Misc. Monday

It's another Monday! Don't forget to link up with Carissa :)

1. It is FREEZING here right now. And no, I don't mean 31 degrees. I mean a high of 18. With a feels like temp of 1. RIDICULOUS. If it's gonna be that cold, at least have some snow going on!

2. I really should be working on the two projects, three tests and sorority newsletter I have due by Wednesday. But all I want to do is bake cookies! And lay in bed and blog. And watch Christmas movies. Ugh, who invented finals anyway?

3. Busy busy times ahead. In the next two weeks, I have to finish finals and projects. Send out 1000 newsletters to Tridelta Alumnae. Watch my best friend walk across the stage :). Finish her present! Celebrate Christmas with my fam. Finish Christmas shopping! And have surgery :(. Most of it will be fun, if I can get through the finals part!

4. I get to see my Linkous Lady, Grace today. Grace is a girl I mentor (with two other sisters) that is in fifth grade, and she is seriously my favorite person ever. She always has the updates on what boys are cute, and even facebook chatted Taylor, one of her other Linkous Ladies last week. She is a trip and a half.

5. I need to get the motivation to get out of bed and into the shower! 

6. Enjoy your Monday :)

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