Country Roads, Take Me Home

So ready to be back in my bed y'all. My no dishwasher, boyfriend FIANCE AHHHH down the road, tiny one bedroom home.

Some things that happen when you live out of a suitcase:

  • You improvise dinner. And utensils. God bless you Giant next to my hotel. Mmm good.

  • You get mean mugged by a 6 year old whose mother tries to homeschool her in Starbucks. While you sit in the Sbux for 4 hours between visits and fairs. SERIOUSLY.
  • You talk to your GPS more than anyone else. Mainly at high decibals.
  • You have your momma and her BFF come wedding dress shopping with you. Ahhhh, no official dress yet but I have two I can't stop thinking abouT.
  • You have your fiance drive three hours to go to a movie with you. And he does. Lord have mercy, love him.
  • You gain 74305783478 Panera points and have never been more grateful for free internet/coffee.
  • You spend hours wandering around Targ. This is not something that is unusual from home life though.
  • You cross your fingers your hotel recognizes you are not a business man and dont need 34 news and ESPN channels but in fact need Nick at Nite to go to sleep with a little HGTV and TLC mixed in.
  • You get so lonely you go to the hotel gym and yell at the old man on the treadmill walking reading the paper (in your head) cause you just wanna watch Say Yes to the Dress and get a few sweaty miles out.
  • You countown the days for home.
Can you tell I am a little homesick? Love my job, over the area I am in. Takeee me hommmeee!

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Claire said...

AW! If I had more than one day off I would come up there and spend some time with you! Although this all sounds strikingly similar to my life in the 757 because I miss my real home too haha!