The One With The Proposal

And here friends, is the rest of the story. ;)

A few months ago, I was at the wedding of a high school friend of mine. And it seems, that day, I was going to change my destiny. No - I didn't meet Stuart there. 

Getting ready. Prepared mentally. Pivot position. Arms waiting.  

And that baby was mine. See anyone around me - nope. Quick like a cougar I am! ( Good thing I shaved my pits y'all).

Fast forward a few months and we ended up at my favorite place in the world, Carter Mountain :). We go every year and this year my aunt and uncle were in town so we planned to go this weekend.

Warning: This is super long, and I want to write everything down so I never forget :)

Stuart was in California on business Thursday and Friday and got back in at 10am on Saturday morning and we were supposed to be at the mountain at 11. Needless to say, it was a busy morning. A few weeks ago Stuart told me to go buy a dress I would be comfortable all day in, to get engaged in. I ended up finding a super comfy, flattering dress at Old Navy for $20 bucks after searching in a much higher price bracket for over a week. Happy - yes :)

I couldn't sleep Saturday, so I was up at 5 - which gave me ample time to catch up on my shows and call S at 6:30 while he was waiting at Dulles during his layover. When I called, he told me he wanted me to "try on" my engagement dress for him so he could see it when he got home.

I finally got up, showered and ready and went to grab Bodo's for us for when he got home. He got home, showered and dressed up a little more than one should for a 75 degree day apple picking - another clue.

We hopped in the car and spent the next hour apple picking with my aunt and uncle. I may or may not have smacked his butt and felt something I thought might be a ring. And I may or may not have been trying my damndest not to sweat while I was becoming incredibly impatient.

Finally, we walked the mile back to our car and sat in in for a minute - cooling off as the cloud cover came and listening to Tech score a touchdown (one of few - sad day). Stuart then told me he wanted to talk to me for a second and pulled out this plastic table cloth from his birthday and spread it on the hood of the car. He helped me get up and sat next to me and started saying lots of sweet things. Every sentence or so, some family would be making the journey back to their car and interrupting him. I seriously broke out in the giggles. We could see the whole valley from the hood of his car, and it was beautiful watching the clouds roll in. Finally - he hopped down off the car, helped me down, and asked me if I would marry him. I squealed, kissed him and said yes!!

A sweet family came by and took a few pictures for us and congratulated us :). We hopped back in the car and I took this picture of my beautiful ring! Seriously - obsessed with it.

We hopped back in the car and headed back to his apartment while making a few phone calls. After being on the phone for two hours - we decided we were STARVING! Where else to go but CFA?! 

We headed out to Starr Hill (another part of his proposal day plan) to get two of "The Love" glasses and a 6 pack. The Love is our FAVORITE beer and it is local to Cville - I am obsessed with it. I love the fact he knew that I would want little tokens to remember our day by and these glasses are perfect. I tried to get him to take a picture of me with our swag but I could not stop laughing. Pure joy that boy makes me feel, I tell ya!

He made reservations at our favorite fancy-ish restaurant in Charlottesville at the same table we always sit at (which I now know is table 21) and ordered Prosecco, delicious meals and our favorite dessert, Tiramisu! Our waitress was adorable and was so excited for us!

We packed bags earlier in the day to head home because he knew I would want to see my family and some of my friends in person! He had only slept 3 hours in the middle seat on a cross country plane and still let me indulge in a little too much Prosecco and drove the two and a half hours home. Lucky girl, I know!

We stopped by my grandmother's house and told her in person before Stuart's parents invited my parents to his house to toast with some champagne. Honestly - that might be my favorite part of the night (but lets be real, I can't really pick a favorite). His parents gave us some BEAUTIFUL Waterford Flutes and I LOVE them!

His mom also put out a spread for us and some of our friends came over - even though it was 11pm! My high school BFF included and she was so adorable - the only one who cried all day :)

See? Haha. She made a huge deal out of this weekend for me and I am so blessed by all of our friends and family. Sunday our engagement was announced at church and we asked my childhood pastor (and BFF to my padre) to be our officiant before another round of food and friends. Hev even got me these sweet gifts to start off my bride-to-be swag!

 (rooouughhh after an exciting, exhausting weekend)

Hev and I stopped by another friend's house on our way to one of my favorite local staples for a goblet of Moscato and a little dinner to celebrate while Stuart hung out with his best man :). One of my friends from middle school works at the restaurant and came over to hug me with congratulations and somehow the whole restaurant heard her and started applauding me - so embarassed!

After this, we packed up and headed for home while doing some wedding planning during the drive - ahhh! I still can't believe it's real and I get to wake up everyday for the rest of my life (minus the next year) next to my best friend and cutest boy I know. :)


Michelle said...

aww what a cute story! And love your ring!

Charlotte said...

Hahaha I love this, and you, and our secrets, and our silly gchats. Whoo hoo you are getting married!!!!!

Sarah said...

I lovvvvvvve this!! I have goosebumps reading it! First of all, high five for the $20 ON dress! So adorable!! I also love that y'all went to CFA haha that is SO something I would have done too! I am so, so, so happy for you and Stuart :) :) Too bad the Hokies didn't win or else it would have been a BEYOND perfect day ;) hehe

Jen Grantham said...

Congratulations, Megan! What a wonderful story.

Ryan said...

Love, love, love, love, LOVE!! So excited for you guys!!!!! :) (And LOVE the ring - gorgeous!)

Katie & Ryan said...

Congratulation! So happy for another hokie & wahoo couple :) Your ring is beautiful! He did a great job!

Ashley said...

YAY!!!!! So excited for you!!

Your ring is beautiful :) He definitely did a great job!!

Blonde Beach Bum said...

LOVE this post!! :) So glad I got to be a part of your special day! Love you verrryyyy much BFWT and cannot wait to celebrate with you some more this weekend in God's Country! :)

Let's Go HOKIES!

Claire said...