Misc. Monday

I really need to start making blogging more of a priority! I log on and read everyday, but I need to learn to write more! That being said, here is an update, through the form of Miscellany Monday. Just as a warning, no camera cord = no pictures! I promise I'll update when I can.

1. My birthday was last Thursday... yes I share my day with Britney Spears. I turned the big deuce deuce, and all I heard all day was, "how does it feel to be old?" I did not love that part. I did love my sweet boyfriend and friends showing up Thursday night for my own little holiday themed Birthday party/pregame. There were probably thirty people here, and we scarfeeedd down some food. Probably my best birthday yet :)

2. For a second part of my birthday, my parents sent me down to Charlotte for the ACC championship game. LOVE MY UNDEFEATED IN THE ACC HOKIES! The game was freeeezing, but so fun. I even had a nice chat with a Florida State fan... and I have hated them since 1999 (we lost to them in the National Championship game. I was eleven. I still hold a grudge haha)

3. The ground here is c.o.v.e.r.e.d.  in snow. I love snow, especially around Christmas. What I don't love is having to venture out and drive in it. Especially with other idiots trying to drive in it. Alas, it is beautiful.

4. I need your prayers. More specifically, my grandfather needs your prayers. He has been sick and hanging on for a month now, and last night the nurse told us it would probably only be hours. Needless to say, he's not with Jesus yet, and as painful as it is to lose him, we are praying that God would take him to take away his pain. He is the most amazing man, and one day I fully plan on posting about him. He is my poppi, a man who didn't have to be my grandfather and a dad to my mom, but who took it on just because he loved us. Isn't he cute? This picture is from my cousin's wedding two years ago.

5. With everything going on, and this being the end of the semester, I could use a few prayers too. Fortunately my professors are willing to work with me considering my family situation. I still have a ton due in the next week though.

6. I love this season. I love hearing the Christmas story over and over, and seeing the lights, and knowing that without this season, there would be no hope for mankind. Without CHRISTmas, there would be no Christ. God loved us so much, he took the faith of a young girl and placed the destiny of the world in her belly. It is so amazing, isn't it?

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