Wedding Wednesday

I promise to post about things non-wedding and non-work related at some point. For real.

Buuuttt, today is Wedding Wednesday!

In the progress department:

  • This weekend my momma and her BFF Miss Mary came up so we could LOOK AT WEDDING DRESSES!!! Ahhhh - it was so weird to put one on! Obviously, no pictures :). I did determine what kind of dress I want and what color, which was the whole point of this weekend anyway. I have two dresses I adore, and one in particular I cannot stop thinking about, but I need to see it in the color I want. 
  • We got our first "House Divided" apparel! S's roommate from college, Laura, sent us a flag! I cannot wait to have a house/townhouse to hang it :). Woooo!

  • I have our outfits picked out (mostly) for our Engagement pictures and S's mom bought him a plethura of white oxford's that I can pick through - so thankful for her shopping sense!
  • Momma and I are going to look at a possible reception venue tomorrow afternoon! We are going to have a pretty large wedding so finding a place that is affordable and what I am envisioning is going to be a task. Hence the starting early :).
  • We are also starting on the guest list!
No other big decisions have been made thus far! I have spent a lot of my downtime between fairs in Panera (I am talking 10 hours in the last two days people) researching stuff online. And I just discovered Chickfila has free wifi so I got my Kid's Meal fix and am doing some work before I meet a friend for an early dinner before the fair tonight.

Only one more sleep in a hotel until I return to my (well one of them) bed!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Michelle said...

Looks like your doing great with planning!

Claire said...

I am having typical Claire problems - my guest list is getting BIGGER AND BIGGER as I decide that every single person I leave off will be personally offended. Helppppp