The One Where I Know I Suck At Blogging But I Do Nothing To Change It.

Nothing says, "sorry friends," like a Friends inspired title - right? :)

My life looks like this right now:

1. DC TRAFFIC. Oh my goodness I have NO idea how people do it every day. The three weeks I am in NOVA this month are ENOUGH for me.

2. Lots of Starbucks and note writing to potential students in my hotel room. Which means lots of watching HGTV. Someone buy me a house and give me a decorating budget?

3. College fairs. AKA I stand in an either FREEZING or BOILING gym and talk to people about the college I work for. Which is fun most of the time. And exhausting for my voice and feet. But I have made myself a few friends, including a girl that is my age that I am super glad I met, and a 55 y.o. man from my Alma Mater that knows my high school bff's fam. Small world - yes.

I'd also like to shout out a little message to the Loudoun County sheriff that gave me a ticket today: Dude - you ruined my day. It was pouring rain, my GPS was blowing all kinds of balls and it was a four way stop that had eight lanes. It was confusing, I was immediately remorseful and I KNOW you saw the tears in my eyes. Not to mention Loudoun is the RICHEST county in the state and you don't need my measly dollars. I then called S and cried, then my office and cried and now they know I am a mess and a half. Sir - next time have mercy on us young admissions counselors. We have no idea where we are going and NOVA is a hell of a place to try and get around. 

Another  couple shout outs: To my pumpkin scone - love ya. Might have another one of you tomorrow. You are not good for my pants though. To Margie, Gretch and the rest of my squirrel girls - thanks for the Apple day treats. And Marg, thanks for the visit - you made my afternoon! To the big man upstairs - thanks for letting me fly through that stop sign unscathed and without hurting anyone else. I know thats the real blessing in that situation. To S - this being away from each other shit is for the birds. Glad I'll see ya Saturday, I've gotten quite used to you being around. California better send you back to me in one piece! To my hotel - thanks for having the best beds. I look real cozy in a queen. But could we chill it on the ESPN channels? I get there are lots of business men staying here, but my Hokies are not doing so well and TLC is making me much happer these days. Thanks for having Nick at Nite for my dose of Friends though!

Just realized this is a lot like Friday Letters at Adventures of Newlyweds so credit to her for the format.

Happy Tuesday!


Mrs. Howard said...

Oh goodness. What a week! I wish I liked pumpkin...everyone's been posting about their pumpkin scones, muffins, pumkin spiced lattes. It all sounds so "fall" in theory, but I hate the flavor. Bummer!

Mrs. Jones said...

Yum for Starbucks.... boo for the ticket! Hope things got better! I can't imagine life as an admissions counselor. That'd be tough!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty busy week. I thought it was a rule that police officers can't give tickets to crying people! What a meanie. I'm glad it all turned out ok too.

Ashley said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh a little at the Friends reference of your title. I think I watched at least 6 hours of that show on my day off the other day, I just can't get enough!

Aaaaand for the pumpkin, it always makes everything better!!

Claire said...

GAH the title. Start doing this every time please! I giggled! Also, this is EXACTLY why I am no longer moving to NOVA! among many other reasons...