Brittany at Sweet, Sassy and oh so Classy tagged me to share seven things about myself. She has the cutest blog, so y'all go on over there and check her out :)

Here it goes!
1. I worked at one of the beaches about five minutes from my house, selling hot dogs all through high school. I got to hang out on the beach all day during the summer, but I wasn't responsible for human life... perfect job!

2. I am obsessed with my ipod, and its subsequent demise this summer has left me heart broken... I am hoping Santa heard my requests for an ipod touch ;) Maybe it will even encourage me to start running again! 

3. Adoption has been weighing on my heart lately, and I am excited to see how God has it planned to play out in my life. Whether it be a career, a personal choice, something I support financially, it is definitely going to be a part of my life someday :)

4. I. DONT. WANT. TO. GRADUATE!! I know there are some people that are dyyyinnnggg to get out of school and out in the real world. I am not one of them. I loveLOVElove being at Tech, where I live, my roommate, my friends, ect, and I am kicking and screaming for an extra semester... unfortunately with only nine credits left, I am out of luck.

5. If I could wear leggings every day, I would. I love being cozy, and long cardigans, leggings and sweaters are SO SO SO cozy! What do you think? Are leggings pants? In the sorority world, leggings are most definitely pants, but it drives my boyfriend c.r.a.z.y. haha.

6. I'm a big traditionalist. As in I am not a big fan of change. We are doing Christmas a little differently this year, and I am not happy. However, I am excited to embrace some of Stuart's family traditions as my own :)

7. I don't have a facebook right now, and as sad as it is, it actually is a nice change for a little while. ( I am a recruitment guide for girls going through the sorority recruitment process, and since we have to disaffiliate, we are required to take down our facebook... I'll be back on Jan 24th!)

Merry Christmas everyone :)


What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

Head on over to Jamie's and link up with What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

This Wednesday I'm loving :

That I took my last exam this afternoon! It kicked my butt, but I'm glad it's over. Annndddd I never have to see syntax again!

Spending the night in with my lovey rooms watching this movie while the snow rolls in :) (Nevermind the 900 Tridelta newsletters I have to address)

Tory Burch Leopard Flats. Now if only they were college student budget friendly :(

That my best friend is graduating this Saturday and I get to help her celebrate! Love you Hev :)
(Us being silly at a concert this summer. I'm pretty sure we were singing to each other, haha)

Peppermint Soy Hot Chocolates... mmmmmmhmmm
My Tridelta Lily scarf that I got as an early Christmas present for HALF off. Wooo, love a good sale!

Making homemade Christmas presents for my favorite people :)
and this boy, of course ;)

 Have a great day :)


Misc. Monday

It's another Monday! Don't forget to link up with Carissa :)

1. It is FREEZING here right now. And no, I don't mean 31 degrees. I mean a high of 18. With a feels like temp of 1. RIDICULOUS. If it's gonna be that cold, at least have some snow going on!

2. I really should be working on the two projects, three tests and sorority newsletter I have due by Wednesday. But all I want to do is bake cookies! And lay in bed and blog. And watch Christmas movies. Ugh, who invented finals anyway?

3. Busy busy times ahead. In the next two weeks, I have to finish finals and projects. Send out 1000 newsletters to Tridelta Alumnae. Watch my best friend walk across the stage :). Finish her present! Celebrate Christmas with my fam. Finish Christmas shopping! And have surgery :(. Most of it will be fun, if I can get through the finals part!

4. I get to see my Linkous Lady, Grace today. Grace is a girl I mentor (with two other sisters) that is in fifth grade, and she is seriously my favorite person ever. She always has the updates on what boys are cute, and even facebook chatted Taylor, one of her other Linkous Ladies last week. She is a trip and a half.

5. I need to get the motivation to get out of bed and into the shower! 

6. Enjoy your Monday :)


Long Week

As I talked about in my last post, my dear Poppi went to be with Jesus Monday afternoon around 3 o'clock. I got the phone call shortly after, and instead of wallowing, I went straight to my Rho Gamma meeting. I got to meet my little precious pnm's (potential new members) and I got to laugh with my amazing Rho Gam partner, Heather, and it was just what I needed. I also had a rg staff meeting after that, so I was busy until about 11 o'clock that night. It was a nice distraction.

