The One Where I Pretend I'm Still In College

How come no one told me when you leave college, your liver also leaves college and does not appreciate when you return to your college habits?

Rude, I tell ya.

I spent the weekend in my FAVORITE place on earth with some of my favorite people. Seriously - I certainly hope Heaven is a lot like Blacksburg.

Two of my bff's and my matron of honor and bridesmaid (they said yes! look for a post on that tomorrow), came to visit for the weekend and attend Tech's homecoming with me. Ahhhh!

We slept a little, cheered a lot, and played hard :)

Tailgatin and hydratin. Wooo girlfriends! 

Back in Lane - feels so good. Plus we were winning after our 20 point deficit to DUKE in the 1st quarter. I love winning.

Finally in Lane together - it has been a long time coming! :)

Hokie House and two of my best girlfrands. Obviously a happy camper. With curled hair - shout out to my sista! Lets be real, we all know I have no hair talent.

Found Jim and got him to take a normal picture. Probably the biggest win of the evening. 

Some of the group: Hev, Nicole, Jim, Jim's girlfriend - Erin, and moi. 

And this is how the evening ended. If I had any shame this would be lost in the depths of my iPhone. Lucky for you, I have none. Benny's sticks are no Pokey Stix. That is all I have to say about that. 

Side note - PTL for NOVA. I can always find a Panera and a Target next to each other when I am travelling for work and need to kill some time. Woooo!!

Happy Tuesday!


Charlotte said...

We are the same person my friend. My hair does ZERO and I can't hang either. I had a miserable flight home Sunday thanks to our friend called WINE!

Sarah said...

Okay, seriously the one time I'm NOT at hokie house you are!! Haha one of these times I am determined to run into you! So glad you were able to make it back for homecoming :) What a wonderful win, and weekend, it was!! I love your orange vest!!