Happy College Football Colors Day!

The adorable Mrs. Jones at Keeping Up With The Joneses is doing a link up of college football colors and today is ESPN's College Colors Day, so y'all know I had to link up ;).

If you've been around here any period of time, you know my blood bleeds orange and maroon. The most fallish college colors around! 

Those Virginia Tech Hokies are out again and I could not be more excited to go back to Blacksburg! Seriously, God's Country is my favorite place to spend my fall weekends. My parents have taught me to tailgate, and tailgate well. Plus I love those football boys. Ahhhh, I am itching to jump up and down to Enter Sandman and hear ole Skipper boom!!!

We are kicking off the season in Cville to celebrate Stuart's birthday and hoping the 'hoos can pull off a win against Richmond. Really, I'm there for the tailgate ;). 

The REAL kickoff to the season is Monday night in Blacksburg. Ahhhh - a night game in Blacksburg. Can I think of anything better?

After a Thursday night win against Maryland my sophomore year. We love some fireworks and usually set them off after every night game :)

College bffs. Heading down to Hotlanta in a few weeks to see Heidi (on the right) to watch the UVA-GT game. Since both of our boyfriends are wahoo fans.

My Hokie fam :). Daddy is an alum, I am an alum (ahhhh), and my sister is a current student. 

My college roommate and bff, my little and I at another night game. With our foam fingers, obviously!

House divided. I promise my sweater is maroon! And my buttons say "Beat Virginia" and "I love Bud" (who is our defensive coordinator, not a drug reference, haha!).

Sometimes I am really classy. Alabama game, my senior year I believe.

More girls at the 'bama game! Sadly, the tailgate was more fun than the second half of that one.

Nebraska game junior year. Stuart and I had just started dating so I made him rush the field and kiss me. And then I made him cut that hair. My goodness. Although I hope my baby girls get that curly hair cause it would be gorgeous on a girl ;).

Y'all head on over and link up. Somehow I knew my regular blogging would come back, and of course it would have to do with football. Last night I was hoping Vandy would pull out the win - I always root for the underdog (unless we are the predicted winner, haha).

Happy Friday!


Mrs. Jones said...

Ahh, I am so very glad you linked up! I'm following your lovely blog now! :-) I hope you have a wonderful football season. I have the feeling we're all going to have a lot of fun!

Ashley said...

Oh mylanta! I am so so SOOOO excited about football season REALLY starting on Monday!!! It is time to break out my maroon and orange tote bag for gamedays at work!