I'm Aliveeee and I Touched A Gold Medal!

I had a great time in the Bahamas, and came home with a killer tan, a peeling back, and some sort of cold/sinusy situation. Annnddd Atlantis charged 20 bucks a day for shotty internet so even though we paid the money for internet, this is the reason for the unplanned blog hiatus. 

However. The coolest part of my trip was TOUCHING A GOLD MEDAL. As in a real one, all the way from the London 2012 Olympics. We were walking out of the casino on our second night there and the mens 4 X 400 team was there with their gold medals on! The one I actually got a picture with is Chris Brown, who ran track for a local university here. Seriously. How cool is that?!?

More Bahamas recap to come. Although I have 705847329857 blurry aquarium photos to sort through since my 6 year old cousin played photographer ;). Happy almost Tuesday!


Stephen said...

Nice to see you back Megan!

Melissa said...

That's so cool!