Happy College Football Colors Day!

The adorable Mrs. Jones at Keeping Up With The Joneses is doing a link up of college football colors and today is ESPN's College Colors Day, so y'all know I had to link up ;).

If you've been around here any period of time, you know my blood bleeds orange and maroon. The most fallish college colors around! 

Those Virginia Tech Hokies are out again and I could not be more excited to go back to Blacksburg! Seriously, God's Country is my favorite place to spend my fall weekends. My parents have taught me to tailgate, and tailgate well. Plus I love those football boys. Ahhhh, I am itching to jump up and down to Enter Sandman and hear ole Skipper boom!!!

We are kicking off the season in Cville to celebrate Stuart's birthday and hoping the 'hoos can pull off a win against Richmond. Really, I'm there for the tailgate ;). 

The REAL kickoff to the season is Monday night in Blacksburg. Ahhhh - a night game in Blacksburg. Can I think of anything better?

After a Thursday night win against Maryland my sophomore year. We love some fireworks and usually set them off after every night game :)

College bffs. Heading down to Hotlanta in a few weeks to see Heidi (on the right) to watch the UVA-GT game. Since both of our boyfriends are wahoo fans.

My Hokie fam :). Daddy is an alum, I am an alum (ahhhh), and my sister is a current student. 

My college roommate and bff, my little and I at another night game. With our foam fingers, obviously!

House divided. I promise my sweater is maroon! And my buttons say "Beat Virginia" and "I love Bud" (who is our defensive coordinator, not a drug reference, haha!).

Sometimes I am really classy. Alabama game, my senior year I believe.

More girls at the 'bama game! Sadly, the tailgate was more fun than the second half of that one.

Nebraska game junior year. Stuart and I had just started dating so I made him rush the field and kiss me. And then I made him cut that hair. My goodness. Although I hope my baby girls get that curly hair cause it would be gorgeous on a girl ;).

Y'all head on over and link up. Somehow I knew my regular blogging would come back, and of course it would have to do with football. Last night I was hoping Vandy would pull out the win - I always root for the underdog (unless we are the predicted winner, haha).

Happy Friday!


Instagram Update

With five minutes to breathe (with internet - no thanks to dumb Comcast, but lots of thanks to Stuart's apartment), I figured a little picture update would do the blog good :)

Luke and Jason were awesome. I jumped to Enter Sandman. Yes, it was that awesome :).

Found a couch! In Costco no less. It has a really neat pull out and storage under the part I am sitting on. Thank God for Instagram not really hiding my no makeup face.

My fav Mexican restaurant from home has a branch out in the town between Stuart and I. He took me for lunch Sunday! PTL they do white sauce right.

First meal in the new apartment. Pizza, Diet Coke, Friends on DVD and Stuart. Ahhhh, adult life.

First day outfit - complete with new leopard heels that gave me the blisters from Hades. Stuart is popping my blisters now, true love, that boy.

And with a bang - I am off to bed to get up and trek over the mountain to work before I go yell at Comcast. A girl needs her Pinterest and TLC for after work relaxation.



In the last day, I have called up a landlord, set up a meeting and decided to move in. Saturday. As in two days from now. Three hours away from home. With ZERO furniture other than a blue upholstered chair I got from the Teej a few years ago.

Needless to say - my life is a packing disaster right now! Fortunately, I am getting a few pieces of furniture from my grandparents' old house, my aunt is giving me her kitchen table and my parents are taking care of me. Plus I have a bunch of storage stuff that my sister had from her dorm room. Hot pink is not my color. But it will do for now!

Tomorrow I am spending my last night in the 757 doing one of my favorite things ever - going to a country concert (AHHH LUKE BRYAN and Jason Aldean) with some of my girlfriends before getting up Saturday and hitting the road.

Plus, I start working Monday.

And Stuart's birthday party is a week from Saturday. With all of his friends coming in town. And his parents. And I have yet to even come close to finishing his present.

And then I work Labor day, and will then drive to Bburg and back in an evening to watch HOKIE FOOTBALLLL! And then I will probably die at work.

