Monday Funday

Nothing says Monday like a random assortment of thoughts!

First of all, GO EAT AT CHILI'S TONIGHT!!! 100% of the proceeds go to St. Jude. Yes... 100%. You get food, the hospital gets resources to help sick kids. Why wouldn't you?!? Stuart and I will be picking up ours to-go and gearing up for the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother!!! Ahhh - ROBIN in a wedding dress! Barney as a groom! I can't handle it!

Second of all, I am a firm believer that going home and a little girl time can do wonders for the soul :). Loved being home Saturday night with one of  my bffs, celebrating Stuart's mom's birthday and seeing my parents for a while. Ahhhh, so nice. And so last minute!

In the bar Saturday before we decided to head home. So blurry but so indicative of us :)

First Skinny PSL of the season - they aren't my fav, but being as the first day of fall was Saturday, I had to try one. Not too bad - definitely a once in a while pumkiny treat :) I also may have liked the full fat version better, but I am trying to be good!!

Also, my Hokies got their first shutout of the season and we are rolling back on track!!! 

What a perfect kick off to fall. Happy Monday!


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Claire said...

Ah PSL! I love them but they are too expensive for every day! Glad you got some family time!