Then Nat and I packed up and headed for Crewe, VA; population less than 500. When Nat was allergic to my cousin Christy's cats and needed benadryl at midnight, we had to head to the only thing open past nine pm, the fasmart. Yes, fasmart. Even the closest wm was thirty minutes away. Needless to say, we had a great time playing with all the babies (Alena Grace, 6 mos; Kaleb, 16 mos; Kaiden 2 1/2 yrs; Jackson (known as Jacket by his little cousins) 5 yrs and Maddie, 9 years). Yes, I know Maddie is not a baby, but I remember when she was! I got to feed, change and make them smile, which totally helped me to cope with what was going on.

Seeing Poppi Wednesday afternoon before the visitation was the hardest part for me. Not eating and his illness had him drop a ton of weight, and his face didn't even look like him. Only from the nose up did he look like the man I know. It was also hard hearing Kaiden ask for his Poppi, and having to explain to him that Poppi went to Jesus a few times. He is two and a half, so he didn't understand. He was so sweet though.

The funeral Thursday afternoon was nice, and Stuart even drove down from Charlottesville for it. I think my family was really appreciative. He even held a baby for the first time, haha. The graveside was at my great-grandmother's church, and I got to see her grave and my great-grandaddy's grave for the first time. Her house was right next door to the church too! We then headed back for a dinner that the church ladies put on for us, complete with fried chicken and home-cooked meals. Alena Grace fell asleep on my lap, and some lady had the audacity to ask me how I went to school and had a baby, haha. I let her know immediately that she was not my baby!

We headed back to Bburg on Friday, and I got a little work done before completely breaking down. I knew it was coming, and Stuart ended up coming down and spending the weekend with me. It was exactly what I needed. I had a Red Robin Free Burger coupon from my birthday, so we went to see Due Date(free drink coupon!) and then went to Red Robin for an early dinner. We came back and studied a bit for finals, before watching another movie on the Wii and heading to bed. He just left an hour ago, and I have been saying lots of prayers because it is snow/rain/sleeting outside.

I need to go hop in the shower though, because Heidi and I are driving to Charlotte to go pick her boyfriend Paul up from the airport. Paul goes to school in Chicago now, and I am so excited to see him! He was supposed to fly into Roanoke, but the weather is really bad in Chicago, so they cancelled his flight and he hopped on another one to Charlotte, which is about two and a half hours from here. Say lots of prayers for a safe trip for Paul and a safe drive for Heidi and I.

I know this was boring, but this was a week that was hard and I wanted to have it for my records, just to remember.



Misc. Monday

I really need to start making blogging more of a priority! I log on and read everyday, but I need to learn to write more! That being said, here is an update, through the form of Miscellany Monday. Just as a warning, no camera cord = no pictures! I promise I'll update when I can.

1. My birthday was last Thursday... yes I share my day with Britney Spears. I turned the big deuce deuce, and all I heard all day was, "how does it feel to be old?" I did not love that part. I did love my sweet boyfriend and friends showing up Thursday night for my own little holiday themed Birthday party/pregame. There were probably thirty people here, and we scarfeeedd down some food. Probably my best birthday yet :)

2. For a second part of my birthday, my parents sent me down to Charlotte for the ACC championship game. LOVE MY UNDEFEATED IN THE ACC HOKIES! The game was freeeezing, but so fun. I even had a nice chat with a Florida State fan... and I have hated them since 1999 (we lost to them in the National Championship game. I was eleven. I still hold a grudge haha)

3. The ground here is c.o.v.e.r.e.d.  in snow. I love snow, especially around Christmas. What I don't love is having to venture out and drive in it. Especially with other idiots trying to drive in it. Alas, it is beautiful.

4. I need your prayers. More specifically, my grandfather needs your prayers. He has been sick and hanging on for a month now, and last night the nurse told us it would probably only be hours. Needless to say, he's not with Jesus yet, and as painful as it is to lose him, we are praying that God would take him to take away his pain. He is the most amazing man, and one day I fully plan on posting about him. He is my poppi, a man who didn't have to be my grandfather and a dad to my mom, but who took it on just because he loved us. Isn't he cute? This picture is from my cousin's wedding two years ago.

5. With everything going on, and this being the end of the semester, I could use a few prayers too. Fortunately my professors are willing to work with me considering my family situation. I still have a ton due in the next week though.

6. I love this season. I love hearing the Christmas story over and over, and seeing the lights, and knowing that without this season, there would be no hope for mankind. Without CHRISTmas, there would be no Christ. God loved us so much, he took the faith of a young girl and placed the destiny of the world in her belly. It is so amazing, isn't it?