I Met a Squirrel and I Liked It...

I hope my boyfriend don't mind it ;)

That is my bff Gladys. She may or may not be the preppiest squirrel around that often decorates herself with both pearls and bows. Perfection!

As of today I have made it through almost TWO weeks of work! My first travel day is tomorrow and I am nervous/excited. Fortunately this is a training travel so I am going with another one of the AC's. PTL.

Also. I have been horrible about documenting the move, the job, the weekends, etc and I want to!

So here are a few I pulled off Instagram. I have 85094384095 pictures on my Mac, from, you know, the last month of my life that has completely flown by. But here are some of the highlights of the last week.

Oh look, its football...

And more football!

Yep - that is pretty much how we spend our time around here! Our friends got into town Friday night for S's birthday, and we sat around watching football. Saturday, clearly the big birthday tailgate (which I MUST recap) and the game, and Sunday we took a deep breath and relaxed before I worked all day and then we headed to Blacksburg for THE MOST STRESSFUL GAME OF MY LIFE on Monday night. 

Yep, I worked Tuesday too. Nothing like 4 hours of sleep for some work productivity ;).

Tonight, I am cooking dinner and we will probably watch whatever college game comes on tonight. Since ya know, I missed out on spending some time at home last night because of the Giants-Cowboys game.

Pretty much my life can be summed up to this : work, sleep, eat, football, football, football, work. 

And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Happy Thursday!


Charlotte said...

Ok this weekend you need to SLEEP!!!!! Wish we were close to tailgate (and of course do other shenanigan-ish things!!)

Charlotte said...
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