The One With The First Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday - eeeeekkk! So excited to actually participate in one!

Even though we just got engaged Saturday, I have had a few ideas bopping around in my head since, ya know, FOREVER.

One of the things I've always known is that I'd want a fall wedding. Sooo.... we will be getting married:

FALL 2013!!!

We have a date in mind, but obviously we need to find a reception site first. And wait for the football schedule to come out... priorities people!

I just happened to be in Michael's looking for some tools to do my first craft - which I will share on the blog sometime next week, and I found the colors. Stuart, being the wahoo that he is, wouldn't agree to an orange and maroon Hokie themed wedding for SOME reason. Pfffff.

So, we made a little compromise.

Our wedding colors will be: ivory, champagne and a wine/burgundy color. 

These are some of my inspiration photos I have found. I don't want too dark of a gold color and we won't be using the stark white that is in the color palette but I ADORE! The men will be wearing black suits instead of tuxes because that is what Stuart wants :)

Ahhh - so many decisions to be made but we have a few down! We asked my minister to be our officiant and one other important part will be coming together later this week. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Charlotte said...

YES! Welcome to WW! Love those colors :)

Sarah said...

I love those colors!! Wonderful choice! You gotta sneak SOMETHING Hokie in there though ;) Haha the football schedules comment made me laugh! Seriously though, that is a priority!! I can't wait to read more Wedding Wednesday posts from you!! :)

Claire said...

WELCOME TO WW!!!!!! Love your color choice AND your season choice! We need to have a celebratory Mexican dinner soon at our place AND we need to actually take a picture this time!