as any good srat biddy would. Love, Granny cupcake.

Dear Virginia Tech, Thank you for being the most wonderful place a girl could spend four years of her life. You are certainly the most beautiful college campus ever. You will always be home and I will always be proud to have TWO degrees from here. Love, The Almost Alum.

Dear Boots, Get here quick. Two weeks is far too long to be away from each other and I miss you. See you tonight! P.S. You always look the cutest in orange and maroon ;). Love, Me.

Dear beautiful blog readers, Sorry I have been a terrible blogger lately. I promise to get better... a few posts this week is an improvement I think! Happy Friday! Love, the terrible blogger.


Cori H. said...

Love the letters! :) Have a great weekend girl!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Loving this post :)! Looks like you have a blast at your school, love when people have pride for their college!