Buh-buh-buh Braaaiinn Dump

Happy Thursday party people. Or non party people. I feel like lately I've had to make some disclaimers since everyone is getting their panties in a wad about something. 

Some things bopping around in my head today:

  • I am IN LOVE with Stuart's Keurig I got him for graduation. As of late - he goes to work, and I drink coffee. And by as of late I mean yesterday and today. It is so easy and delicious. And is great for blogging in bed/on couch.

  • My new goal:
  • If I never hear another word about Chickfila, it will be too soon. We get it -  you have an opinion. Eat more chicken, eat less chicken, your decision. Just hush up about it would ya?
  • My twitter is being a pain. Who wants one square of background and a bunch of blue? Get it together Twitter fairies. 
  • Gabby Douglas is from the 757. Reppin' well girl. Teach me yo moves. Holy bajolie she is talented.
  • I get to have lunch with this beautiful bride today. I may or may not have cried looking through her GORGEOUS engagement pictures. And by may or may not have, I mean definitely. Holy cow, my best friend is getting married. And we have our degrees. And this is legitimate. Ahhhhhhh. Credit goes here.

Well that was random. But thus is life. Oh well. Shout out to my ghost readers - Ky, Katie, Jen and Lib. I know y'all stalk ;)


Caitlin said...

That happened to my Twitter the other day as well! I had to go through my settings and redo it so it would work!!

Gabby is amazing! Love her! I hope she does well today :)

Jen Grantham said...

Could not agree more about the whole chickfila deal. And DAMN! for a short girl, Gabby's legs go on for days in that picture. Hope the foot injury is on the quick mend.

Shalyn said...

I love Gabby Douglas- so happy she won the all-around! And amen about the Chik Fil A thing...hopefully that is over for good!