THe One Where Everyone Loves The Friends TItles

Makes thinking of a title that much easier, doesn't it?

Can I just say I throughly enjoyed my job tonight? I got to talk to a bunch of interested students, I had two parents tell me what I good job I was doing and I love the people that I am surrounded by at my table.

Seriously - this on the road thing isn't great all the time, but tonight was good.

Also, in bed at 8:59 ready for Modern Family. Instead, the debates were on. So I turned on Full House. Who needs to watch the debates when all of your twitter pals are unbiased and report everything exactly how it happened? #saidnooneever

I'll watch some youtube clips and I may watch an entire rerun. But I was not going to get my panties all in a wad by myself. How fun is that? I prefer to get my politicking on with Stuart (who does NOT agree with me all the time, btw) because he can wind me back down afterwards. 

Also, I may have gotten drunk in my room if I had watched it and played this:

Can I give a big pat on the back to Nick at Nite for playing Full House, then The Nanny and finishing off my waking time with Friends? I cannot think of a more perfect 90's line up to keep me content and happy. Kisses Nick!

Can y'all say a few prayers for S tomorrow? He flies to Cali for some work stuff for a few days. So what I really mean is can y'all say some prayers for me so I don't worry? Cause I am a worrywart. Thanks!

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