Number one thing on my list to buy for my apartment. WINE WINE WINE...COFFEE MAKER. 

Also, it is adorbs y'all. A little one bedroom in a 160 year old house. I have a fire place in my living room and my bedroom. And my landlord is a Hokie and his wife is a hoot and too precious.

Can't wait to tell ya all about it. And post some pictures!!

Things are nuts y'all. Bear with me, please?

Big shout out to SomeECards for giving this post some .jpg love.


I'm Aliveeee and I Touched A Gold Medal!

I had a great time in the Bahamas, and came home with a killer tan, a peeling back, and some sort of cold/sinusy situation. Annnddd Atlantis charged 20 bucks a day for shotty internet so even though we paid the money for internet, this is the reason for the unplanned blog hiatus. 

However. The coolest part of my trip was TOUCHING A GOLD MEDAL. As in a real one, all the way from the London 2012 Olympics. We were walking out of the casino on our second night there and the mens 4 X 400 team was there with their gold medals on! The one I actually got a picture with is Chris Brown, who ran track for a local university here. Seriously. How cool is that?!?

More Bahamas recap to come. Although I have 705847329857 blurry aquarium photos to sort through since my 6 year old cousin played photographer ;). Happy almost Tuesday!


Big News and a PTL

Hi y'all!

Things are still ABSOLUTELY nuts around here. I have been babysitting for my cousins that I will be travelling to the Bahamas with next week ;) and spending lots of time at the Rehab Center with my grandma.

Yes! She is out of the hospital :). We moved her to a rehab facility and she is getting much MUCH stronger! Big ole PTL right there. So thrilled. And she is in much better spirits now that she knows she will get to come home eventually.


I GOT A JOB!!!!!

I got the call Wednesday and it has been a whirlwind since then. 

I will be working with college students (yay!) at a small school about thirty minutes from Stuart. So not only will I be getting paid to do something I love - but I will also be able to start a real life with S. God is so good! I also get to travel some and a free iPhone so there are some other perks I am loving as well :)

I will be gone next week on a babysitting vaca, then home for a week, and then starting work the 27th. Annnnddd I need to find a safe, clean, affordable place to live that is about halfway between where S is and where I will be working.

So - thank you for your prayers! And hopefully I will get some blogging in. I am reading when I am sitting at the Rehab Center but my phone makes it so hard to comment.

Happy Friday!


Prayers Please?

Happy Tuesday night!

I know I have been all kinds of slacking in the blog department lately. Sorry y'all. I know how much you must be missing me ;)

Anyways - things around here have been kind of nuts. I came home in a tizzy on Friday because my grandma wasn't doing well and we ended up taking her to the hospital on Saturday and she has been there ever since.

I have been spending most of my days in the hospital with her, my mom and my aunt just keeping her company and making sure things are being done right :).

I'm also waiting on some other news so any and all prayers would be welcome.

I will leave you with this:



Buh-buh-buh Braaaiinn Dump

Happy Thursday party people. Or non party people. I feel like lately I've had to make some disclaimers since everyone is getting their panties in a wad about something. 

Some things bopping around in my head today:

  • I am IN LOVE with Stuart's Keurig I got him for graduation. As of late - he goes to work, and I drink coffee. And by as of late I mean yesterday and today. It is so easy and delicious. And is great for blogging in bed/on couch.

  • My new goal:
  • If I never hear another word about Chickfila, it will be too soon. We get it -  you have an opinion. Eat more chicken, eat less chicken, your decision. Just hush up about it would ya?
  • My twitter is being a pain. Who wants one square of background and a bunch of blue? Get it together Twitter fairies. 
  • Gabby Douglas is from the 757. Reppin' well girl. Teach me yo moves. Holy bajolie she is talented.
  • I get to have lunch with this beautiful bride today. I may or may not have cried looking through her GORGEOUS engagement pictures. And by may or may not have, I mean definitely. Holy cow, my best friend is getting married. And we have our degrees. And this is legitimate. Ahhhhhhh. Credit goes here.

Well that was random. But thus is life. Oh well. Shout out to my ghost readers - Ky, Katie, Jen and Lib. I know y'all stalk ;)